These magnetic lamps combine to form beautiful lighting sculptures

Everyone needs light, especially when the day gets dark. Lighting, however, doesn’t need to be plain or boring, serving a functional need and nothing else. Lamps offer the opportunity to make a visual statement in a room, to give more than just light but also life. They can be as elaborate as an elegant chandelier or as simple as a minimalist desk lamp. Some can even be both, switching between simple and complex in just a few seconds. This concept design for a modular set of three lamps try to offer that kind of flexibility, delivering a simple yet beautiful desk lamp when needed and a piece of sculptural art when wanted, all without dealing with messy wires, screws, or adhesives.

Designer: Ping-Lun Chung

The Light-7 concept takes its from the basic frame of the three lamps. A wooden board is bent at an angle to form a shape like the number seven. The two ends of the frame are connected by a glossy plastic material that softly curves to the edges, inspired by how white fabric can be stretched over that same frame to create an elegant shape. The material also serves to diffuse the light from within, giving the lamps a soft glow that sets a calm mood in the area.

On its own, the lamp already stands as an attractive light piece, acting as a soft night lamp on top of a bedside table. When magnetically connected to one or two other pieces, however, it shines a brighter light on the room, effectively serving as the main light source. Going beyond intensity, the Light-7’s wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to arrange the parts in ways that delight your eyes or fit the rest of your room’s decor, bringing light and art together in a more personal way.

You can, for example, simply attach one module to form a lamp that faces opposite directions. Simply rotating one piece, however, can make that light shine up or down, depending on what you need. You don’t even need to stick to what you’ve chosen because you can easily change the configuration at a moment’s notice.

Things get brighter when the main lamp, the only one that was a power cable, is flanked by both modules. The arrangement becomes more limited, however, because of how the pieces need to interact with each other. In this form, the best setup is a pendant lamp that uses a soft, omnidirectional glow to set the mood in a dark room.

Current wireless technologies might not yet be completely there as far as providing sufficient power for lighting, but the simple idea that it’s close at hand definitely sparks the imagination. Magnets are already opening the doors to many modular products, from desk accessories to shelves, so magnetic consumer electronics won’t be that far behind. The Light-7 concept explores the possibilities of what can be accomplished when all these pieces fall into place, allowing people to create their own sculptural light art in a snap.

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Blazo brings a rechargeable desk fan and desk lamp in the space of one

We’d all love to have as much space as we need, but the reality is that physical space will always be limited. We might have a large desk or shelf, for example, to fit all our stationery and stuff, but that also means less floor space for other things. Many people try to be smart by buying multi-functional products or modular furniture that can be arranged and used as needed. Sometimes, the combinations make sense, but other times you can also be left scratching your head. This desk fan, for example, looks almost ordinary, that is until you flip the switch on to shed some light on matters, literally.

Designer: Pratik Prabhakar Wandhare

Almost everyone needs a kind of lamp at some point. Some like a directional light on their desk, while others might prefer lamps that hang from a higher angle. Admittedly, not everyone needs an electric fan, especially in countries where it’s almost always cold most of the year or where people depend on air conditioning most of the time. Then again, with the recent abnormal heat waves across many countries, having a fan ready might not be such a bad idea.

That is perhaps part of the inspiration behind the Blazo appliance concept. At first glance, it looks like an electric fan attached to a camera gimbal. The design for this unconventional arm and stand was apparently an educational globe. The Blazo’s fan can swivel up and down 360 degrees, and it can also rotate 360 degrees so that no direction is left unreached. That does mean that the lamp can also point in the same direction, though you’ll probably want to keep the fan steady in that case unless you were aiming for a makeshift light show.

The LED light has different brightness levels so that you can use the same lamp as a desk lamp, a night lamp, or anything in between. Blazo runs on a rechargeable battery, and using the lamp alone can make it last for 8 hours. Both fan and lamp working together would cut that time down to just three or four hours, though the design doesn’t mention how long the fan would last on its own.

