Netflix can help your kids ring in the New Year a bit early

While you're busy putting on a fancy dress or a shirt and tie for tonight's festivities, millions of parents around the world have to figure out how to trick their kids into going to bed at a decent hour on New Year's Eve so they can do the same. Net...

Jedi Star Destroyer PC: Hardware Wars

We’ve seen our share of custom PC cases, but nothing quite as impressive as this Venator Class Star Destroyer. It is named YAZI and was created by asphiax as part of a modding contest by MSI. Contest? That’s no contest. This one wins everything.

star_destroyer_pc_case_1zoom in

This is no store-bought model either. Oh no. This Republic spaceship was built entirely from scratch, which is especially impressive when you look at the detail.

star_destroyer_pc_case_2zoom in

He first modeled the ship it in 3D, then made the pieces using aluminum for the main case parts. For the smaller components, he used a 3D printer, making sure that he got all of the details just right. It looks amazing, especially when fully lit.

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[via Slashgear via Nerd Approved]