The Durgod Fusion Mechanical Keyboard Is Straight out of the ’80s

Having cut my teeth on computers back in the 1980s, I have a very soft spot in my heart for the aesthetics of the era. I also happen to be a fan of clicky mechanical keyboards. So when I saw this retro-infused mechanical keyboard pop up over on Kickstarter, I was definitely intrigued.

Created by mechanical keyboard company Durgod, the Fusion keyboard features a high-contrast, multicolor scheme that’s reminiscent of the keyboards on old computer terminals, with hints of Commodore PET, Atari 800, and TI-99/4A among others. It’s a small keyboard, measuring just 12.4″ w x 5.3″ d x 1.2″ h, so it’s easy to carry in your backpack or briefcase. The Fusion comes in three different colorways: Navigator (blue, off-white and yellow), Original (grey, off-white, and orange), and Steam (grey, black and red). Combined with an embossed top bar, you can definitely see the ’80s design influence here.

On top of its looks, the Fusion is quite capable, loaded with high quality Cherry keyswitches, and offering both a wired USB-C connection and a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz dongle. Battery life is rated at 40 days for wireless use. In addition to the three color schemes, you can choose from MX Black, MX Red, MX Brown, or MX Blue switches, depending on your pressure, tactile feedback, and noise preferences.

The Durgod Fusion keyboard will eventually sell for $199, but those who buy early over on Kickstarter can get one for as little as $119 (or $109 if you move really quickly!) Shipping is expected to start in October 2020, and since Durgod has an extensive track record producing keyboards, it’s likely to be a pretty low risk as crowdfunding campaigns go.

I Love Spreadsheets Mug Is for Digital Masochists

When I worked in the corporate world, I think my time was equally split between sitting in mindless, unnecessary meetings and staring at massive spreadsheets. While I consider myself to now be an expert at manipulating PivotTables and complex Excel macros, I by no means love spreadsheets. It’s just something I learned in order to get my job done. But I’m sure there are some people out there who see something like:


…they get all warm and fuzzy inside. This coffee mug is for those people.

Simply pour your favorite hot beverage into the I Love Spreadsheets mug and it’ll calculate your undying love for endless grids of data – at least up to 65536 rows and columns. Whether you cut your teeth on Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or even good old Lotus 1-2-3, this mug is perfect for you. I’m dating myself, but the first spreadsheet I ever used was VisiCalc on an Apple II. Good times. No AutoSum or Conditional Formatting back then. We did our spreadsheets the old fashioned way!

This mug is the perfect gift formula for the accountant or business person on your shopping list. You can grab one over at Firebox for just $9.99, though according to the calculations on my spreadsheet, you’ll pay a bit more for it if you need it shipped to the U.S. from the U.K., which is where Firebox is based.

Intel’s ‘hot’ qubits could lead to more advanced quantum computers

Intel has edged one step closer to practical quantum computers. The chipmaker and its partner QuTech have successfully controlled “hot” qubits (that is, at temperatures above 1 kelvin) that are also coherent and dense, making it easier to put qubits...

LEGO 3Dfx Voodoo 3D Card Brings Back 1990s Memories

Since I’ve mostly been using a laptop, an iPad and an iMac, it’s been a while since I had a computer with an upgradeable graphics card. But back in the day, I was constantly gunning for the latest and greatest graphics processors to play games like Quake II and Duke Nukem 3D at the fastest frame rate possible. While today’s GPU cards are all made pretty much running Nvidia or AMD chipsets, there was a time when 3Dfx was the king of the hill. Fans of the brand’s graphic cards will love this user-submitted design that turned up on the LEGO Ideas website.

The idea was submitted by Bhaal_Spawn, and it’s inspired by 3dfx’ flagship Voodoo graphics card, which reached the height of popularity back in 1996. If you wanted the fastest graphics money could buy, you got a Voodoo card, or a Voodoo2 when it came out. Oooh, just think about those 8 Megabytes of memory running at 90 Mhz and amazing 800 x 600 resolution graphics!

