Facebook says glitch led to rude translation of Chinese leader’s name

Facebook is learning first-hand about the limitations of modern translation technology. The social media firm has apologized after people discovered that that translating Chinese President Xi Jinping's name from Burmese to English led to him being c...

Xtension Gameplay Arcade Cabinets Are Perfect for Raspberry Pi Systems

I love playing classic arcade games. In fact, I love them so much, I spent several thousand dollars having a custom-built arcade cabinet put together. But you don’t have to spend nearly that much to have a professional looking cabinet these days, thanks to folks like Rec Room Masters and systems like their Xtension Gameplay cabinets.

The cabinets come in kit form, and make it easy for you to put together a great looking, full-size arcade system that won’t break the bank. The base 24″ system starts at $499.99, while the 32″ version starts at $749.99. They come with two-player Suizo-Happ arcade controls and everything you need to build a system – other than the computer, the display, and speakers. Thanks to bargain priced monitors and Raspberry Pi systems, you can add those things for under $250, and complete your arcade system for less than $1000. Rec Room Masters provides instructions not just for building the cabinet kit, but for adding on and setting up a Raspberry Pi arcade system.

If you want to splurge, they also offer an upgraded cabinet called the “Emulator Edition” which adds a real arcade trackball, and 10 buttons for controlling on-screen menus.

Rec Room Masters makes a number of other arcade cabinet designs, including cocktail style, sit-down, and virtual pinball machines. For more information on these and other arcade cabinets, head on over to their website.

23 architecture-inspired colours use lamps as a medium to help designers design the future

Spanish brand Vibia collaborated with Note Design Studio to create the Chromatica Musa lamp collection. Musa was created by Note Design Studio after experimenting with several paper models that finally gave birth to its unique lighting and organic form. Vibia then elevated the lamp with Chromatica – a visual tool that takes in 23 curated colors chosen for their suitability in today’s architectural and design landscape.

The lamp has a minimal and elegant design that shows the small hand-blown opal glass sphere being cradled by the aluminum dish which also illuminates the light in its own delicate way. Originally designed as a table lamp, there is also a portable model with its own battery lending it complete autonomy. Note Design Studio created a whole wall of Musa lamps which was nothing less than an art installation.

Vibia’s Chromatica color scale was influenced by the harmony among architectural building materials and how the perfect symphony of these elements creates spaces that leave an impact. The color scale ranges from vivid accents to tonal base colors and measured middle strength hues, it was created to be a spectrum of visual triggers for future environments.

Chromatica merges the best of inspiration and tactile material experience. Using the highly curated 23 colours and their segregated pallets, the tool creates a visual mind-map of lamps for the designers to follow, interact and experiment with to yield bold results that will help them redefine existing boundaries. Every designer or architect will agree that the perfect mix of color, light, and material is the formula to make a space timeless and original. The Chromatica is a tool that marries inspiration to materials, it reflects the visual ambition of today’s architects to make iconic impressions while the Musa lamp is the ideal subject to use it on – minimal and modern, the future of space design.

Designer: Vibia and Note Design Studio

MacBook USB-C Hub : Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, Mini DP, USB 3.1 and more

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaigns the DGRule MacBook USB-C hub has raised over $600,000 thanks to over 7,000 backers. If you missed the crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo you will be pleased to know that it is still available with pledges available from $99 or £76. Worldwide shipping for the Thunderbolt 3 hub […]

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Behringer clones more well-known synths from Moog and Roland

Behringer isn't about to slow down in its effort to clone classic synths. The company has introduced two more not-so-subtle modernizations, headlined by the System 55 Modular Synthesizer (above). The Eurorack-friendly design includes more than 20 r...

Winston protects your families online privacy, home network and all devices

       In today’s digital world of hyper-connected smart technology, every online move is being tracked, mined, and sold by technology companies, advertisers, data brokers, and even governments. If you would like to protect your family and entire home network from third-party snooping just a couple of minutes, you may be interested in the Winston Privacy […]

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