Travel Accessories you definitely need on your next jet-setting adventure

I love traveling! And although I may not be able to do much of it during this pandemic (although travel is opening up slowly), that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about it or planning my next vacation in my head. My travel bucket list is brimming to the top with exotic holiday destinations. And, as any experienced traveler (not that I am one…YET) will tell you, having a set of handy and trusty travel accessories is essential! These are the nifty little products that can help you out in the most impromptu and sudden of situations, and you’ll never regret having packed them in your suitcase. So, we’ve curated a bunch of travel-friendly designs that we think you will absolutely need in your travel kit when you’re jet-setting across the globe next! From an ingenious suitcase that doubles up as a bedside table and lamp to a portable lamp that works perfectly everywhere – these handy products are sure to make your next vacation much more comfortable and easier.

1. Mitchell’s suitcase

A British designer came up with a concept suitcase that will make it easier for travelers to pack and unpack, especially if they have a tiny hotel room or Air BnB space. It’s carry-on luggage that can also function as a bedside table in case the room doesn’t have one.

Why is it noteworthy?

The product is designed so that you don’t have to unpack everything when you arrive and then repack them when it’s time to leave. It will be especially useful for cramped spaces and if you’re traveling from one place to another.

What we like

  • The suitcase/bedside table can also serve as a lamp
  • The storage is designed as drawers that will make it easier for you to access the items that you need at the moment

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

2. The Zendure Passport III

With a GaN semiconductor on the inside that gives the adapter a power output of 65W, the Zendure Passport III is compact, versatile, and can simultaneously charge 6 gadgets at the same time. Designed to work in 200 countries, the travel adapter can plug into virtually any socket across the globe, and comes with not 1, not 2, but 4 USB-C ports to fast-charge all your devices, along with a USB-A port as well as a traditional universal socket to plug gadgets and appliances in.

Why is it noteworthy?

Touted by Zendure as the most powerful travel adapter on the market today, the Passport III is possibly one of the only few travel adapters built on a Gallium Nitride internal architecture. Thanks to this very feature, the Passport III manages to have a power delivery capacity of a whopping 65W, and an ability to concurrently charge 6 gadgets together, while being about as compact as the adapter brick you get with most smartphones.

What we like

  • Designed to work in 200 countries
  • A GaN semiconductor on the inside

What we dislike

  • 65W may still be low if you charge 5 devices simultaneously!

3. The Lexon Nomaday biometric lock

Imagine being able to use TouchID on stuff apart from your phone. The Lexon Nomaday biometric lock lets you secure your backpack, room, locker, or even bicycle just by using your fingerprint.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Nomaday is a tiny yet impressive padlock that ditches the keys for something much more secure – biometrics. Designed to be as easy to operate as unlocking your phone is, the Lexon Nomaday comes with a small fingerprint reader that has a response time of just 0.5 seconds, unlocking faster than the time it would ordinarily take to even find your keys. The Nomaday can store up to 10 different fingerprints and comes with an LED indicator, giving multiple people keyless access to whatever’s behind the lock.

What we like

  • Tiny + compact form
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Uses biometrics to secure your belongings

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. The Cue

Smart wristwatches are found dime a dozen. But to everyone’s surprise, smart pocket watches are a thing and the smart version of these timepieces for the pocket has gained a foothold in the niche market. A charm for collectors, these intricate devices have always left me fascinated. No wonder, when I came across the Cue – a concept for a smart pocket watch – I couldn’t help but share the idea.

Why is it noteworthy?

Indian designer Rahul has conceived the idea of a feature-rich pocket watch every adventurer would want to have handy when venturing into the wild. Designed with features to allow travelers to navigate better, track their daily activities, and keep tabs on their health, the minimalistic yet powerful Cue can send out emergency SOS alerts and even remind the user of medication time when traveling.

What we like

  • Can be mounted to your bike or backpack or carried in your pocket for convenience
  • Can send out emergency SOS alerts and even remind the user of medication time when traveling

What we dislike

  • A seven-second long press opens the menu, while a long press of 15 seconds opens up the SOS slider

5. LEGO-inspired suitcase

LEGO Luggage Features

LEGO Luggage 2

Liam de la Bedoyere designed a suitcase that can be stacked like legos. It really looks like a lego brick, complete with a pair of tubes on one side and six studs. There is a handle on the right and another one on top.