Blazo is flexible not only in direction and purpose but also in its position. Although the most basic configuration would have it standing on a desk, it can also be mounted on a wall if you prefer an overhead spotlight of sorts. The stand is telescopic, so it can be adjusted to your preferred height, though it doesn’t seem to get high enough for a conventional stand fan.

While the multi-functional design does look refined and useful, it does raise the question of who’d need to have an electric fan and lamp at the same time. Most people will probably just one function or another at a time and not simultaneously, since having a fan on a desk so close to your face can actually be a bit uncomfortable. Still, there could be other instances where a ceiling fan with a spotlight or a night lamp with a fan could warrant such a space-saving design, but one might have to stretch the imagination a bit to make a solid case for it.

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This pendant lamp captures the mystifying colors of twilight in its net-like structure

There almost seems to be a bias towards dawn as that mystical part of the day that inspires creativity or invigorates the mind and the body. In terms of visual stimulation, though, it is twilight that captures the imagination, provokes flights of fantasy, and maybe even evokes a sense of fear of the unknown. Those few minutes when day gives way to night or night to day often paint the sky with colors that seem to blend two different worlds in a magical and sometimes eerie way. That’s the play of light and colors that this lamp tries to capture using a deceptively simple design that belies the intricate details of its construction.

Designer: Soren Blomaard and Anne-Lise Heydra (Atelier Robotiq)

There’s something almost magical in the way that nature paints the sky with colors, something that we humans can attempt to reproduce imperfectly with paints and computers. The way light breaks into two or three hues that blend almost perfectly across the twilight sky is always a breathtaking sight. Of course, a perfect twilight scene doesn’t always happen, so this lamp tries to bring that feeling of enchantment indoors so you can enjoy it 24/7.

The light from the lamp itself doesn’t exactly call to mind the setting or rising sun, but the way that illuminates the structure that encloses the bulb does. Two basket-like forms surround the light source, one larger than the other, creating a visual illusion of shapes and colors that blend into each other, just like the twilight sky. The net-like shapes that seem to float in the air have subtle hints of different twilight colors, like purples, blues, and oranges, allowing you to relive those magical hours anytime you glance at the Twilight lamp.

Beyond the play of light and colors, the lamp’s very construction is partly inspired by the heavens, particularly the designs and materials that we use to fly across it. The shape is formed using aerospace lightweight engineering principles, for example, and the mesh uses highly durable kevlar material. Despite looking fragile and flimsy, Twilight is strong yet lightweight in reality. There is also no excess in its design, with each of the two “bubbles” using the exact amount of lines needed to keep its curved shape, nothing more, nothing less.

Just like the boutique’s UFO fiber pattern lamps, Twilight pays homage to the wonders of our skies. Using both colors and shapes, the lamp conveys the beautiful balance that the twilight sky brings, blending different colors and times together in a harmonious gradient. It’s as if two worlds blend into one during these mystical hours, light and darkness, day and night, warmth and cold. It’s a duality in nature that’s often difficult to express artificially, but the Twilight lamps offer a striking approximation that brings a bit of that magic into homes and interior spaces.

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This wall lamp simulates a solar eclipse to bring light and life to your walls

When it comes to providing light, lamps that hang from ceilings or stand on surfaces are actually more effective and more efficient at what they do. Wall lamps, on the other hand, are better at setting the mood, thanks to their often more subdued or diffused lighting. They also offer more opportunities for making a visual statement because of how visible they often are. That’s why many wall lamps also double as decorative pieces that bring a bit of character to walls and rooms, sometimes to an excessive degree. This die-cast and aluminum wall lamp, however, looks almost nondescript and forgettable, that is until you rotate the lamp around to create playful arrangements that somewhat mimic the charm of an eclipse.

Designer: Arshak Sirunyan

There are only a few phenomena in nature that can bring awe and wonder even today, and one of those is a solar eclipse. Although feared in ancient times, eclipses, both solar and lunar, have become sensational events, partly because of their rarity and partly because of their natural beauty. You don’t have to wait for that event to enjoy its eerie yet mesmerizing play of light, of course, especially with this handmade wall lamp that tries to recreate multiple eclipses in your home.

