Kitchen Appliances that will transform you from a home cook to a MasterChef: Part 2

There’s one skill that has been successfully added to my repertoire of skills during this pandemic – and it is cooking! From a chore that I completely avoided, cooking has now become a therapeutic activity for me. I discovered an inner chef within me while baking banana bread, and concocting some Dalgona coffee! I do believe many other hidden chefs had a similar awakening as me during this pandemic. To encourage and motivate all the inner chefs within us, we’ve curated a collection of kitchen appliances that promise to transform cooking from a Herculean feat to an enjoyable and fun process! These products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. They make cooking effortless and easy. Enjoy!

Turner designed Carnerie – a conceptual device that will let you grow your own meat in the future! Cultured meat is the process of growing meat from cells extracted from animals. Many experts believe that cultured meat offers us the opportunity to produce meat with significantly reduced environmental impacts and without slaughtering animals. The technology is being rapidly developed across the world and is beginning to be introduced to some high-end restaurants but there has been discussion about whether one day we may be able to grow our own meat from animal cells in our own kitchens. Carnerie is a ‘grow your own meat’ device for around twenty years in the future. It is controlled by an app, whereby the user is able to order cell capsules from local farms in order to grow a variety of different types of meat.

Food One was designed for young people living in cities who don’t have either the time or skill set for cooking multiple meals throughout the day. Beginning early 2020, the pandemic’s quarantine orders forced many of us out of restaurant booths and into our kitchens to cook our own meals. Fully integrated with smart technology, Food One operates as a classic smart assistant, with Bluetooth connectivity and app compatibility to connect to your smartphone or other smart devices. After connecting to Food One’s app, users can choose from a long list of available recipes suitable for cooking with the smart wok. Alternatively, those who enjoy cooking can upload their own recipes to Food One’s app for others to learn and follow.

Designed by Designer Dot, BO-ON is more than just your ordinary rice cooker! This multifunctional electric rice cooker features a double-layered cauldron, so the rice tastes as if it were cooked in a traditional iron pot. The cooker can also be used to prepare frozen dumplings and other ready-to-eat food items. This is due to a hot plate on the top section of the rice cooker. An accompanying app alerts you when your food is ready, so your food isn’t left stale and forgotten in the appliance.

The Open Suite Cooker Hood by Fabrizio Crisa for Elica is designed to keep in mind modern styling requirements and, most of all, modularity to bring out the most in everyday practical usage. The Open Suite merges a hood, a large LED light panel, modular shelving units along with a voice assistant integration that provides feedback on filter maintenance and overall system management. The unit is tailored for all your modern needs – the modular structure of the hood brings flexibility in how you actually want to set up the function and complement it with the visual appeal. This freedom comes courtesy of the 80 cm/160 cm modules that join in endless configurations depending on the user’s requirements and personal taste. 

The Dreamfarm Chopula Chopping Sit Up Spatula is a handy tool that can be used to flip and chop food! The flexible product allows you to flip pancakes, steaks, and more with ease. You can then use Chopula itself to chop or slice through those very pancakes and steaks. The multi-curved design of its head reaches the trickiest corners of the pan without any tussle. Available in a variety of color options, this thin little tool is definitely niftier and mightier than it seems!

Brava’s Purelight Countertop Oven uses light as an energy source to cook delicious food at home. Employing the proprietary Pure Light Technology, this oven reaches 500 Fahrenheit in less than a second! The Pure Light Lamps ensure that the food is cooked by utilizing lesser energy than you would need to even preheat a traditional oven. Equipped with multiple zones, the oven can cook different food items at different temperatures. This is the future of ovens!

We need to have the next refrigerator evolution in the form of Venine – a design conceptualized by industrial designer You-jin Syn. The idea is simple – preserve the core function of the refrigerator – but with the infusion of a design overhaul and added features. The motive is to make it convenient for a single-person household in the smallest footprint possible without compromising on the inherent function of the appliance. Syn’s concept germinates from the need for young apartment dwellers to have a smart and convenient way to gulp down quick meals without much fuzz. Rather than taking all the eatables out of the refrigerator and onto the dining table, Venine brings the possibility of dining on the refrigerator counter.