Why is it noteworthy?

This concept luggage design is perfect for Lego fans and the child-at-heart. We won’t stop you from using it as storage for your lego brings, but it will be much cooler if used for travel. Imagine the stares you will be getting from the parents and the kids when you are at the airport.

What we like

  • Takes you back to your childhood!
  • Can be stacked like real LEGO bricks

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

6. The Conic

Designed primarily for use in outdoor activities; the Conic is a helpful extension of a flashlight, which should come in handy to light up the entire camp or make those two-handed tasks easier to carry out. It will be a great help thus while cooking or maybe when playing board games at the camp.

Why is it noteworthy?

The gap between outdoor flashlights and lanterns is narrowing with transformation in design. This inventive approach has given birth to a new domain i.e., an outdoor lamp, which double duties and makes sure you’re never found wanting while camping or traveling. Conic is an embodiment of such a design, which is a nice transition from the traditional, boring light sources you’ve been accustomed to packing in your backpack.

What we like

  • A far cry from the traditional flashlights
  • Portable
  • Multipurpose design – can be used indoors and outdoors

What we dislike

  • No complaints!


This portable device might be a literal lifesaver for those who stay at hotels and Airbnb frequently, exactly because it mashes three devices into one.

Why is it noteworthy?

At first glance, two of ILMA’s functions are immediately apparent. It’s a cylindrical lamp sitting on top of a tall circular base with what is obviously a camera right in the middle. Aside from the obvious signs of a recording device, ILMA’s shape and design are meant to be a calming presence in any environment. It runs on a battery that can be charged via a USB-C cable, so it’s actually a portable lamp that you can take with you on your journeys. In fact, ILMA doesn’t actually make sense unless you actually travel a lot and stay at unfamiliar lodging.

What we like

  • The camera serves the purpose of a typical indoor home security camera, except it’s portable
  • The box is made from 100% recyclable material

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

8. The Lulley Luggage

How about getting a piece of luggage that converts into a trolley in the blink of an eye? A dual utility product that intends to serve all the avid travelers during their trips, and sits confidentially in the hallway as an attractive trolley.

Why is it noteworthy?

After having a vacation, it would be great if the luggage could be converted into an attractive trolley to keep mementos, desk clock, family frames, or even books. That’s exactly what the Lulley luggage is about. It doubles as trolley storage for modern homes in the most enticing manner possible. According to the brainchild of the concept, the imagined product fills the usability gap by combining the function of a trolley with luggage. The idea is to make judicious use of a suitcase that’ll otherwise be out of sight when not needed. The frequency of use of luggage is very less, and it ends takes up space unnecessarily in your home.

What we like

  • Lulley takes advantage of the form factor similarity between luggage and trolley
  • Both the halves of the luggage attach to each other in an open configuration to create a dual-sided trolley to store more than you would have bargained for

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

9. The GreaterGoods Digital Luggage Scale

The GreaterGoods Digital Luggage Scale is a nifty little gadget that lets you weigh luggage up to 110 lbs. It features a sturdy nylon strap which allows it to easily get hooked around your baggage. It then accurately displays the weight on the screen – pounds or kilogram (depending upon your preference).

Why is it noteworthy?

The digital scale ensures you don’t encounter any nasty surprises at the airport! It enables you to be prepared in advance and lets you pack smartly and efficiently. Not to mention, its sleek and compact form, allows you to slip it into your suitcase once you’re done weighing it!

What we like:

  • Compact and portable form
  • Perfectly placed scale grips to ensure your bag doesn’t fall down

What we dislike

  • Only weighs up to 110lbs

10. The CLIPIT 2.0

The CLIPIT 2.0 is a simple clip-shaped device that functions as a uniquely versatile multitool. It works as a hands-free device, letting you magnetically or elastically suspend items to it, and at its very base, its clip-shaped design lets it mount itself anywhere.

Why is it noteworthy?

Designed to be minimal in form yet maximal in function, the CLIPIT 2.0 is a clip-shaped device that can hold onto a range of objects. The clip itself can be attached anywhere, from your pocket lining to your backpack strap, and it comes with an elastic band that lets you tuck a range of devices into it, from sunglasses to stationery, and tech accessories to other EDC gadgets.

