If Santa Claus owned a portable espresso machine, this would be it…

Back in a winter-themed seasonal avatar, the Nanopresso from Wacaco is perhaps one of the smallest, most portable espresso machines in the world. It compresses every element of a coffee-maker into a form-factor small enough to fit right into your bag, and pair it with either a Nespresso pod or your own coffee-powder (placed in the Nanopresso’s pod) and you’ve got yourself espresso on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Partnering with artist Emma Tissier, Wacaco’s Nanopresso now comes in a bright red color, complete with seasonal artwork. Titled the Red Tattoo Pixie Edition, this Christmassy coffee maker is set up for a limited run, and comes with its own EVA foam case for you to carry around. Just add your coffee powder or pod and some hot water, let the pressure build up, and pour the freshest espresso right into Nanopresso’s cup. For a seasonal touch, top it off with a cinnamon stick and a spritz of Kahlúa!

Designers: Wacaco and Emma Tissier

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Federal judge rules suspicionless device searches at the border are illegal

Civil liberties advocates just scored an important victory in a bid to prevent arbitrary device searches at the US border. A federal court handling a 2017 lawsuit has ruled that US policies allowing device searches without valid suspicion or warrant...

Elon Musk: Berlin ‘gigafactory’ will build Teslas starting with the Model Y

After launching manufacturing facilities in the US and China, Tesla's next location is apparently in Europe. Reuters and CNBC report that while speaking at an awards ceremony in Germany, Elon Musk announced the company's 'Gigafactory 4' will be locat...

Far-flung Studio’s “minimalist-Memphis” decor features upcycled hoops, concrete, and rebonded foam

Showcased at the Amman Design Week 2019, Far-flung Studio’s series of lighting and furniture explores the possibilities of giving old raw materials a new lease of life. Founded by David Selander and Mohammad Aljabi, Far-flung is a Swedish Jordanian collaboration that helps feed off two very distant cultures.

The Hoop and Staff lamps explore giving inherently unstable objects a sort of functional stability, The hoop-shaped light and the red staff are bound to concrete blocks for stability. The concrete block in the Hoop works as a sitting stool, with an angled light for easy reading, while the block works as a concrete side-table when attached to the Staff light. The two lighting concepts explore a minimalist take on the Memphis 2.0 art movement, and are punctuated by the Foam Chair, a simple piece of furniture with a wild CMF brought about by its unique rebonded foam construction.

Designer: Far-flung Studio

This ‘O-29’ hum is the sound of Ford’s new hybrid SUVs

Add Ford to the ranks of automakers adding sounds to notify pedestrians of oncoming electrified cars. The 2020 Escape Hybrid and Explorer Hybrid will both include a custom sound, O-29 (listen to it below) that plays when they're moving at speeds up t...

Inspired by Japanese bamboo weaving, Kengo Kuma’s shoes for ASICS are like ‘moving architecture’

Teaming up with the renowned Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, ASICS has unveiled the latest edition of the Metaride, an all-white running shoe with a pattern inspired by Japanese Yatara bamboo-weaving, on the shoe’s body. The fabric strips wrap themselves in a seemingly chaotic way, but in fact, are strategically placed to hold the foot steady by binding with the shoe’s innovative Flytefoam base that uses cellulose nanofiber, a strong and lightweight wood-pulp derived material currently being researched and explored in Japan.

The shoe is described as ‘moving architecture’ by Kuma, who relied on the age-old technique of Yatara to provide aesthetic dynamism as well as a comfortable fit. The synthetic stripes wrap all around the shoe’s upper, securing your foot in place, while also cleverly forming the Asics stripe pattern on the side. The base is two-fold, with a brown midsole that breaks the all-white shoe’s design, and a white outsole at the bottom. The brown midsole is made from Flytefoam which uses cellulose nanofiber for strength and durability, while also remaining ecologically friendly. The CNF design gives the shoe’s sole its signature shape, with an upward-facing toe region that helps you run more comfortably. Right under the midsole is the white outsole which has a ‘Flytefoam Propel’ gel pad at the heel to give the shoe its enhanced cushioning and the wearer a literal spring in the step!

Designer: Kengo Kuma for ASICS