Read This Book — Writing Inventions: Identities, Technologies, Pedagogies

Writing Inventions: Identities, Technologies, PedagogiesAll too often, computers in the classroom are treated like typewriters or filing cabinets -- just a convenient place to type and store information. For teachers and students interested in creating better classrooms by engaging with technology in a deeper way, Writing Inventions: Identities, Technologies, Pedagogies by Scott Lloyd DeWitt is a must-read. In this book, Dewitt details why -- and how -- to use the web to transform learning.

Half TARDIS, Half Dalek Dress Is All Awesome

Can’t decide whether you want a TARDIS dress or a Dalek Dress? Why not have both? This neat dress mashes up both. It’s like the TARDIS collided with a Dalek and now they share the same space.
tardis dalek dressmagnify

This corset dress was designed by cosplayer Bewitched Raven and it is beautiful. It’s got a Dalek on one side and the TARDIS on the other side. The Doctor really should have fixed the de-materialization circuit. This is what can happen.

tardis dalek dress2

This dress has a ton of nice detail, like the single door handle on the TARDIS side, and the matching headpieces. It all comes together perfectly. Great job! How about a Cyberman mashed up with Dalek now? That would be awesome.

tardis dalek dress1magnify

[via Fashionably Geek | photos: CONography]

IRS: Don’t Call Us, Look It Up On IRS.Gov

As the Internal Revenue Service begins  processing an expected 148 million individual income tax returns for 2013, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen  is apologizing to taxpayers for the sorry...

Guy Plays Tekken Using an Electric Piano

If you have ever wanted to incorporate a musical instrument into games other than Rock Band, Rocksmith or Guitar Hero, this guy is your new best friend. Vimeo member Mc Cool is seen here in this video using a modded electric piano as a controller to play Tekken.
tekken 620x386magnify

In this game, you get to kick ass and create your own theme music at the same time. If Schwarzenegger and Stallone could do that, we would have some really strange action movie soundtracks. While you ponder that, check out the video below:

[via Geekologie]

Engadget Podcast 382 – 1.31.14

We're breaking it down to the bare essentials this week, with Terrence and Ben getting laser focused on the recent Lenovo / Motorola deal and Nintendo's state of financial affairs. With just those two topics on the table, every stone is upturned and ...
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Awesome Animal Handbags

Awesome Animal Handbags
Etsy artist Ben Tsang is selling a collection of some amazing Animal Handbags. He’s got totes, purses, and clothes featuring the faces of animals. Choose from different colored cats, various dog breeds, an owl, or a raccoon, if you’re mega weird. Personally, I’m really feline that cat purrrse. I basically need it right meow! Actually, [...]
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