Made from die-cast with an aluminum finish, the Eclipse looks almost like a bulky ring light affixed to your wall at first. The round cone-shaped body protrudes from the wall and seemingly emits faint light inside, occluded by a circular cover of the same black or white colorway. In this base position, the Eclipse lamp already demonstrates the reason for its name, looking like an annular solar eclipse, where the moon is too far away to completely cover the sun, resulting in a ring of light.

Looks can be deceiving, as they say, and that “cover” is actually the lamp’s light source itself. Beneath the disc is an LED light that emits a warm 3500K color at a brightness of around 400 lumens. The choice of an LED light was made for the sake of saving energy in the long run. That, however, is not what makes this lamp special. What sets it apart from other wall lamps is how you can move that disc around 360 degrees, letting a bit more light shine through in any direction of your choosing.

A pivot screw holds the actual lamp in place and lets it slide out and swing around the conical base at any angle. While this does break the illusion of an annular solar eclipse, it does make it easier to direct soft light in other directions. It also creates interesting forms and arrangements in a room, especially if you have a number of these in a single space. You could try to mimic the stages of a solar eclipse, though with the “moon” actually casting the light instead.

The idea behind the Eclipse wall lamp is definitely creative and innovative, though perhaps the actual execution might need a bit of refinement. Even with the use of some moving parts, it still offers a simple way to spruce up a space, especially one that needs a bit of lighting to set the atmosphere. Even better, the adjustable part of the lamp isn’t just an embellishment but actually serves some function when you need to shine more light in the area.

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Roly-poly embodies Hungarian culture and history in playful modular lamps

More often than not, designers will inject a bit of themselves into their creations, sometimes unconsciously, at other times intentionally. One’s history, culture, and learning influence what we do and make, after all, but sometimes there is a stronger desire to pay homage to the past in new and sometimes indirect ways. On their own, these pendant and standing lamps are already interesting and attractive, their play on shape, colors, and light making them stand out as fun art pieces. Beneath that specular surface, however, lies many ties to various parts of Hungary’s art, cultural, and socio-political history, making the Roly-poly more than just a toy-like fixture but also an expression of the country’s best creative minds as well.

Designer: Annabella Hevesi

The name “roly-poly” itself already conveys something less serious, almost whimsical. In some parts of the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, it actually refers to a doll with a round bottom that would wobble on a surface but would eventually return to an upright position thanks to a weight hidden inside. Although these lamps aren’t meant to wobble and tumble in the same way, they still have that playful characteristic of their namesake, bringing a bit of fun to a room thanks to their shape and their color combinations.

The choice of a spherical body and a conical lamp wasn’t just for the sake of resembling the toy, though. The forms and choice of dual colors are marks of the Bauhaus movement that left a strong impression in Hungarian art and design circles. That movement would also influence an architectural style in the 70s that the roly-poly lamps also embody literally.

Although it looks like fragile glass, the rotund bodies of these lamps are actually made from a sheet of metal. To bring out its unique luster, the lamps are fire enameled, a style that became popular in Hungary’s Architectural Enameled Art Camp decades ago. It might be an old method today, but it is also a more sustainable process compared to plastic-based powder coating. The enameled steel surface looks almost glass-like thanks to the indirect light cast by the funnel-shaped head.

Two versions of the Roly-poly lamp exist. The standing lamp is a single piece that resembles the toy the closest, slightly wobbling while also giving the owner complete freedom to position the lamp any which way they like. The pendant lamps bring the modular aspect of lighting, offering the possibility of stringing multiple lamps in a vertical fashion. Such an arrangement can even reach the floor, making the Roly-poly look like a statue from that Enamel Art movement rather than a set of hanging lamps.