What we like

  • The elastic band comes with a non-slip pattern for added friction, so items that are tucked in don’t slip out
  • 2 CLIPITs give you the ability to carry more than one bag on your shoulders without having the straps rub against each other or slide off

What we dislike

  • The add-on accessories have to be purchased separately

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison joined call about contesting Trump’s election loss

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was involved in a call where a number of influential GOP figures—including Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow — brainstormed ways to contest the 2020 presidential election, reported the Washington Post. Details of the call which occurred on November 14, 2020 were revealed in new court filings from a lawsuit brought by voting rights organization Fair Fight against True The Vote, a conservative Texas vote monitoring organization that disputes the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“Jim was on a call this evening with Jay Sekulow, Lindsey O. Graham, Sean Hannity, and Larry Ellison,” True the Vote’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, wrote to a donor, according to court filings reviewed by the Post. “He explained the work we were doing and they asked for a preliminary report asap, to be used to rally their troops internally, so that’s what I’m working on now.”

Ellison is a high-profile GOP donor and has hosted fundraisers for former president Donald Trump. He has seemingly never expressed doubts about the 2020 election results publicly. While the CEO has donated to both parties over the years as the Palm Desert Sunpoints out, he’s poured a substantial amount of money into the GOP and conservative causes since the 2020 election. His $15 million donation in February to a super PAC associated with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is one of the largest of the 2022 election cycle so far.

Ellison's proximity to Trump has led to concerns that Oracle may have had an unfair advantage in competing for federal contracts during the former administration. Oracle nabbed a lucrative contract in 2020 to aid the Department of Health and Human Services to collect data on doctors who treat COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug embraced by Trump. It is also nearing a deal with TikTok to store their US data, which Trump approved in 2020.

Gaming audio controller for Xbox with better noise cancellation + gaming modes

If you’ve been looking for a superior gaming audio controller for in-game advantage, then look no further than Turtle Beach’s gaming accessory. It has a better design and features than the official Microsoft offering which makes it a better option.

Microsoft Stereo Adapter for Xbox controller lets you connect gaming headsets (or any other normal headset/earbuds) providing different levels of volume and the level of in-game volume. It also has the party chat volume along with the mute button. However, it lacks two important features for tactical gaming – microphone monitoring and microphone canceling.

Designer: Colin Jackson and Ink Studios

This problem comes to light when you’re in a game room and other players can hear the external noise like TV playing in the background or the irritating thud of a jackhammer at the nearby construction site. This Turtle Beach Gaming Audio Controller solves them both and brings more features for gamers that they’ll relish. The Gaming Audio Controller gets three different levels of background audio canceling. The first one is pretty much the same as the Microsoft adapter, and is of not much use. The second one cuts out most of the background noises and only picks up high-pitched sounds like a train horn or an alarm. The last one is the most powerful at canceling out unwanted background audio clutter, as it cuts out 95% noise.

Other than this the audio controller has different game mode settings for audio signature – Extra Bass, Extra Treble, or both. The standout feature of this adapter is the Super Human Hearing mode which provides greater accuracy in battle royale games. So, you can rest assured of hearing even the faintest of footsteps in the nearby building to ascertain the direction of the enemy’s approach. Overall, the gaming accessory has a much better audio response and microphone clarity than Microsoft’s adapter.

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The Aeolus Headphone’s dual headband design lets it rest more comfortably on your head

With an innovatively designed winged headband that promises better comfort (without spoiling your hairstyle too), the Aeolus Headphones are one of the most unusual we’ve seen. Most headphones opt for one of two headband styles – one with a direct band that rests on your head, and heavier headphones that opt for a ‘reverse hammock’ style leather or fabric headband that’s supported by a metal spine above it. The Aeolus design is a hybrid between the two, with an external headband that runs from left to right, as well as two winged bands that actually rest against your head, creating a flexible cushion that feels comfortable even for longer hours.