This kitchen appliance is for the Star Wars fans! The Star Wars Two Slice Stormtrooper Toaster looks exactly like a Stormtrooper. You can slide in two pieces of bread into the toaster, or even buns, waffles, English muffins, and pastries. Once toasted, the food will pop out with the Galactic Empire logo directly on it. Pretty cool, no? This one is a must-have for sci-fi lovers.

The Miso Robotics Flippy Robot is the kitchen assistant we all need! It’s especially handy if you own a commercial kitchen, and need that extra help. The robot can work for 100,000 hours continuously. Once it has been programmed, the AI assistant works automatically by itself, without requiring any assistance or help from you. Although, you can always control the robot and customize its setting via its control screen. I, for one, would love to have a cooking assistant, but I do believe the Miso Robotics Flippy Robot would be more ideal for large-scale kitchens!

The uniquely flexible Trebonn Roll mat is made of two parts. Individual vertical strips made from a knife-friendly polymer, connected together by a flexible, food-grade, dishwasher-friendly silicone mat. The silicone is responsible for the mat’s hinges, and magnetic closure at one end lets you snap the mat shut in place. Open it out and the mat unfolds to reveal a flat cutting surface… just make sure your knife-work isn’t parallel to the silicone hinges (you don’t want to accidentally cut the hinges through and through). Once you’re done cutting and chopping, the mat’s flexible design makes it easy to collect all your chopped bits and pour them into your crockpot, saucepan, skillet, or mixing bowl.

For more such innovative and functional kitchen appliances, check out Part 1 of this post!

This non-slip smartphone case is the perfect package to Netflix and chill safely!

The wider our smartphones get, the riskier it becomes to take photos with one hand. If taking landscape photos from outside a window with one hand twenty-one flights above the ground floor below isn’t enough for your heart to sink to your feet, take the photo on a windy day and see how you feel. In collaboration with TORRAS, design studio inDare created a non-slip smartphone case that uses an ergonomic structure to ensure the smartphone is secure in your clutch.

The clever anatomy of smartphones primarily caters to their software, while the sleek build of most smartphones can easily slip from our grip. While the number of memes about phones falling on our faces as we endlessly scroll through tweets is enough to prove the smartphone’s slippery build, inDare went further to reveal their take on an ergonomic phone case to keep the screen in front of our faces instead of on top of them. The smartphone case tacks on a concave grip to its cover that transforms into a raised kickstand to scroll hands-free.

Built from military-grade, drop-resistant material, inDare’s smartphone case protects and tightly secures your phone in place even if, on the off-chance, it does fall from your hands. Located next to the case’s concave grip, an inconspicuous quick-release trigger ejects the case’s raised kickstand to be positioned for viewing your smartphone in either landscape or portrait mode. The tiered structure of inDare’s smartphone case allows users to still use the iPhone’s MagSafe Charger without interruption or having to remove the phone from its case.

Designer: inDare

The smartphone case’s quick-release kickstand allows users to view their screens in either portrait or landscape modes.

The ergonomic concave grip allows for secure handling when scrolling or taking photos.

Built with military-grade, drop-resistant material, the smartphone case protects your phone even if it doesn’t slip from your grip.

The smartphone case’s tiered structure allows users to use Apple’s MagSafe Charger without interruption.

This robot is an autonomous product designed for enhancing digital interactions like a modern R2-D2!

Imagine if R2-D2 got a 2021 makeover? Well, BEBOP Design did something like that…they took the concept and gave it a sleek makeover to give us all Information Robot! This is an autonomous robot designed specifically for the Korean startup Zetabank that aims to make human lives safer and healthier with the help of robots.

