How something as mundane as a roll of tape became groundbreakingly useful

Oscar Lhermitte’s TAPE wasn’t designed to be a material that sticks together box-flaps, or wrapping paper. It was designed to be a template, a canvas for information one keeps needing to refer to while working. Lhermitte’s stroke of creativity combined the roll of tape with the humble Post-It, creating perhaps one of the most useful tapes ever, apart from the magnetic tape and duct tape.

The TAPE treats the entire roll of sticky film as a canvas for useful information. Made from vinyl, the TAPE comes with loads of useful diagrams, like paper sizes, Hex-bolt sizes, font sizes, drill-bit diameters, and even a working scale and protractor. You wouldn’t normally want to ‘waste’ this tape by using it to stick cardboard boxes together, but Lhermitte designed the tape’s adhesive to be strong enough for packaging. In my opinion, the tape’s better suited for sticking on your workbench, on the front of your notepad, or even your laptop.

TAPE was created by Lhermitte as a part of his Quickstarter challenge, which involved putting together a brief and designing and developing a product in a mere 3 months in order to help boost creativity. So far, the TAPE’s set the bar pretty high!

Designer: Oscar Lhermitte

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Microsoft Announces $20,000 Xbox Live Bounty to Identify Bugs

Xbox Live Bounty

If you are good at identifying bugs and security threats in programs, here is a challenge for you. Microsoft is willing to pay a bounty of $20,000 to security researchers who can identify flaws in Xbox Live Networks and services. Most importantly, these flaws should be reproduced in the latest and fully patched version. If you can prove that the flaw you identified can be replicated on the latest version of the Xbox Live platform, you can rest assured that you’ll take home a cool $20,000 Xbox Live bounty. 

Microsoft’s Xbox Live bounty is not easy to win

However, the bounties will only be paid at Microsoft’s own discretion. The vulnerability you discover needs to be severe enough, and the submission you make must impress Microsoft’s team. There are also some important terms and conditions that you will need to comply with. The bounty amount depends on how critical a flaw really is. It can range from as low as $500 to as high as $20,000. 

To make sure you win the bounty, here is what you need to do:

  • Ensure that you have the skills to identify critical flaws and security threats in Xbox Live.
  • Identify flaws that are critical and make sure that you comply with the terms and conditions
  • Write a high-quality report which allows Microsoft’s engineers to quickly address the issue in hand
  • You can provide information in the form of a video, a write-up, or a description of the bug. Ideally, your submission should include all these features.
  • Make sure to include a proof of concept as well

Microsoft will not compensate for your time or attempts

While Xbox Live bounty seems like an easy way of making money if you know how to identify bugs, it is not so straight forward. You will probably need to spend hours decoding various programs and testing vulnerabilities before you hit the jackpot. In addition, Microsoft will not provide you with a free console or an Xbox Live subscription just for attempting to discover risks. Make sure that you have enough spare time to invest in something that may not fetch you reward ultimately. 

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