Roly-poly is part of the designer’s Burnt Collection, designed to put a spotlight on Hungary’s rich art and design heritage, particularly those influenced by the Bauhaus movement. These toy-like lighting pieces are like hidden history books, pointing to important parts of the country’s cultural and economic past. Even without that backdrop, however, the lamps bring a sense of fun and delight thanks to their playful use of shapes and colors, exactly like a roly-poly toy.

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Air-Shape is a lamp design idea that will give any room a dreamlike atmosphere

Not all lamps have to conform to basic shapes or even reality.

Lamps bring light to houses and rooms, but that’s not the only thing they can offer. With their own design and personality, they can change the tone of a room as effectively as their lights. They can convey a sense of serenity or calculating precision, warmth or cold, minimalism or extravagance. Lamps can take many forms and take inspiration from many sources, showcasing nature’s innate beauty or mankind’s acquired artistry. They can also become messengers of whimsy, playfulness, and even dreams, like a pendant and wall lamp that almost keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the delicate bubble to pop and scatter in the wind.

Designer: Sunriu

It’s not difficult to deduce the inspiration for this work of art that’s also meant to be a design for an actual lamp. Many of us would have had fond memories of blowing bubbles through circular devices, sometimes screaming in glee as each ephemeral sphere floated and then popped. There is something otherworldly about bubbles as they display the different colors of the rainbow on their translucent surfaces. Our hazy childhood memories of these playful times even add to the fanciful imagery of bubbles.

It is that emotion that the Air-Shape concept design tries to capture in an almost ethereal manner. It’s as if the bubble is frozen in time, stuck at the moment of its birth when it wavers and trembles against gentle winds until it takes its final spherical shape. Its form has an element of uncertainty and fragility that also sends a message of potential and birthing. A bubble doesn’t simply come out perfectly formed from a flat, soapy surface, after all.

Naturally, glass would be the perfect material to bring this idea to life. Iridescent glass, in particular, captures the prismatic qualities of the bubble’s surface, while traditional glass blowing methods could help create the random yet gentle bumps of the Air-Shape’s bubble-inspired form. The metal ring not only serves as the visual portal from which the delicate shape rises but also houses the actual lighting that sets the mood for this fixture.

The Air-Shape lamp can be hung in different ways. It can turn any wall into a magical surface that is seemingly capable of generating dreams and flights of fancy. Hanging above tables or heads, the lamp creates a light and fun atmosphere that reflects its own whimsical design. Whichever way you place it, the lighting is sure to change the room’s tone the moment light starts to dance on its glass surface.

Air-Shape is definitely a striking concept for a pendant lamp or a wall lamp, one that could prove tricky to pull off in reality. It is almost as if the very lamp itself is too delicate to bring into the real world, blessed and cursed to remain as a figment of our imagination. It is the stuff that dreams are made of, just like rainbows and bubbles.

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Moonsetter Floor Lamp is one beautiful sculpture that can set the mood for your room


Beautiful lamps are not exactly hard to come by. However, we do not always find memorable pieces that are unique and awe-inspiring.

The Moonsetter enters the scene as a ray of sunshine…err, moonlight to your room. It is like having the moonlight coming in through your window or the gaps in the curtains. You do not need too much bright light anyway—just some ambient lighting to set the mood for a good night’s rest.

Designers: Anne Boysen and Louis Poulsen


Two very creative and talented artists, Anne Boysen and Louis Poulsen, have developed a floor lamp that is ideal for exploration. Poulsen is a lighting manufacturer, while Boysen is an architect. The two teamed up to create something that delivers an excellent play of light and a mirror—something that lightens up the room and sets up the mood.

The end product is a floor lamp that also works as a beautiful sculpture. The Moonsetter can be a conversation starter because of its design and mechanism. It boasts a simple design language, as per Anne Boysen.

Moonsetter Details

The design of the lamp is timeless with its simple graphic form. This modern metal floor lamp appears like a sculpture or a piece of art. It can easily be the center of attention in any room with a unique configuration. It combines the basic shapes—circle, cylinder, and square.

