Uber To Deliver Food With Drones

It looks like Uber will be getting into the drone delivery business as well. Uber is looking to start food deliveries using drones this summer. The service will at first be available in San Diego. Uber has been talking about maybe running a trial here since last year and now it looks like it may […]

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Amazon’s Latest Prime Air Delivery Drone Revealed

Amazon has been working on delivery by drone for a while now. And now the world’s largest online retailer has revealed its latest drone variant. The newly-revealed Amazon Prime Air delivery drone flies using a similar approach to VTOL aircraft, taking off and landing vertically, but orienting itself horizontally once airborne.

The new drone has thermal and depth cameras, sonar, and onboard computers with machine learning, to navigate and detect hazards. It has six degrees of freedom where most quadcopters have four, allowing it to be more stable and deal with high wind conditions. They upped the safety too, as the rotors are fully shrouded. These shrouds also double as wings in forward flight.

The goal is to produce a fully-electric drone that flies up to 15 miles, delivering packages under 5 pounds in just under 30 minutes. Interestingly, 75-90 percent of individually-purchased items fall within this weight limit, so most items can be shipped in this way. Of course, multiple items pose more of a challenge.

We don’t know when we will see this drone in action over our neightborhoods, but it brings Amazon a step closer to drone delivery. The company says we will see it in the “coming months.” Hopefully, we don’t have to wait very long for Amazon Prime drone delivery.

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Pre-orders for Atari’s VCS console start at $249

It has had its share of delays and revisions, but the Atari VCS is a popular nostalgia machine. If you have been waiting to hear when you can buy it, we finally have that info. The retro console is available for general pre-order right now from both the company site and GameStop and Walmart. Orders […]

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Xbox Players Can Now Use Any Gamertag

Microsoft is at long last opening up the gamertag system on the Xbox to allow players to pick whatever name that they want. The system is similar to what gamers may have already experienced on Steam or Discord. The Xbox Live gamertags will have a # number after them if they have already been taken […]

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Cassie Robot Tries on a Pair of “Hovershoes”

Bipedal robots are those that walk using two legs like humans do. The problem is that this isn’t always the fastest way to travel. That’s why humans developed wheeled transports like cars, bikes, roller skates, and even so-called “hoverboards.” Well, robots want to be just like us. Check out the Cassie bipedal robot riding around on a pair of hovershoes.

This was UC Berkeley’s Hybrid Robotics Lab’s idea. The team of researchers took a Cassie bipedal robot, named Cal, and placed it atop a pair of the self-balancing, wheeled shoes. Presumably, so it can chase us down during the apocalypse. Hovershoes are essentially a hoverboard, but split into two so you can wear one on each foot. The rider has to lean forward, backward or side to side to maneuver. They are pretty hard for most humans to use.

The researchers added a sensor to Cassie and successfully trained the robot to roll around the campus on the electric skates. That must have been a very crazy sight to see. Lucky for you, you can see it right here when they were testing it.

Pretty creepy stuff. Now teach it to ride a unicycle and play some flaming bagpipes. If it’s going to run down humans one day soon, it might as well look comical while doing it.

[via IEEE via Mike Shouts]

Epix launches on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has another network. MGM’s premium cable network, Epix, has come to Amazon Prime for $5.99 a month. The Epix channel will show original programming like the spy drama Berlin Station and the upcoming Batman prequel Pennyworth. We can also look forward to a documentary adaptation of popular Slate presidential history podcast Slow Burn. […]

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Russia To Ban VPN Services

If you travel to Russia and use VPNs you might want to take note of this. The country may soon block some major VPN services after they refused to link up with a national blacklist which would prevent their users from accessing the blacklisted websites even when using the VPN service. The ban on these […]

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Pitfall! Atari Cartridge Throw Blanket Won’t Protect You from Crocodiles or Scorpions

Man, I loved Atari when I was a kid. I got all wrapped up in those games. And guess what? Now I can wrap myself up in Pitfall! for real and feel its cozy embrace. This Pitfall! Atari throw blanket is soft and comfy, but more importantly, looks just like the cartridge from the classic Activision game.

It looks like the game box too. So now you will know what that cartridge felt like while sitting on the store shelf. It felt warm and toasty. No swinging from vines and jumping on crocodile heads and leaping over quicksand for me. I prefer a good nap. Preferably an Atari themed one, where I can dream about all of those old games and star in my own adventure as Pitfall Harry – just like Jack Black. No scorpions inside, so no worries. No treasure either though, which sucks.

This blanket measures 60” tall x 48” wide, and while the game may have lasted only 20 minutes, you can use this blanket for as long as you want. It will help you avoid some of life’s pitfalls because it’s a jungle out there. Activision made some great games for the Atari 2600. Remember Kaboom and Stampede? How about Grand Prix? Yep, this brings back those old Atari memories.

Uber To Offer Helicopter Rides In New York City

NYC traffic is a nightmare. Why not take a helicopter to catch your next flight out of JFK airport. Makes sense if you can afford it. Starting next month, Uber will start offering helicopter rides between JFK and Lower Manhattan. Users will be able to book the Uber Copter rides through the app. The New […]

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Last Splatoon 2 Splatfest happens July 18th

Nintendo has revealed that Splatoon 2’s last Splatfest will start on July 18th. It will run for a whole 72 hours and ask players to support Chaos or Order. You will still have multiplayer, but sadly you will not be able to enjoy giant community events. It’s not the end of Splatfests completely as there […]

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