This AI-enabled phone case has detachable display that prioritizes and manages your notifications!

A smartphone case that lets you focus on work at hand without being worried about missing any important notifications.

Smartphones are like a second skin to us as they constantly keep beaming notifications (more than 100 in a day on average) that can adversely affect productivity and focus levels. It is like, we get sucked into using our phones even when we don’t intend to. More often than not users rarely toggle their phone notifications – to filter out the ones that are not important. This calls for a perfect opportunity to develop a gadget that can prioritize notifications on the phone and over time learn how the user interacts with these notifications to only beam the important ones on priority.

Meet Noa, a detachable phone case that comes with an AI-enabled e-ink screen to learn the user’s response to particular notifications. What I find the most intuitive about Noa’s design is the fact that it can be detached right off the case whenever needed. This in a way physically segregates you from your phone’s inviting notifications to prevent any untimely disruptions without worrying about missing out on what matters to you the most. It can also be used as a kickstand to set up a notifications center and have the phone out of sight.


Noa has an e-ink display that is gentle on the eyes and it seamlessly slides into the phone case housing near the bottom courtesy of the strong magnets. The gadget connects to the phone’s OS and intelligently ascertains whether a notification requires immediate attention or can be kept aside to be checked later on. To be precise, Noa sends the right notifications at the right time. The smart software of this accessory constantly tracks user behavior to get better over time and determines the display position of notifications in the interface.

It can also send quick replies thanks to the Quick Reply AI, which comes with Summarization AI to organize longer notification messages and automatic scheduling based on the important times and dates in the user’s calendar. Noa is in a true sense a gadget that does the hard work for the user without missing out on vital notifications that matter the most.

Designer: Darren Wells


Dual-tone Leather AirPods Case gives your Apple TWS earbuds a beautiful aesthetic worthy of premium EDC

White may be a pretty classic color in the tech world, but there’s nothing quite as classic as one of the world’s oldest and most popular materials – Leather. Bullstrap’s Leather Case (codenamed Terra) for the Apple Airpods definitely gives it a lovely handcrafted appeal. The case comes with black and tan leather trims, double-stitched together with robust Nylon thread, and lined on the inside with microfiber to protect your AirPods.

The Bullstrap Terra’s V-shaped design detail feels unmistakably like a popular cigarette brand, but while I’m the last person to ever endorse tobacco, it’s definitely memorable and visually striking. The V’s slightly offset though, creating a little bit of drama (which I really like, if I’m being honest), and the soft leather feels incredible to the touch.

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The case cover comes with a two-part design that fits on the AirPods’ top and bottom halves respectively. Its precisely engineered fit prevents it from ever falling off, and it even has hole-punches for the LED notification light and the lightning charging port at the base. If that wasn’t enough, the case supports wireless charging too, letting you easily place your AirPods on a wireless charger to juice it up when the battery’s running low.

The Terra fits both generations of the AirPods, and there’s a separate variant for the AirPods Pro too. Bullstrap even offers a limited lifetime warranty on their leather case and offers to fix/replace it if there’s any wear-and-tear or a manufacturing defect.

Designer: Bullstrap

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This almost-indestructible smartphone case built from aerogel gives thermal, physical and weather protection!

Constructed with aerogel thermal insulation, the West Slope Case is built from a top-grade protective material that’s even trusted by NASA for protection and insulation in space – Cold Case Gear isn’t letting anything happen to your phone.

You can lose or break your smartphone in an instant. One second, you’re taking photos of mountaintop views with your phone, and the next, it’s plummeting to the ground below. Or, it slips from your grip and shatters after falling on the pavement or rocky trail. Cold Case Gear, a brand committed to developing “the world’s toughest phone cases,” designed the West Slope Case, a thermal phone case that provides weather-proof protection for your smartphone during every season.

The West Slope Case is constructed from the same stuff NASA uses for insulation on spaceships. Aerogel is an extremely dense synthetic insulator derived from a gel that’s used for everything from making water-repellent blankets to insulating the Mars Sojourner. Cold Case Gear settled on aerogel for their West Slope Case for it to provide thermal protection against extreme temperatures and drop protection. While the extremely dense makeup of aerogel enhances its insulating qualities, it also provides a substantial cushion for when you drop your phone. The West Slope Case also seals your smartphone in its bag with an airtight magnetic closure mechanism. The airtight closure is a result of a form of high-frequency plastic welding called Radio-frequency welding, equipping the West Slope Case with waterproof protection and thermal insulation.

Built to last and designed to protect against all-natural elements, the West Slope Case is the ideal hiking or camping companion. Constructed with aerogel thermal insulation, the West Slope Case is built from a top-grade protective material that’s even trusted by NASA for protection and insulation in space – Cold Case Gear isn’t letting anything happen to your phone.