The floor lamp features its own axis where a disc rotates 360-degrees. The disc features a reflective side and white on the other. It gives an illusion of soft and diffused moonlight at times while one side reflects direct light. There is a mirror that has a rotating disc. This allows you to customize the reflection of the LED source. The LED light is submerged in the frame, giving off a beautiful effect.

Moonsetter Concept

Moonsetter Louis Poulsen Anne Boysen Details

About 100 pieces have been released as part of the limited first edition. Another 100 pieces will follow them, but a serial number will be written on each lamp to be sure you’re getting the limited edition unit. We know this special floor lamp can sell as the designer’s idea behind it was not just to design new lamps but to create an atmosphere and shape light that can make people who look at it feel good. The Moonsetter can very well be a mood setter, whether indoor or outdoor.

Moonsetter Concept Details

Moonsetter Mirror

We have seen other beautiful floor lamps recently, including that Kobble Collection and The Ring Light. The Tune minimal portable lamp comes with a 360-degree charging stand. We also remember that man-eater lamp, aka the Shark Tail Floor Lamp.

Moonsetter Louis Poulsen Anne Boysen Designer

Moonsetter Louis Poulsen Anne Boysen Design

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This portable speaker lamp tries to create a mellow mood wherever you go

At a time when lights and sounds have become sources of distraction and overwhelm, this mood lamp and speaker in one sets the tone for a more peaceful atmosphere.

There is no shortage of smart speakers and smart lamps in the market today. You might even see a few that combine both functions in one body. This fusion of technologies to create a single multi-functional product can help save up on space and money, but sometimes the combination creates disharmony instead. Our senses are already inundated by the sights and sounds of modern life, including those coming from these smart appliances. Fortunately, there are designers and products that were made to go against the trend, like this beautiful Nordic-inspired lamp and speaker combo that tries to spread feelings of calm and peace instead.

Designer: WELLE

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Everything about the WELLE portable lamp speaker (W201T) was envisioned and designed to convey a sense of harmony and mellowness. That character goes beyond the obvious appearance of the product, which clearly takes its cues from the minimalist movement as well as Nordic design languages. The absence of extraneous visual elements, out-of-place lines, and distracting colors help make the WELLE speaker lamp look more pleasing to the eyes. The very form of the device, a cone for the speaker with a disc on top for the LED lamp, is designed to draw your attention to the lamp and its mellowing light.

Even the colors chosen for the speaker lamp aren’t your regular hues. They’re meant to remind people of more calming and subdued tones, like the lushness of Forest Green, the warmth of Brick Red, the mellowness of Moonlight Yellow, and the neutrality of Modern Gray. The speaker area of the lamp uses eco-friendly premium textile from the famed Kvadrat, so your mind can also be at ease that the materials used here aren’t harming the environment.

Despite the almost laid-back appearance of the WELLE W201T, it hides a powerful speaker that lets you enjoy your tunes, be it a relaxing classical or a heart-thumping EDM. A down-firing woofer pushes low tones and bass down to the surface, making it bounce back to create a fuller soundstage. Two twitter units on each side of the cone produce a 360-degree surround sound experience. The speaker utilizes high-end audio components from Waversa System, which not only tuned the device for room surround sound but also lent its patented noise isolation technology to weed out static noise from your music.

Lightweight at 660g despite the 12-hour 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery inside, the WELLE portable speaker lamp lets you set up your preferred mood any time, anywhere. The folding handle makes it easy to carry the lamp around or hang it from a hook while still keeping its compact form when not in use. A beautiful piece of technology that looks great, whether on a table or hanging from a tree branch, WELLE lets you create your own oasis of peace and calm in the middle of the disruptions of the world around us.

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Incense Lamp curls and bends like a real incense

Incense Lamp Details

A lamp is an object that can come in different shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to be boring with its basic stand and a lampshade. Lamps can be interesting and enjoyable to look at and use.

Lamps serve an essential function, and that is to illuminate the surroundings. Perhaps a lamp is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a particular area in the house. The amount of lighting and the kind of illumination a lamp gives will depend on your style.

