The Weekly Roundup for 06.24.2013

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You might say the week is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workweek, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Weekly Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past seven days -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.


Bloomberg: Nokia will buy Siemens’ share of joint venture for less than $2.6b

Not all partnerships pan out, and Nokia seems ready to call it quits: according to Bloomberg, the company might announce a buy out of the German half of Nokia Siemens Networks later this week. Sources familiar with the matter say that the the Finnish firm is planning to use a bridge loan to finance the $2.6 billion purchase (less than 2 billion euros), taking the entire operation under its own wing. It's not a completely unexpected move on Nokia's part -- the company previously avoided selling off stake in the network back in 2011, opting to lean on its own shareholders instead. Bloomberg reports that Siemens has declined to comment on the issue, but we'll let you know if we hear anything solid.

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Source: Bloomberg

Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables Won’t Tangle

braided fabric cables Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables Wont Tangle
Enough with the tangled up cables! Every time you put a wire in your pocket or bag, it’s instantly tangled. No more! With these Eastern Collective Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables Wont Tangle, your cords will look great and stay tangle-free. There are four color variations and four cable types: 30-pin, lightning, microUSB, and aux. 16 total variations. Math! Tell your cables apart instantly at a glance. Each cable is 3 feet long.

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Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables Won’t Tangle

Switched On: Form in the USA

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

DNP Switched On Form in the USA

The Mac Pro might have been worthy of the "One More Thing" kinds of reveals that Steve Jobs used to do at Apple events. Despite being foreshadowed by Tim Cook as a product the company was going to make in the US, it was virtually carted in from left field at an event that focused broadly on new operating systems before a crowd of developers that could appreciate its power. That said, it will likely require OS X Mavericks, a thematically fitting release for a product that represents a new wave in Apple's design.

Some have said that iOS 7 may be the company's New Coke. The Mac Pro, though, is the new can. Its cylindrical form represents a new design for Apple, albeit one that jibes with the company's affinity for simple, rounded, iconic shapes. Like the new AirPort Extreme, it has a significant vertical profile, but is a fraction of the size of its predecessor designed to accommodate multiple optical drives and hard drives.

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FCC approves Google’s white space wireless database

FCC approves Google's white space wireless database

Google may have been on pins and needles while the FCC scrutinized its white space wireless database over the spring, but it can relax this summer -- the FCC has given the database the all-clear. The approval lets Google serve as one of ten go-to sources for white space devices needing safe frequencies in the US. It also lets those with interference-prone devices, such as wireless microphone users, register the airwaves they consider off-limits to white space technology. The clearance won't have much immediate effect when very few Americans are using the spectrum, but it's a step forward for rural broadband rollouts and other situations where long-range, unlicensed wireless comes in handy.

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Source: FCC, Google

Farsighted? Creating Comic Books For The Blind

Blind Person Reading A Comic BookVisually impaired people can do just about anything sighted people can do these days. One of the things that has remained out of bounds for them has been the joy many of us find in reading comic books. Designer Phillipp Meyer took on the challenge to find a way to bring comics to blind. The first thing he discovered was that the whole idea of what a comic is needed to be rethought.

Sushi Tanks Ready to Wage War on Hunger

I love good sushi. Since I’m land-locked in the Midwest, it’s not exactly easy to get good fresh sushi-grade fish here, but there are definitely some places that fly it in daily at least. Still, I haven’t seen any sushi joint around here who serves it this way…

sushi tank 1

Yes, that’s a tank made of raw fish, rice and seaweed.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the business end of a slice of cucumber, would you? Though if the ammo is made from smoky salmon roe, I suppose I could handle it. Just don’t come at me with that shrimp turret – unless you want to see me go into anaphylactic shock.

sushi tank 2

These tank-shaped sushi plates were made by a Kurisakiya as a tribute to the anime Girls und PanzerWhy? Because in Japan, anything is possible!

sushi tanks

[via Kotaku via Archie McPhee]