This leather and felt organizer offers a classier alternative to stashing cables in your backpack

Somewhere down the road, we grew up and stopped using pencil-boxes, but we never stopped needing a nice kit to store our small trinkets. TheBlackCanvas’s leather and felt organizer is most accurately described as a ‘stationery box for an adult’s modern stationery’. It comes with a fabulous looking veggie-tanned leather outer and a felt-lined inner that lets you stash a power bank or hard drive, as well as store cables, earphones, pen-drives, or even a stylus in its loops. Fold it over, secure the push-clip in place, and you’ve got a neat organizer with all your work-essentials and productivity EDC all contained in a rather premium, more contemporarily-relevant ‘stationery box’ that you can either carry in your hand or slip right into your backpack for later use!

Designer: TheBlackCanvas

Hardgraft’s clever leather case turns into a 3D stand for your headphones!

The difference between a regular headphone case and Hardgraft’s ingenious case/stand is quite simply just a fold-line! The flat leather case transforms right into a 3D docking platform for your headphones just by simply creating a crease in the base.

The case is entirely made from leather, and features a wool-felt inner layer to protect your headphones. A zip lets you secure your precious B&O Play headphones within the case, while a clever diamond-shaped base turns the flat case into a three dimensional one, allowing you to perfectly rest your headphones on it in a way that’s equal parts aesthetic, functional, and sheer genius! Just like all of Hardgraft’s fine products, the Peak Headphone Case/Stand is made out of high-end top-grain leather from Tuscany and 100% wool-felt from Germany.

Designer: Hardgraft for Bang & Olufsen

The Hardgraft Leather Camera Bag is the most dapper way to carry around your DSLR

Sitting at the junction of style and security, Hardgraft’s chestnut-colored Frame Camera Bag comes with an all-leather exterior and a protective padded melange grey wool interior. Its universal size makes it ideal for all kinds of SLRs, and a padded divider even gives you ample storage for additional lenses and other accessories.

The Frame Camera Bag’s all leather construction truly gives it a distinct appeal, with its unified design made entirely from that chestnut brown Italian tanned leather. The bag comes with an adjustable leather strap and even sports a reverse nylon zipped pocket on the side for any other belongings you may have on you. SO much better than those basic canvas bags people keep carrying their cameras around in.

Designer: Hardgraft

Octopus + Purse = Octopurse

With their big brains, eight tentacles, and lots of suckers, octopi are pretty amazing animals. But like most things with more than four legs, they can also look quite weird. If you think it would be cool to hang out with an octopus all the time, check out this crazy looking bag.

Designed and crafted by Russia’s KruKru Studio, the octopus purse has eight bendy tentacles embellished with rivets instead of suckers. You can store your wallet, keys, and other small items inside of its bulbous head. Maybe toss a few crustaceans in there since you never know when your pet cephalopod might get hungry. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation like this:

The weird and wild octopurse sells for $245 over on Etsy. It’s made from real leather, and each one is made to order in red, black, orange, blue, or purple. I think a purple octopus purse would look pretty sweet.

Elago’s case gives your AirPods Pro a protective leather robe

Designed to ensconce your $249 AirPods Pro in a rather dapper looking encasement, elago’s leather case for the AirPods Pro wraps your portable earphones in 100% veggie-tanned natural cowhide leather. Stamped out of a single leather sheet, the case comes together to protect as well as differentiate your case from the bunch. Available in black, brown, burgundy, and blue, the case comes with a brass fastener and a slim brass carabiner that you can use to hang the case from your bag, belt-loop, or anywhere else. Each case even comes with a conveniently placed cutout on its base to let you plug a lightning cable in while charging. Neat!

Designer: elago

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Mujjo’s wallet-cases for the iPhone 11 Pro give you a neat place to stash your Apple Pay card

For the most part, you can just tap your iPhone on a payment portal and make your transaction… but for everything else, there’s Apple Card (see what I did there?) Mujjo’s new cases for the iPhone 11 Pro allow you to carry your Apple Card, or any other payment card, right along with your iPhone, eliminating the need for you to even carry a wallet. The cards fit right into a sleeve on the back of Mujjo’s beautiful leather cases that are entirely made from top-grain leather. Using a proprietary technique, Mujjo’s cases allow the leather to bend to the contours of your phone, making the leather envelop your phone perfectly with no creases or folds. The case gives your iPhone 11 Pro a beautiful leather exterior with a protective 1mm lip that cushions your phone from bumps and scratches. Each case even comes with a Japanese microfiber inner lining so that your glass back or stainless steel frame don’t get scratched or worn out over time. The cases come in 4 colors, although my heart is set on the Alpine Green variant!

