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Alien Xenomorph Trick-or-Treat Bucket: Now Gimme Some Candy!

Halloween isn’t far off, so it doesn’t hurt to start shopping now before all of the good stuff is sold out. While your kids might already have ideas for costumes, I bet their trick-or-treat pumpkins aren’t being given the slightest thought. Give your kid the coolest candy collector ever with this awesome Alien xenomorph candy bucket from Super7.

While the SuperBuckets Alien Xenomorph would be most at home with a Ripley costume, it’s pretty awesome all on its own, as its creepy alien head and pearly choppers will scare your neighbors into tossing some extra candy into the bucket just to get you off their porch quicker. And I’m not talking about the crummy stuff like Necco wafers, raisins, or those butterscotch hard candies your granny tried to pawn off on you. This scary buckethead will be filled with the good stuff like Tootsie Pops, Reeses, Twix, and Snickers. It’s available from Entertainment Earth for $19.99.

The TL Micro and Klip are like the Batman and Robin of the EDC world

Powerful as individuals with their unique skill sets, and practically invincible when brought together, the Klip EDC Knife and the TL Micro EDC Torch make a perfect duo. Perfectly capable in their own right, they combine to help you see, and then conquer. The Klip captured our hearts earlier this year with its compact design, titanium build, and versatile tanto-style blade. After its wildly successful run on Kickstarter, Klip is making its comeback with a sidekick of its own… the TL Micro flashlight.

Just 54mm long, and 25mm wide, the TL Micro puts a powerful 280 lumen torchlight into the form factor of a key-fob. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can run for as long as 17 hours on the torch’s low-brightness setting, the TL Micro comes with three brightness settings (the highest being more than 5 times brighter than your phone’s flashlight). Perhaps the brightest torch for its size, the TL Micro is powered by a LED made by Nichia, the world’s largest LED supplier, and is housed in a military-grade aluminum casing that’s durable enough to withstand being run over by a car (Dapper truly sticks to its Go Hard Or Go Home ethos). Rechargeable via MicroUSB, the TL Micro comes with a single capacitive-touch button that allows you to tap to trigger the light as well as swipe to toggle through its three brightness settings.

The TL Micro is aided by the Klip, a pocket knife we’ve spoken about in length before. With a 66 millimeter pocket-clip-shaped body and a foldable tanto-style blade, the Klip pocket knife is capable as well as compact. In short, it’s there when you need it, and practically invisible when you don’t. The Klip conveniently clips to pockets, and thanks to its hollow hinge, can easily transform into a keychain by slipping a keyring in. Designed to pair with the TL Micro, the Klip comes in a black 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum body with a super-sharp 440C steel blade. Together with the TL Micro, you’ve got two of the most common utilities you need in your EDC arsenal. Practical and portable, the Klip pocket knife and TL Micro flashlight are literal must-haves for your outdoor (as well as indoor) adventures.

Designer: Dapper Design

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TouchLight Micro & Klip Black

Introducing TL MICRO

TL MICRO (TouchLight Micro) is an ultra-compact rechargeable LED Flashlight featuring a Touch-sensor, Micro-USB port, and ultra-bright Nichia LED emitter. With four lighting modes and a blinding 280 maximum lumen output, this isn’t your typical micro flashlight.

TL MICRO’s rectangular form is designed to be unobtrusive in the pocket and smooth to retrieve.

Touch Sensor

TL MICRO features touch-activation which makes going through modes as easy as a light touch or swipe.

Powering On. Simply touch, tap, or swipe the sensor to activate the flashlight and blue mood-light feature. From the blue mood-light (or from the OFF position; you do not need to go into blue mode first) press and hold for mode 1 and then simply swipe or tap again to cycle through the other modes…

You can then turn off the flashlight from any mode with a short press and hold.

Locking Out. To prevent accidental activation, press and hold down for 3 seconds, light will blink 3 times to confirm. To unlock, press and hold for 3 seconds.

TL MICRO’s 36-meter range allows you to see many times farther and wider than a smartphone light, with a comfortable grip that better protects your safety.

– Blue mood-light: 50 hours
– Moonlight: 3 lumens 17 hours
– Medium: 50 lumens 1 hour 50 mins
– High: 280 lumens 48 mins
– Standby: 3378 hours
– Recharge: 50 mins (250mAh Lithium-ion battery)
– Lock-out mode


TL MICRO is built with a nearly indestructible body that can take a beating. They are so confident they gave their prototype a crush test to prove it. This 4,000 lb Toyota 4Runner was no match for TL MICRO’s durable housing.


TL MICRO’s powerful illumination is provided by a NICHIA 219C 4000K CRI 90+ LED. It packs a 280 lumen punch of HIGH CRI (92-95) light into your pocket.

Who is Nichia?

Nichia is a Japanese company and the world’s largest supplier of LEDs. It designs, manufactures, and markets LEDs for display, LCD backlighting, automotive and general lighting applications with the many different LEDs across the entire visible spectrum. By using a quality brand-name emitter, you can rest assure that TL MICRO is built to last.

An illustration of CRI. Image: LUX Technology Group

What is CRI?

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light. The measurement is based from 0 to 100 – with 100 being all the colors found in sunlight. TL MICRO features HIGH CRI because we want to make sure whatever you’re trying to light, you will be able to see the colors pop, textures stand-out, and finishes with depth and luster.

Who is it For

TL MICRO is literally for anyone who has ever used their mobile phone as a flashlight. Sure, your phone fulfills basic lighting tasks, but the goal of TL MICRO is to give you a high-quality, dedicated tool that is right for the job. If you have ever been in a situation where you need a flashlight AND to use both of your hands; holding a TL MICRO in your mouth for those emergency “headlamp” situations sure beats trying to bite down on your mobile phone!

Below: Dimensions & Specifications

– Length: 54mm / 2.12″
– Width: 25mm / 0.98″
– Thickness: 9mm / 0.35″
– Weight: 24 grams / 0.84 ounces

TL MICRO is splash and dust-proof but not fully submersible underwater.

Design and Prototypes

There are a lot of cylindrical-shaped flashlights out there. But they didn’t want to make just another flashlight that looked and operated like everything else on the market; they wanted to challenge themselves and their engineers by going with a rectangular battery; kind of like the ones you’ve seen in cell phones. From there, they incorporated the smallest capacitive touch-sensor that they can find.

Introducing KLIP Black

KLIP is an everyday-carry suspension key hook with built-in precision blade. KLIP Black is an aluminum version of their titanium KLIP. Titanium may not be everyone’s preferred material or color and for this reason they created a lighter, longer, and more affordable version in a sleek black aircraft-grade aluminum.

Precision Blade

Never a ‘dull’ moment with KLIP by your side. Use the built-in knife for almost any cutting task that you’d use a conventional pocket knife to do. Open letters, packages, remove staples, or defend yourself in an emergency.

Below: Dimensions & Specifications

– Opened: 93mm / 3.66″
– Closed: 66mm / 2.59″
– Blade: 27mm / 1.06″
– Height: 16.25mm / 0.63″
– Thickness: 8.15mm / 0.32″
– Weight: 13.5 grams / 0.47 ounces

Keep KLIP in your pocket at all times to quickly respond to practically any cutting task. For everyday carry situations, KLIP is simply a crucial component of being prepared.

– Black 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
– Ultra-strong and lightweight
– Smooth spring-loaded detent ball mechanism
– Satisfying “click” on blade open/close
– Super-sharp 440C steel blade
– Adjustable pivot screw

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