Designers: Chui Pak Ho Tony & Tsang Xian Ting Jonathan

“Aeolus is intricately designed to convey a sense of elegance and prestige which challenges the common misconception that aesthetics and audio performance cannot coexist”, say designers Tony Chui and Jonathan Tsang. The headphone’s re-engineered wing system self-adjusts and conforms to the contours of a user’s head effortlessly, equally enhancing form and functionality. The way the two headbands cross over, in an X format, gives the Aeolus a sense of dynamism that sets it apart from anything else you’ve probably seen.

The outer headband also blends seamlessly into the audio units by wrapping around them in a way that guides the eyes. The cans themselves sport a sem-open-back design, allowing for a clearer, less muffled sound that’s generated by the Aeolus’ 40mm aluminum-magnesium drivers.

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Hyundai’s first all-EV factory in the US will be in Georgia

Hyundai is betting big on American electric vehicle sales. The automaker has struck a deal with Georgia to build its first dedicated EV factory in the US. The 2,923-acre plant near Savannah will make cars and batteries when production is projected to start in the first half of 2025. Construction starts in early 2023. The company expects to manufacture 300,000 EVs per year at the facility, covering a "wide range" of models.

Multiple factors led to the location choice. Hyundai pointed to "favorable business conditions" that included speedy market access, a large talent pool and an existing network that includes Kia's main manufacturing hub as well as suppliers. Unnamed incentives play a part, according to Savannah Morning News. However, it's also a prime spot for transportation. The factory is less than 31 miles from Savannah's port, which is the largest container stopover in the US and has two railway facilities at its disposal. Add the proximity of two major highways (the I-95 and I-16) and it will be easy for Hyundai to receive supplies and ship finished EVs.

Not surprisingly, both Georgia and Hyundai are touting economic benefits. They estimate the investment to be worth $5.54 billion, with Governor Brian Kemp claiming it will be the "largest project" in state history. Hyundai further claimed the plant would create 8,100 jobs, although it's not clear how many of those are full-time, permanent roles.

The annual production level won't be quite as strong as Hyundai's conventional manufacturing output. The company's Montgomery, Alabama plant can make up to 399,500 vehicles per year. This represents a major commitment to EVs, however, and suggests Hyundai is racing to compete with Tesla, Rivian, Volkswagen and other brands expanding their electric car production in the country.

Acer Aspire Vero laptops made from recycled plastic, ready for a more sustainable planet

Aspire Vero 14 Features

Acer continues to be a leader in the laptop market. It is the preferred brand not only for education but also for gaming. Of course, that can be argued, but when it comes to tech, we welcome any company as long a product delivers a great performance as needed.

Acer has just introduced a slew of new products from the Vero Series. The eco-conscious product portfolio includes two new Aspire Vero notebooks, the Veriton Vero all-in-one (AIO) desktop, new Vero monitors, a new Vero mouse and keyboard, and a Vero PD2325W projector. All of these products make use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, as well as recyclable packaging.

Designer: Acer

Aspire Vero 15 Laptop

Aspire Vero 14 Laptop

We’ll focus on the two Aspire Vero laptops as these have been sustainably designed. They both run on the 12th Gen Intel Core processors and come with 14- and 15-inch Full HD displays. The Aspire Vero notebooks result from the brand’s commitment to making a more sustainable future. The “green” computers are made from recycled plastic, starting with the chassis. The latter uses 30% PCR plastic, saving some 21% in CO2 emissions. It’s also paint-free to lower the negative impact of VOCs.

The Aspire Vero notebooks are also easy to disassemble, which makes them ideal for upgrades, repairs, and even recycling. This series was actually given a few recognitions and awards. It was recognized at the Good Design Award 2021 and was a Reddot Winner for Packaging Design in 2021. It boasts an EPEAT Silver registration, so we know the products are really environment-friendly, and the claims are not just for marketing purposes.

Aspire Vero 15 Laptop Materials

On the base panel, you will see there is a Post Consumer Recycled logo to show the laptop is manufactured using post-consumer resins. Those PCR plastics are more sustainable, eco-frirendly, and can help reduce landfill waste. The bottom and top cover of the laptop, plus the operating surface and the screen bezel, are all made of 30% PCR materials. Even the keycaps (keyboards) use 50% PCR, so the laptop is really “green.”

