Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Sequel In Development At Ubisoft Toronto

Since the behemoth franchise went annualized, whenever a new stabby parkour conspiracy theory game is announced, it feels less  than industry-shaking. But AC4: Black Flag aside, less common is hearing about the game after the one that’s not out yet. But with these things taking years and years to make, you’d better believe they’re working on the next one. And by they I mean Jade Raymond’s Ubisoft Toronto studio.


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Tunable app shows musicians what pitch-perfect means as they play (video)

Tunable for Android and iOS shows musicians what it takes to be pitchperfect video

Musicians who've had some degree of practice will know the lack of sophistication involved in getting an instrument in tune and on time: a light-up tuning box and a swinging metronome may be their only real resources. Affinity Blue knows that mobile apps allow better, and recently unveiled Tunable as a one-stop shop for more exacting performers. The Android and iOS release provides a live graph that shows where the sweet spot is for pitch, and how closely the music has followed along for the past few seconds -- a boon for brass players, vocalists and others who need to sustain a note for more than a moment. There's also a simple tone generator and a customizable metronome that's easily seen from a distance. While it's $1 to try Tunable, that might be a pittance for anyone who'd rather spend time mastering a riff than rehashing the basics.

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Source: Affinity Blue

Switched On: Higher stakes, higher ground for crowdfunding, part 2

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

DNP Switched On Higher stakes, higher ground for crowdfunding, part 2

Last week's Switched On discussed the issues around crowdfunding liability, offering examples of some recent tech projects that delivered late or inconsistently, and explaining the justification for sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo denying accountability. Given this, there are a few options in how consumers choose to engage with crowdfunding sites.

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Gundam Tempura: Deep-Fried Mecha

You know, they say everything tastes better deep-fried, and I have to agree. My wife an I always talk about how you could fry up some old shoe leather, and it would taste good. I wonder how a fried Gundam would taste. Guess I don’t have to wonder anymore…

tempura gundam

Now I’m in the mood for tempura. Thanks a lot, Lazorz.

Cowon D20 launches in Japan, keeps MP3 players alive 90 hours at a time

Cowon D20 launches in Japan, keeps MP3 players alive 90 hours at a time

There's no denying it: the MP3 player market is in free fall, and competitors often have to either go big or go home if they want to justify their work over the many smartphone alternatives. Cowon is still kicking, and the extreme battery life of its new D20 player may be a good explanation as to why. Along with 13 hours of video, it can play 90 hours of music on a charge -- enough that the tunes could blast non-stop through a long weekend. Not that the player will otherwise rock the boat, as it's still carrying a 2.5-inch, 320 x 240 resistive touchscreen, 8GB to 32GB of built-in storage, an SD card slot and Cowon's familiar (if hyper-stylized) interface. The company is partly counting on a low cost to get its foot in the door. Following a tease earlier this month in Russia, the D20 is launching in Japan at prices between ¥11,800 ($125) and ¥16,800 ($178) -- not a bad deal, so long as endurance rules your world.

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Source: Cowon

TMNT Keychain Speakers: Cowabunga!

Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, here’s another thing to add to that never-ending collection of turtle toys. It’s an official TMNT keychain speaker from Sakar.

tmnt speaker 1

Pictured above is Leonardo, but as you know, ninja turtles always travel in fours, and you can also get Raphael, Donatello or Michelangelo speakers too. Though from the looks of the pictures here, the versions with the keychains are the final production speakers, while the brighter green ones were the earlier prototype designs.

tmnt speakers 2b

You can find the TMNT speakers over at Toys R’ Us for $14.99 (USD) each.

[via Nerd Reactor]

A Coffee Table for Cats

If you’ve got a cat, you know they like to get into places they shouldn’t, and if your anipal is anything like our cat, Mr. Lucky, he wants to be where the people are all the time. Well if you’re sick of kitty stepping all over the top of your coffee table, but want to give him or her a place to hang out nearby, here’s a solution for you.

cat coffee table

This clever coffee table incorporates a stretchy and soft woven cat hammock underneath, so kitty can rest comfortably under your feet, without being under foot.

This table was designed a couple of years ago by Koichi Futatsumata for Case-Real, and it can be ordered from E&Y for the rather princely sum of ¥199,000 (~$2118 USD). For those of us who don’t feel like spending two grand on our cats, you can always just buy them a Cat Crib.

[via Neatorama on Facebook]

IBM Roadrunner retires from the supercomputer race

IBM Roadrunner retires from the supercomputer race

For all the money and effort poured into supercomputers, their lifespans can be brutally short. See IBM's Roadrunner as a textbook example: the 116,640-core cluster was smashing records just five years ago, and yet it's already considered so behind the times that Los Alamos National Laboratory is taking it out of action today. Don't mourn too much for the one-time legend, however. The blend of Opteron and Cell processors proved instrumental to understanding energy flow in weapons while also advancing the studies of HIV, nanowires and the known universe. Roadrunner should even be useful in its last gasps, as researchers will have a month to experiment with the system's data routing and OS memory compression before it's dismantled in earnest. It's true that the supercomputer has been eclipsed by cheaper, faster or greener competitors, including its reborn Cray arch-nemesis -- but there's no question that we'll have learned from Roadrunner's brief moment in the spotlight.

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Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory

G.I. Joe Action Sunglasses Mint on Card: Seeing is Half the Battle

I don’t wear sunglasses, but I would if they came mint on action figure cards like these G.I. Joe sunglasses. All fashion accessories should come on geeky cards like this. They would sell a lot more of them, I’m certain.

look see gi joe sunglasses 1

These super limited-edition G.I. Joe sunglasses from LOOK/SEE are awesome. Hmmm, to take them off the card and wear them or leave them mint? Tough decision. These action figure inspired glasses come in several versions, from Cobra Commander to Snake Eyes.

look see gi joe sunglasses 3

Hardcore Joe fans will want to buy some of these before they are gone. They cost $110(USD) a pair. Only 100 units of each design will be made. Each pair comes in a limited-edition blister package based on the original action figure toy packaging.

look see gi joe sunglasses 2