Designer: Siyu Lou

Incense Lamp Lighting

The Incense Lamp is a new lamp design inspired by incense. The Chinese incense, specifically, is the inspiration for this. Like a real incense, the lamp curls as if it is an incense burning. The curling of the incense signifies Buddha’s coming to the Chinese.

To turn on the light, you need to blow the lampshade. Blow again if you want to turn it off. When the lamp is on, the silicon lampshade will slowly bend. It will come back to its original form when turned off.

And like real incense, the light of the lamp will slowly fade. It may need some 30 minutes to be fully turned off, which is suitable for those who want to slow things down. On the other hand, it may be just what you need when you want some time to relax.

Incense Lamp Designer

The Incense Lamp designed by Siyu Lou boasts minimalist aesthetics. Like other Siyu Lou designs, this one is simple in white and its form. The lamp stands because another curled part at the bottom serves as the support. The primary material of the upper tip is silicone, so it can bend.

Incense Lamp Design

A power button is found on the bottom curl. There is also a tiny LED light that we’re assuming indicates if the battery is low. We’re also assuming this one is battery-operated because there is no wire or cable. The body of the lamp is very slim so a battery may be enough to power it.

Uniquely and beautifully designed lamps are more than just a trend. The design world is fast-moving, and this includes lamp design. The latter is an excellent and effective way to complement any home when it comes to aesthetics. You can just buy a new lamp if you want to change a room’s look quickly.

Incense Lamp Product

A lamp’s purpose is to light the home, but it is also decorative. Any well-designed lamp adds beauty and cozy touch to any home area. It’s one way to unleash one’s creativity or make a room a fun space for everyone. The Incense Lamp can be a conversation starter because, at first glance, you may not figure out what it is.

Incense Lamp

Incense Lamp Concept

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The IRI Lamp is like a modern campfire for indoors

The world will never run out of new lamp designs. Instead, there will be plenty of innovative lamps that will be introduced as more creatives are coming up with their new versions and inventions.

Lamps serve many functions, but they mainly provide illumination to your surroundings. Unfortunately, the more affordable ones are those made of plastic, but that means they’re not that eco-friendly. The IRI Lamp is a new project from Shift and Notwaste Design. The latter is a furniture shop that sells items made from waste material.

Designer: Shift

The products from Notwaste are made of used materials like OSB. Those are wood strands so no materials are wasted. There is no waste at all because they are reusing old materials responsibly.

The IRI Lamp is said to explore the connection between nature and man. IRI reflects the idea of a bonfire or campfire setup. The legs appear like the logs used to start a fire, while the lamp’s shape is like the shape of a flame. It brings the outdoor camping experience inside the house.

IRI Lamp Designer Shift

IRI Lamp Concept Design

IRI combines the black rubber and OSB materials which have become Notwaste’s signature, with artistry and modern technology. The craftsmanship is evident here, which makes the lamp a total head-turner. The wire is black, so it looks like it has a tail. Perhaps a white wire may be better, but we understand wood and black combo is a signature style.

When the light is turned on, the IRI Lamp reflects light to the surroundings but with some patterned shadows. In some angles, it actually looks like an alien rocketship. The look and feel of the material appear rough but are softened by the curves of the main lamp.

Conceept IRI Lamp

Concept Lamp Design

The wood with black rubber design shows the perfect contrast for a homey and cozy appeal. Shift is known for its designs that can change the world. The same studio presented the F1 Sneakers that we considered a deconstructed wear of the future. There is also the U34 lamp with its 20-faced icosahedral shape.

IRI Lamp Materials

When it comes to other lamp designs, we have featured a lot and we have a few favorites. We were impressed with that multifunctional desk lamp because it also works as a book holder. We enjoyed the Pulley Light as an adjustable decorative lamp. That Milly Dent Honey Lamp Collection provides a dramatic lighting effect. That Origami Lamp earlier showed us what look like two hanging pyramids but is actually a lizard’s head.

IRI Lamp Design

IRI Lamp Featires

IRI Lamp Concept

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