Shine on you crazy Dino!

You’ll never find a pet/toy/friend/lamp quite like the Dino. Pet, because it’s a tiny dinosaur that you keep with you, toy, because of its playful nature (plus dinosaurs are extinct, right?), friend, because of Dino’s playful demeanor and interactive character, and lamp, because this little thing lights up like a wondrous piece of magic at night!

Even though it lights up, Dino doesn’t use any cables, batteries, solar panels, or even bulbs for that matter! The hollow dinosaur basically acts as an aquarium for bioluminescent plankton (or dinoflagellates). When made to move in the dark, they light up like a tiny galaxy within your dino’s stomach, making the most interactive, eco-friendly, unique, and hypnotic light show! The dinoflagellates are living organisms that follow the circadian clock, like humans, sensing when its night time (past sunset). The closer it gets to midnight, the more they shine. All you need to do is care for them by keeping the Dino in moderate lighting during the day so that the plankton charge themselves with nutrients for your night-light-show!

Designer: Biopop

BUY IT HERE: $59.95








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There’s a difference in personalities of tea and coffee drinkers. At least the quintessential ones. Coffee drinkers crave the energy, tea drinkers admire the tranquility. Imbue, in that regard makes for quite a tranquil drinking experience. The Imbue (aptly named) is a tea infuser with a calm aesthetic synonymous with Muji products. It serves as an infuser as well as a sipping glass.

The clear tumbler holds the water or milk and a sleeve around it makes holding the Imbue comfortable when the liquid inside is piping hot. An infuser sieve sits on the mouth of the tumbler, holding the leaves. The wooden cap on top does something interesting by including three magnets that snap up the metal infuser when the cap is screwed onto the Imbue’s tumbler base. Once unscrewed, the infuser sieve automatically lifts up, straining out the tea leaves, leaving you with a perfectly glistening golden brew to kick off your day!

Designer: Ashkon Nima






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