Designer: Cold Case Gear

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The West Slope Case can fit most smartphones, even larger models like the iPhone 12 Pro.

Cold Case Gear is committed to designing “the world’s toughest phone cases.”

The airtight closure provides waterproof protection against all elements and extreme weather conditions. 

The West Slope Case’s waterproof protection allows the phone case to be completely submerged underwater without damaging your phone.

Bellroy released its own premium leather iPhone case + magnetic wallet to rival Apple’s MagSafe accessories

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

It comes with a beautiful eco-tanned leather exterior to match Apple’s own case + wallet, and even features two unique anti-slide grooves so the magnetic wallet doesn’t slip off when you put your iPhone in your pocket.

The Bellroy Mod Case gives your iPhone an aesthetic and functional makeover, cladding it in a grippy, non-slip leather robe that feels great to the touch, along with a snap-on card wallet that holds as many as 3 cards at a time. Designed to work with the MagSafe feature built into the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the case + wallet comes in 4 leather-tanned colors, with a flex polymer bumper around the edge of the case, and a microfiber-lined inner to protect your phone and cards from getting scratched or damaged.

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The Mod Case goes beyond Apple’s leather cases with its eco-tanned, full-grain design. It highlights the leather’s wonderful grain, elevating the iPhone with its premium choice of material. The case supports Apple’s other MagSafe accessories including its wireless charger, and is purpose-built to snap on Bellroy’s Mod Wallet. Once snapped in place, the Mod Wallet doesn’t slide around (a problem that occurs with Apple’s own MagSafe accessories). Two anti-slide grooves hold the wallet module in place, allowing you to put your iPhone into your pocket or take it out knowing fully well that your cards are securely attached to your smartphone. The wallet has space for 3 cards in total, including one primary card on the front – accessible through a quick-access slot that lets you slide the card out with your thumb, and two additional cards that go into the wallet’s back, concealed from view.

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The Mod Case + Wallet comes in 4 colors – Black, Cobalt, Toffee Brown, and a special Basalt grey with a HeiQ V-Block™ anti-microbial coating. The case and wallet duo cost $89 (that’s $29 less than Apple’s own accessories) and even come with Bellroy’s 3-year warranty.

Designer: Bellroy

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet for Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Clever 3D-printed case lets you attach an AirTag tracking device to your Apple TV Remote

I’ve often felt like Apple‘s multiple product departments work separately, with a minimal informational exchange. How else would you explain the fact that in the same event, Apple announces the AirTags that expand on the company’s massive FindMy network, and also announces a new Apple TV with a redesigned remote… that can’t be tracked.

A major problem with the Apple TV remote up until now was (apart from its stunningly bad UX) that it was a ridiculously thin gadget that often got lost by slipping in between cushions or just sitting somewhere inside a magazine. The sleekness of the Apple TV remote wasn’t a feature, it was a flaw, and people were constantly complaining about losing their remote and never being able to find it… so when Apple redesigned their remote, many were expecting the 2 trillion-dollar company to address this problem too. However, all Apple managed to do was redesign the remote’s controls by bringing an iPod-style jog-dial on it.

For the thousands of people who don’t see themselves buying a new remote just so that they can face the same old problems, Etsy-maker PrintSpired Designs has a neat workaround – a 3D printed case that not only gives the old Apple TV remote some volume and thickness but also allows you to slip an AirTag in so you can track your remote when it inevitably gets misplaced.

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It’s worth noting that even with the case on, the remote isn’t that thick. The case measures 14mm in height, which is about as thick as 2 iPhones stacked together. The printed case doesn’t weigh much either (given that it’s printed with support structures which basically makes it hollow on the inside), so it’s still comfortable to use. The case makes enough space for one AirTag to fit right into its design, and when the remote sits in place, it still lets you access its charging port.

The remote-case itself is available on PrintSpiredDesigns’ Etsy store for $12.99. However, if you’ve got access to a 3D Printer, you can download the STL file for $1.99 and print your own. I’d prefer buying the case though because they come in color options, including even one printed from glow-in-the-dark filament!!

Designer: PrintSpiredDesigns

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This Apple TV cover-case makes your set-top box look like a Nintendo console!

Elago is back with a nostalgic revival project… although this time, it isn’t a cover-case for the AirPods or the Apple Watch. The Elago T4 is a silicone cover that slips around your Apple TV set-top box, transforming it from a sleek black device to a grey SNES-inspired gaming console. In fact, there’s a cover-case for the remote too, turning its back surface into a faux controller complete with the XYAB and D-Pad buttons.

