The James Brand Elko is the benchmark for great EDC


The Elko is a small, unassuming piece of metal that’s no bigger than your key. In fact, if you look at the picture above, it’s barely longer than the width of your smartphone. It’ll easily fit on your keyring, becoming something you’ll always have with you, right in your pocket. That very quality of it makes the Elko a stellar piece of everyday carry, because it’s literally something you’ll unassumingly carry every day. What does this tiny piece of metal do? It opens out into a rather convenient knife with a 1.7-inch Sandvik 12C27 steel blade that’s more than capable of handling any sort of cutting, shearing, slicing, slitting, and piercing needs you may have. On the opposite end you’ve got yourself a stainless steel prytool too, that lets you do everything from opening bottles, to scraping paint, to even tightening screws. What more could you possibly need!

Ryan Coulter, the founder of James Brand, says that the Elko practically set the benchmark for EDC and the brand by being so incredibly convenient that it would always be on your person. Pair this with a smart, sleek design and you’ve got EDC worth cherishing because it looks remarkable, and performs just the way you want it to… and then recedes into your pocket, almost feeling like it isn’t there anymore.

Designer: The James Brand

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Influencer Luka Sabbat sued for not shilling Spectacles on Instagram

Luka Sabbat, a social media influencer with 1.4 million Instagram followers, is being sued for failure to, well, influence. According to a lawsuit filed by PR Consulting Inc., Sabbat breached a $60,000 contract he signed to promote Snap Spectacles on...

CBS gives ‘Entertainment Tonight’ its own streaming service

CBS expanding its repertoire of free streaming services. It just launched ET Live, a no-cost Entertainment Tonight offshoot that provides 24/7 coverage of celebrity news, fashion and other not-so-deep fare. It's not a strict expansion of the TV show...

This wall-mounted shelf is actually a micro-fridge!


Imagine this. You’re in front of your television and you’d really like a nice chilled beer, but you don’t want to walk all the way to the fridge. Or imagine buying groceries but having no space to store them because your fridge is jam-packed with stuff. Now imagine having a dedicated refrigeration unit disguised as furniture right where you need it. That’s the Shelves Fridge by Jinho Han. Designed to look like a shelf but work like a cooling unit, the Shelves is a temporary shelf-fridge that you can place stuff on, instantly chilling/preserving them.

The Shelves comes with a resting platform, a horizontal cooling duct, and a translucent box-cover. The cooling duct can push air either upwards, cooling the stuff kept on the shelf (you’ll have to place the box cover to enclose your bottles/food to cool them better and faster… or the cooling duct can push air downwards, allowing you to hang a shopping bag on it, as the air blows down on your groceries, giving them temporary refrigeration before you take that massive turkey out of the fridge to thaw and create more space for today’s groceries. When you don’t need the Shelves, simply collapse the shelf upwards into the wall and your temporary cooling unit recedes into the background! It would be cool if the ‘closed’ Shelves unit could work as an air-conditioner though…!

Designer: Jinho Han






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Experimental AI lie detector will help screen EU travelers

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