Acer is all about reducing waste and adapting to the needs of the planets. The laptops can be easily upgraded as you can quickly take them apart, thanks to the use of standard screws. Acer has implemented the VeroSense smart battery management app for further energy efficiency.

Aspire Vero 14 Specs

Acer describes the new laptops as “Green but Mean” as the latest Intel processors power them. The Aspire Vero (AV14-51) uses 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Iris Xe graphics. It comes equipped with WiFi 6, a couple of USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, and a Thunderbolt 4/USB Type-C port. In addition, it comes with a 14-inch Full HD display ideal for work, school, or entertainment.

Acer Aspire Vero 15 Specs

The Aspire Vero (AV15-52) has a more prominent 15-inch Full HD display. It also runs on 12th Gen Intel Core processors and features the same USB 3.2 Type-A Gen1 ports and Thunderbolt 4/USB Type-C port. Like the 14-inch version, you can charge mobile devices even when the Vera notebook is turned off. The 15-inch laptop comes in Cobblestone Grey and Starry Black while the other laptop is also ready in Cobblestone Grey and Mariana Blue.

Acer Aspire Vero 15 Features

Both notebook computers even feature a Full HD camera to allow premium quality video-conferencing. This makes collaborating and connecting more enjoyable as you can see people more clearly than ever. Furthermore, to continue with the eco-friendly theme, both Aspire Vero laptops use OceanGlass trackpads. These are also “green” innovations from ocean-bound plastic.

Acer worked closely with Intel to ensure the computers met the requirements to be considered Intel Evo laptops. They meet Intel’s hardware specifications that allow improved battery life, responsiveness, fast charging, intelligent collaboration, and instant wake. We can expect a powerful performance from these two laptops, whether for work, school, business, or entertainment.

Acer Aspire Vero Laptop Series

Now let’s talk about pricing when the two laptops drop in September in the US. The Acer Aspire Vero (AV14-51) will be $749.99. However, it will come earlier in the EMEA and China this August for EUR 899 and RMB 4,999, respectively.

Availability of the Acer Aspire Vero (AV15-52) in the said regions and countries will be the same. It will be $749.99 in the US and EUR 999 and RMB 4,999 in EMEA and China beginning in August. The two Acer Aspire Vero laptops will continue the Taiwanese tech giant’s sustainable efforts, and we believe they won’t be the last.

Acer Aspire Vero Notebook

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The FCC has a plan to boost rural broadband download speeds to 100 Mbps

The Federal Communications Commission is aiming to boost rural broadband internet speeds through proposed changes to the Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) program. The target is to improve minimum download and upload speeds to 100/20 Mbps in areas served by carriers that receive A-CAM support. The current baseline is 25/3 Mbps.

The A-CAM Broadband Coalition proposed the creation of an Enhanced A-CAM program. The goal is to improve broadband speeds to the levels specified in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (also known as the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) while avoiding the duplication of efforts across various federal programs.

The notice of proposed rulemaking, which commissioners approved, seeks comment on how the FCC could bolster A-CAM support under an enhanced program and whether the current A-CAM framework even still makes sense. It's also seeking comment on how to align the Enhanced A-CAM program with Congressional goals and programs at other agencies.

"With additional funding and an expansion of the length of time under which electing carriers would receive support, these carriers would increase deployment speeds up to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload in some of the most challenging and expensive areas to serve in the country," Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said in a statement. "[Some] consumers served by A-CAM carriers could see a four-fold, 10-fold or even 20-fold increase in their speeds."

Last week, using funding allocated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Biden administration launched a $45 billion project to bring all Americans online by 2030 and eliminate the digital divide. Officials have also teamed up with internet providers to subsidize the cost of broadband for low-income households.

Amazon’s upcoming tablets will include a more modern Fire OS 8

Amazon’s new Fire 7 tablets — due to arrive this summer — will be equipped with improved software. According to a report on AFTV News. tablets will come with Fire OS 8, an entirely new version of the Fire operating system that is based on Android 11. Given that Google no longer releases security patches or updates for Android 9, this will be welcome news for Fire tablet owners.

As Liliputing points out, most of what Fire OS 8 changes bring to the table seem to be under-the-hood security updates. But users can expect a new system-wide dark mode, which might make browsing your tablet late at night a bit easier on the eyes. The new OS will also support HEIF or (High Efficiency Image File) format images, an update to JPEGs that most Apple and Android smartphones have supported since 2018. 