Of course, there are some who’d prefer the cutting-edge black aesthetic of the Apple TV, but what the Elago T4 does is introduce a nostalgic touch to the device. Sure, it’s meant for a subset of gadget-lovers and not everyone, but for its target audience, the T4 provides a beautiful bit of nostalgia while also giving your set-top box a nice, impact-resistant cover-case! Oh, and that lanyard on the TV remote case REALLY makes it easy to carry and use.

Designer: Elago

Samsung’s TWS Earphone cases are just FILLED with 90s clamshell nostalgia!

So much happened in the last week that it’s common for announcements to either spill into the following weeks, or go completely unnoticed. In a few ways, this product is a bit of both. Announced alongside Samsung’s entire roster of Galaxy Unpacked products is a little something called Anycall, a faux phone model designed for one purpose and one purpose only… nostalgia!

Meet the Anycall cases, a set of wonderful covers for the Samsung’s Galaxy Buds case. Much like how Elago’s cases give the AirPods a unique character, the Anycall cases turn the Samsung Galaxy Buds into a set of incredibly nifty-looking 90s style clamshell phones! Obviously, the phones are non-operational and are just for the aesthetic, but they do give the TWS earphones a neat, nostalgic spin! Available in 2 styles (with and without an antenna), the Anycall T100 or Anycall E700 give your Galaxy Buds cases a distinct 90s vibe that’s sure to appeal to a certain group of people. I’m sure there’s a certain satisfaction to opening the cases and shutting them with authority too, almost as if you’re violently hanging up on a robocaller. The cases are available as in-store gifts when the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are purchased in-person in retail outlets in South Korea, and are even listed online on Samsung’s website as optional addons for when you’re buying the Galaxy Buds. They’re a little on the pricey side, costing $30 per case… but can you really put a price tag on nostalgia??

Designer: Samsung

The most minimal iPhone 12 case also gives it the most amount of character

Think of the Arc Pulse as a helmet and elbow + shin guards for your phone. Nobody wears a suit of armor as they’re skateboarding. Instead, they wear gear to protect just vulnerable, high-impact areas like the joints and the head, right? Well, the Arc Pulse applies that logic to the smartphone by targetting and shielding just the areas that are more likely to experience damage… the corners, and the camera bump.

Isn’t it funny that we buy a phone partially based on its aesthetics, meticulously choose a color that appeals to us, and then cover everything up with a boring looking case? The Arc Pulse makes the argument that protecting a smartphone shouldn’t mean shrouding its very character. The Arc Pulse’s bumper-inspired design sits on just the top and bottom, with its minimalist two-part case covering the phone from all angles. The bumpers come with a lip that extends on the front, protecting the screen, while its inherent design guards the corners, sides, and even the back. Available in titanium and aluminum variants, the Arc Pulse gives the iPhone a unique character with the way it sits on the top and bottom. This minimalist, almost ornamental aesthetic not only helps show off your smartphone, but it also exposes the phone’s antenna bands, ensuring perfect 5G coverage, and even allows you to use the wireless charger unencumbered. The Arc Pulse, which is available for all iPhone 12 models, comes with a unique and proprietary slide-on fit™ system that bonds the case to the phone in a way that gives you both impact resistance as well as shock-absorption… all while showing off your smartphone’s design the way it was intended to be seen!

Designer: Arc

Nomad’s iPhone 12 folio cases give you 360° protection and a card-holder without needing MagSafe

Adding a circular array of magnets around your phone just so you can snap a card-holder to the back of it seems like a lot of effort, doesn’t it? Especially when we’ve already had great card-holding cases from third-party companies all along. Nomad’s iPhone 12 folio case gives your phone all-round protection while giving you space to hold not one, but three different cards.

Crafted from exquisite Horween leather draped on a shock-absorbing polycarbonate body (with a TPE bumper around the edge), the Nomad folio case covers both the back as well as the front of your iPhone. The flap on the front auto-wakes your phone when you open it, and comes with 3 card slots and 1 cash slot, turning your smartphone into a wallet too! Besides, the Horween leather grows a wonderful patina with time, showing signs of aging and maturing while your phone stays pristine and new on the inside! Available in all of the iPhone 12’s sizes, from the Mini all the way to the Pro Max… Oh, and it’s Magsafe compatible too, so you can use the Magsafe wireless charger to juice your phone!

Designer: Nomad

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.95 $48.95

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.95 $48.95

Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio lets you ‘try’ MagSafe accessory combos

Apple’s mobile accessory universe expanded considerably with the launch of the iPhone 12 line and MagSafe, and it’s accordingly ready to treat those add-ons more like fashion items. MacRumors notes that Apple has launched a (currently mobile-only) iP...