The ‘Wipeout’ sequel you’ve wanted isn’t coming from Sony

It's not a great time to be a Wipeout fan. Unless you're eager to re-play Wipeout HD through the Omega Collection, you don't exactly have many choices when it comes to hyper-stylized sci-fi racing. Take heart, however -- R8 Studios has released the f...

A Watch for time and space!


The Jupiter & Juno watch chronicles the love between Roman god Jupiter and his wife, Juno, the daughter of Saturn. Just like how our cosmos pays ode to their love as the large planet Jupiter does rounds of the sun, with Juno, the asteroid sitting in the belt right before it… the watch’s face contains an hour and minute planetary mnemonic (not a hand) that goes around the center of the dial. These mnemonics also have a circular trail that looks like the cosmic body’s orbit.

We love how the watch’s design has a rather well-knit mythological backstory that adds depth to the otherwise minimal watch design. It’s also pleasing to see that sometimes Jupiter and Juno are right near each other, and at other times, they’re as far away as possible. Adds a different dimension to your time-reading experience, doesn’t it?

Designer: Giselle Jonte








Google’s latest addition to Allo is custom GIFs of your face

It seems like Google hopes tickling your funnybone will keep its Allo chat app installed on your phone. The latest update adds selfie clips so you can add a personalized touch to your responses. Essentially, they're just looped GIFs made from a video...

Amazon refunds $70 million your kids accidentally spent in apps

Last year, a federal judge ruled Amazon was on the hook for tens of millions of dollars worth of unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids in free-to-play apps. This week, the online retail giant officially started issuing over $70 million in refund...