Fire apps will also now be able access your device’s location while running in the background, but you'll need to give permission first. The update also includes a new set of privacy controls, including one-time permissions on location tracking. For a more nuanced breakdown of what to expect in Fire OS 8, check out Amazon’s updated developer guide.

Watch the first eight minutes of ‘Stranger Things’ season 4

Netflix is trying to build up hype for Stranger Things season 4 in a not-so-subtle way: by letting you watch a significant chunk of it. The service has shared the first eight minutes of the introductory episode in hopes you'll tune in for the rest. We won't spoil the finer points, but we will say that it's mostly a flashback that sets the stage for what's to come.

It's also clear just why the fourth season is split in two — some episodes are exceptionally long. Volume 1, premiering May 27th, includes seven episodes that are conventionally-sized apart from the last, which runs for an hour and 38 minutes. Volume 2, arriving July 1st, is another matter. It consists of just two lengthy episodes, with the last running for nearly two and a half hours. You're effectively watching a feature film.

There are reasons for the long runtime. The Duffer Brothers previously said they'd planned to finish the story in four or five seasons, and this fourth run is the start of that climax. The story is also far-reaching, with scenes in Hawkins, California, Russia and "elsewhere." It's a busy plot, and the creators are apparently determined to tie up every loose end.

Elisa Uberti’s ceramic handcrafted lamps are beautiful pieces of art

Elisa Uberti Édifice Horizon Cocon

Elisa Uberti is an artist known for her ceramic works. This ceramist knows art and design, which is very evident in her products.

Uberti has released a vast collection of stoneware lamps. Every item is handcrafted, so that makes every piece special. The lamps don’t really light up the whole room but provide just enough illumination for objects on your table or the surroundings. The designer has a passion for timeless objects and refined subjects, so she maintains the art of handcraft.

Designer: Elisa Uberti

Elisa Uberti Cocon # 6

Elisa Uberti Arche # 3 A

The designer’s stoneware lamps are stunning with their curves and shapes that are products of spontaneous gestures. Such are balanced with technical constraints so you can see the creativity of the lamps. The beauty of ceramics is something that has attracted people since the beginning of civilization. It’s not a lost art, but artists and creatives must consciously keep the craft. This craftsmanship is there to stay, but there is a call to keep the art alive.

Elisa Uberti Edifice # 41

Elisa Uberti

In this day and age, when 3D printing is becoming more common and more affordable, handcrafted items may soon become rare. But, of course, those of us in the design world will not let that happen. That is why we support the efforts of artists like Elisa Uberti.

Elisa Uberti’s primary material is stoneware. It’s her favorite, enabling her to design and create unique lamps and sculptures. Without light, her lamps can stand alone as interesting sculptures that can drive conversations.

Elisa Uberti Horizon 4 Sidelamp

All the shapes and curves are comforting as they respond to manual gestures. Every lamp is unique and appears a challenge to recreate. Her inspirations vary from nature to space to architecture and even nomadism. Uberti’s art speaks poetry. Every piece is based on organic and multiple inspirations, so you can see the lamps appear natural and really handmade.

Here are some samples of Elisa Uberti’s art. She has designed dozens of ceramic lamps already. We hope more artists will be inspired by her passion, skills, and advocacies. She blends design and art in every work. It’s pronounced in her work that modernity and tradition can co-exist. As long as you have a constant drive for art, creativity, and life.

Elisa Uberti Edifice # 43

The artist refers to emotional shapes, including architecture, caves, refuges, and mini shelters. They can also be “protective dwellings for microorganisms”. Let’s take a look at some of her creations.

Elisa Uberti Baume 1

This is Baume #1. It is a handmade minimalistic white stoneware product that stands 50cm. The ceramist has described that she made it by hand with coiling techniques in her workshop in Roubaix, France. It’s created without using templates or molds and then baked in a ceramic oven. The res of her ceramic lamps are handcrafted and made with the same material and process. Some lamps have been painted though, to add more life and fun to the collection.

Elisa Uberti Edifice # 36

Elisa Uberti Arche # 3

Elisa Uberti Ceramics

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