Super Mario Stained Glass Ornaments 1up Any Space

Out of all of the power-ups in video game history, the mushrooms in the Super Mario Bros. series are among the most iconic. I always liked to think that they taste more like marshmallow fluff than mushrooms, but that’s just because that’s what the mushrooms in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory looked like they were made from when Mike Teavee’s mom takes a bite of one. If you’ve always loved the look of Mario’s mushrooms, then check out these fun stained glass ornaments.

Etsy seller Brian’s Cellar makes these Super Mario inspired stained glass pieces that look just like the Super Mushroom and 1up Mushrooms that pop out of question mark blocks in the Mushroom Kingdom. The red one makes you bigger and stronger, while the elusive green one gives you an extra life. Each one measures about 7″ tall and 7″ wide, which would make them perfectly proportioned if you decide to cosplay as Mario.

You can buy them individually for $27.50 each, or grab the set of two for $49.50. I think these would look great with a stained glass Fire Flower.

The Circle Smartwatch’s tilted body and minimalist design give it an aesthetic advantage

With an approach that strikes a fine balance between tech, sensibility, and sheer artistry, the Circle Watch is truly #smartwatchgoals. It’s beautiful to look at, has an edge-to-edge circular display, runs an incredibly clean UI, and comes with a body that looks unusual at first, and then makes a world of sense after.

The Circle Watch’s body sits on the watch-strap at an angle, leaning towards the user. Designed to make it easier to read the time without tilting your wrist too much, the Circle watch’s own inherent 15° tilt gives you a clear view of the watch’s always-on display at all times. This tilt also creates space for a button right behind the Circle’s body, allowing it to remain otherwise thin and minimalistic. The button hides from view (unlike in the Apple Watch, where the crown forms a significant part of the watch’s aesthetic), giving you a smartwatch that just feels clean and sophisticated, and focuses on the good stuff with a convenient, tilted UX and a boundless, edge-to-edge UI.

Designer: Jeong Kim (Weekend-Works)

Call of Duty League is moving to four-player teams next season

The 2020 Call of Duty League (CDL) season wrapped up over the weekend, with Dallas Empire claiming the title and $1.5 million in prize money. But one member of that championship squad could miss out next year. The league is moving from five-player te...

These dinosaur-inspired electric toothbrushes make brushing teeth a fun activity for kids!

Isn’t it always so difficult to get little children to do basic necessary stuff? Like getting them to eat food or brush their teeth? Adding a fun element to it always gets them going. And for ages, the mighty spoon has always been the airplane in the stories but what about the toothbrush? Where’s the fun in that? In fact where is the fun in toothbrushes for adults too?

Well, get ready to begin your day on a joyful note with this Brachiosaurus inspired ‘dinos’ collection of electric toothbrushes. A perfect complement to the spoon-airplane dynamic, this dino-toothbrush will instantly make your kid want to start brushing their teeth. The design itself is very friendly and attractive, taking it away from the rather bulky looking toothbrushes we see around. The smooth curves and slender profile mimicking the long-necked Brachiosaurus immediately creates within us an emotional connection with a very personal object that we use every day. And with those color options, everyone in the family can now have their own pet dinosaur.

The designers have also done a brilliant job of blending the electric components within the body, keeping the overall natural form intact. The lower half of the animal acts as a charging dock and this dino’s got a long tail too, in the form of the power cable. And much like Ototo’s Nessie, this guy can stand on its own legs, no need to hang these cute little dinos on the wall. My only ask is if the designers could make a smaller version for the kids so that we can have a little dino family chilling at our homes!

Designers: Byoung-ki Hwang, Jiho Hong, and Suin Lim




Apple’s App Store appeals process is now open for developers

As promised back at WWDC, Apple is now allowing developers to challenge App Store rules. Apps that are already on the App Store will no longer need to resolve guideline violations before Apple approves bug fixes -- unless those violations are related...