ParaWallets Paracord Wallet

ParaWallets' Paracord Wallet made completely out of 50 feet of durable 550 lb, 7-strand parachute cord that can be used to fish, tie up a shelter, repair clothing, and more. When not deconstructed, though, the bifold has two slots for stacking cards and a large compartment for banknotes and the like. In its center it’s also fitted with a ferrocerium fire starter rod alongside tinder inside the tag and a steel emblem for striking and getting a fire going. Available in a multitude of different color schemes. [ Amazon Link ]..(Read...)

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Hackers target Vietnam airport screens with political messages

China, the Philippines and Vietnam are embroiled in a bitter dispute over territory claims in the South China Sea (a court has ruled that China's claims are illegal), and that appears to have led to some audacious cyberattacks on July 29th. Vietnam's...

HBO’s ‘Westworld’ sci-fi series arrives October 2nd

JJ Abrams' and Jonathan Nolan's TV adaptation of Westworld hit its share of snags on the way to release (it was originally supposed to debut in 2015), but it's nearly here. HBO has confirmed that the robot-theme-park-gone-wrong show will debut on Oc...