Zetabank has a range of robots and this is their second collaboration with BEBOP. The company’s mission is to imrpove our lives using artificial intelligence. Their Disinfectant Robot, Hospitality Robot, and Untact Robot are all designed keeping in mind how they can maximize utility and bring practicality to make our day-to-day more efficient. Continuing that legacy is Information Robot which is created as a service platform for digital interactions building upon the Hospitality Robot’s intelligence. These digital interactions are enhanced by the robot’s autonomous movement in various commercial and residential spaces.

Information Robot not only takes the best from its hospitality counterpart but also includes the best from the Disinfectant Robots. It features tech that enables it to purify the air and it becomes more efficient due to its ability to move around smoothly in large environments so it hits two targets with one arrow! Information Robot maintains a coherent design language while accommodating its unique functional purpose. It presents a friendly and approachable personality while its large display is the focal point that invites people to interact with it. R2-D2 would certainly be envious of the minimal aesthetic and the tech upgrade!

Designer: Soohun Jung, Byungwook Kang, Rich Park, Kikang Kim of BEBOP Design


Radical Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab patent shows a two-part folding screen + magnetic S-Pen docking area

It’s slowly becoming pretty clear that Samsung wants to be the dominant player in the foldables market. We’ve seen Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Royole, and even the oddball TCL try their hands at folding devices, but none of them have invested the amount of time and effort as Samsung has. Based on a patent filing uncovered by LetsoGoDigital and rendered by Sarang Sheth, here’s a look at the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, a Note-style smartphone with 2 hinges and a nifty ‘crawl-space’ to dock and charge your S-Pen. The Z Fold Tab hopes to form a third device in Samsung’s line-up alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which are set to launch this year – in effect consolidating Samsung’s position in a questionable yet rather interesting foldable-devices market.

The Z Fold Tab concept takes on the avatar of a folding device with an outward screen. However, unlike the Huawei Mate X or any of Royole’s Flexpai devices, the Z Fold Tab comes with two hinges on its massive screen, creating a novel folding format that has a rather interesting set of pros as well as cons. In its closed mode, the Z Fold Tab can obviously be used as a regular smartphone (albeit being slightly thicker) with a waterfall display on both left and right edges thanks to the folding screens (this obscures the volume and power buttons, but those could easily be translated to the screen via force-touch like in the Vivo Apex 2019). However, unfold the screens on either side and you have yourself a larger tablet. The obvious cons are that instead of one crease running across the screen, you’re now faced with TWO creases, however, given how we consume content and the amount of time we spend looking at centrally aligned elements, this format oddly works, because the two creases sit on the sides of the screen rather than along the center.

The foldable design comes with a unique detail. The two halves leave a distinct gap when folded completely, solving two purposes – the gap exposes the main camera lenses, enabling you to take photos and videos without worrying about unfolding your phone; and the gap even acts as a safe space to magnetically dock your S-Pen. Unlike previous Note devices that came with hollow slots that allowed you to slide an S-Pen into the phone, the Z Fold Tab lets the S-Pen dock outside, almost like the iPad Pro. The magnetic dock charges the S-Pen while that comfy gap prevents the pen from accidentally sliding out or getting lost.

The Galaxy Z Fold Tab is not unlike the Z Fold 3 concept we featured last year, however, its key difference is that the two-part hinges don’t overlap to form a 3-layered device. Even when folded, the Z Fold Tablet still remains relatively slim by foldable standards.

For now, however, the Z Fold Tab exists only in conceptual form, protected by an international patent filed by Samsung. The Korean consumer-tech giant is slated to host its annual Galaxy Unpacked event in August this year, although according to analysts and experts, we’re probably only going to see the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 devices this year along with the usual suspects. According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung may have this under wraps until 2022.

Designer/Visualizer: Sarang Sheth for LetsGoDigital

This concept was first published on LetsGoDigital. Click here to view the original piece.

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