Designer: Mujjo

Meet BM Leather: The leather made from the residue left behind while brewing beer

Here’s one more reason to love beer! Developed as a 100% environmentally-friendly, animal-friendly and chemically free alternative to leather, BM Leather takes one of the wasted by-products of beer-brewing and turns it into a fabric that mimics faux-leather, but will biodegrade (and even fertilize) when disposed. Designer Mi Zhou developed the material for Stella McCartney in a bid to make fashion much more sustainable, in a way that doesn’t create waste, but rather reduces it.

For every tonne of beer brewed, you’ve got a quarter of a tonne of beer mash, the residual grain/pulp, left behind from the brewing process. Converting this into a fabric, BM Leather uses a by-product in a way that upscales it into a fashion product. Produced in cooperation with Beavertown Brewery, Mi Zhou developed a leather-esque fabric out of the residual wet mash, which comprises mainly mashed grain, husk, sugars, and water. The vegan-friendly leather, developed keeping Stella McCartney’s brand ethos and commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion, uses zero chemicals, is 100% natural, and can even be dyed in different colors, making it a great new material for fashion designers to toy with, and a lovely push for the fashion industry towards sustainability!

Designer: Mi Zhou for Stella McCartney

The ‘Fold’ wallet is a completely seamless card, currency, and coin carrier!

The Fold is as simple as it’s functional, say the guys at Lemur Design. They’re right. When packaged, the Fold wallet comes as an open, unfolded piece of leather, secured to a packaging board that also contains the instructions to assemble the wallet together. With two simple fasteners, the Fold wallet comes together, transforming from a flat piece of leather, to an incredibly useful, classy, zero-compromise wallet that’s sure to spark conversation.

The Fold wallet is one of Lemur Design’s many single-piece-foldables, and comes crafted from a single piece of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Its unfolded, flat form folds together in three quick steps, going from a mundane piece of leather to a feature-laden wallet that holds your cards, banknotes, and even your coins! The wallet comes with two access-points, allowing you to quickly reach your cards or bills via the main flap, and access your coins in their dedicated coin-pouch via a secondary flap.

The straightforward, fold-to-assemble design looks deceptively simple, but is, in fact, an ingenious piece of origami-inspired artistry that goes from flat to fully-functional in less than five seconds. Its one-piece design not only makes the Fold wallet last longer than most conventional wallets that come assembled with stitches or glued seams, effectively bypassing all their weak points; but also gives it a unique design language that unites Lemur Design’s other fold-centric products. Besides the entire act of assembling your wallet is definitely the very highlight of owning this absolute beauty, is it not?!

Designer: Lemur Design

Bluebonnet straps a classy leather portfolio to the back of your MacBook

Now that Apple’s completely ditched the light-up logo on their MacBooks, there’s a lot more you can do to jazz up the back of the laptop screen. You can add stickers, lego pieces, or you could completely reinvent your laptop/workspace with what Bluebonnet has to offer. A leather housing for your MacBook, Bluebonnet isn’t just a protective cover, but also a portfolio case and a kickstand!

Along with protecting your laptop from accidental bumps and scuffs, Bluebonnet also gives you a neat place to store your planner/notebook/papers and a pen of your choice, freeing your hands up while giving you everything you’d need to carry to a meeting, conference, or a coffee shop, all in one svelte sleeve. The leather construction undeniably gives the MacBook a stylish, professional upgrade, and comes available in multiple colors. The Bluebonnet even features a cutout at the base that gives your laptop an impromptu kickstand, tilting it higher for better viewing/cooling.

With a magnetic clasp to secure your MacBook just the way you would a large portfolio folder, the Bluebonnet carries the aspects of the portfolio case that people know and love to the laptop case. In many ways, it totally transforms the perception of the laptop, and of the person carrying it too! Definitely classier than a crummy neoprene laptop sleeve and a run-of-the-mill woven nylon or Cordura backpack.

Designer: Farhad Rizvi (Bluebonnet)