Cook the perfect single serve of rice with this portable Japanese rice cooker!

Rice…I don’t think it gets appreciated enough so I am going to tell you how rice is a global food icon. It is found in every country and every cuisine, rice can be fancy gourmet and also comfort home food. Rice can be had for any day of the meal, unlike ‘breakfast for dinner’ no one says ‘rice for dinner’ or lunch or brunch because it can truly be eaten anytime, anywhere. Now that we all agree on its omnipresence in the food world, the Thanko Electric Bento rice cooker is here to make rice omnipresent – literally. This portable cooker will let you cook a bowl of warm rice wherever you are!

It is a perfect gadget for those who want to cook a single-serve in a short time and the LED light will glow when it is ready. It is very optimal for those who travel often or want fresh food at the office instead of takeout. The cooker has the capacity to cook 6 ounces of rice at a time and comes with a measuring cup for convenience. Add water, rice (pro tip: salt the water or use chicken broth to up the flavor!) and depending on the ounces it should be cooked between 14 and 20 minutes. Unlike the usual cookers, this particular device doesn’t let out steam or make any noise so it is discreet enough to use practically anywhere. It only weighs 2 pounds and is compact enough to fit easily in your bag.

What I love the most is that you can eat the rice directly from the container after cooking and that means fewer dishes to do! Rice is a quick meal that goes with everything, and Thanko lets you eat some anywhere, leaving your stomach full and soul feeling fulfilled.

Designer: Thanko.

A Japanese charm redesigned to keep you healthy by syncing with the earth!

Omamori (お守り) are traditional good luck charms in Japanese culture that protect the wearer of the charm. The Japanese word “mamori” (守り) means protection, while prefix “o” gives the word an external movent connotation, transforming it to “your protection” and there are Omamoris for every area of life: love, health, luck, trips, success, protection. The concept of Kenkō is a futuristic take on the traditional Omamori, it does not cure illnesses or ward off evil spirits but it helps you stay healthy by being in sync with the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. It is ergonomic, travel-friendly and minimal while still being a powerful force.

The earth is constantly emitting 7,83 Hz (also known as the earth’s breath, who knew that?!) along its surface which is believed to allow living beings to regulate their physiological functions. Scientific studies show that the earth’s natural magnetic fields have a positive influence on our brains. With the rapid development of electronic communication technologies, our bodies are getting confused between the natural and artificial frequencies which are dwindling our inherent ability to be in sync with nature. This concept device is aimed at increasing focus, coordinated neural activities, improve sleep and circadian rhythms, stabilize blood pressure and stimulate osteoblasts. Kenkō will be created to produce a 7,83Hz signal, reproducing the natural frequency using technology which will help human bodies re-establish their intrinsic relationship with being healthy naturally. It will have an LED light strip that glows when you switch on the device. Electrosmog caused by Wi-Fi and smartphone frequencies can no longer disturb the sync between the natural rhythm and your brain with Kenkō’s 1.5m protection radius around you. It is also designed to be pocket-sized so you can carry it everywhere like the traditional Omamori is meant to be but with a sleek touch of tech!

Designer: Daniele Peruzzo

Make authentic Japanese matcha like the ancient masters with just one button!

Gone are the days when you just picked between tea and coffee; now it is about matcha, kombucha, spirulina, and activated charcoal drinks! Yes, everything in my previous sentence is real – it is enough to fluster anyone going to a cafe and trying to order healthy. My mother rightfully said “Why to pay for it outside when you can make it at home?” which brings me to another CES 2020 innovation award honoree – the matcha tea maker for home.

This matcha maker is compact and sleek, making it perfect for homes, offices, any space with an outlet because it is portable. This matcha maker stays true to its Japanese roots and lets you enjoy an authentic cup every time by using freshly ground leaves from its ceramic mill for individual uses, just like the masters do. The movements of the traditional bamboo whisk are replicated by the magnetic whisker that mixes cold water with the tea for a frothy matcha-presso!

Matcha tea has been challenging coffee by providing lasting energy without jitters or caffeine crashes making it the hero for non-coffee drinkers. The all-in-one tea maker also comes with an aluminum canister to keep your leaves fresh and supports sustainable tea farming with eco-friendly packaging, they really mean green business in every sense. My personal tip on enjoying matcha is with steamed almond milk (oat milk if you have a nut allergy) for chilly days or with lemon sparkling water for summer – you will love it as matcha I do!

Designer: Cuzan Matcha

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