As cool as the design is, I’m not sure if LEGO could get the licensing rights to the 3Dfx artwork for the chips, since the brand is now defunct. That said, Nvidia actually bought what was left of the company in the early 2000s, so there’s still hope. The good news is that the design actually looks like it would be pretty easy to replicate if you wanted to build your own. If you think LEGO should sell the 3Dfx Voodoo card as an official kit, you can show your support over on LEGO Ideas.

[via Journal du Geek]

UnAlice: An Awesome Keycap Set Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Head down the rabbit hole every time you use your computer. That’s the notion behind this keycap set that features imagery inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic “Alice in Wonderland.”

Designed by keyboard enthusiast Rafal Hrynkiewicz, the UnAlice keycap set comes in a creamy Winter White color, with a skinny, easy-to-read typeface. There are lots of neat little details like a backspace key with a backwards “E”, and topsy-turvy Caps Lock key, and all kinds of fun illustrations for function keys and the like.

The arrow keys are mushrooms, while the Cheshire Cat turns up in various spots, along with a caterpillar smoking a hookah, an upside-down flamingo, Alice, the Queen, mouse in a teacup, playing card suits, and other playful images on the available novelty keys. Curiously, the Mad Hatter is nowhere to be found. Hmmm, this just gets curiouser and curiouser.


The main set goes for $105, or you can purchase individual key collections for different sections of your keyboard as well. They’re available for pre-order on Pimp My Keyboard now, with a release set for 2/17/20.

[via GeekHack]

These Food Keycaps Look Good Enough to Eat

Are you the kind of person who eats at their desk and gets food all over their computer keyboard? Well, now you can have food on your keys 100% of the time, and without the pesky Cheetos’ dust and constant need for cleaning.

Created by artisan keycap maker Dwarf Factory, and exclusive to Drop, Foodie Keycaps look just like real food, only miniature, and in the shape of a key. They’ve got tiny versions of cake, cheese, hot dogs, sandwiches, and waffles, each of which looks delicious, and is compatible with standard Cherry MX switches.

They’re handmade from resin, and can be had in either an uncovered version, or one with a smooth cover. I prefer the look of the uncovered ones, but I suppose they might be a little funky feeling beneath your fingertips. On the plus side, their textures might help you with your touch typing.

Unfortunately, the Foodie Keycaps are sold out at the moment, but hopefully they’ll make some more of these delectable looking computer accessories soon.

Amazon offers quantum computing on its AWS servers

Quantum computing is arguably the next major milestone for tech companies, but unless you're the likes of Google or IBM, it's a fairly costly endeavor. But Amazon -- which up until now has been pretty quiet on the quantum front -- has plans to offer...

The Chocolate Cubes Keyboard Looks Good Enough to Eat

Do you love chocolate? How about computers? Well if you enjoy both, I don’t recommend getting chocolate all over your keyboard, as it’s really hard to clean off. Instead, why not go for this keyboard that looks like chocolate instead?

The Ajazz Chocolate Cubes is a full-size mechanical keyboard that looks absolutely delectable. The two-tone chocolate brown keys really do remind me of the bricks you break off from a chocolate bar… or if you’re like me, you just bite right into the whole thing. That said, I don’t think biting into this tasty looking keyboard is a good idea, despite the fact that it has equally yummy sounding Cherry MX switches. Mmmm. Chocolate-covered cherries.

Now that you’ve cleaned up the drool off your old keyboard, here are some additional specifics: It’s got 104 keys, including numerics and function keys, and is compatible with Windows or OSX. Each key switch is rated for over 50 million lifetime presses, and you’ve got a choice between Cherry MX Black, Brown, Red, or Blue keys. I say you stick with the brown ones to keep the chocolate theme going.

If you’d like a Chocolate Cubes keyboard for your desktop, head over to Drop today, where they have them on special for $95 through 11/17/19 – a savings of $15 off of the regular price.

Google says it’s achieved quantum supremacy

Google is standing by its claim that it's achieved quantum supremacy -- marking a major milestone in computing research. The company first made the claim back in September, and while disputed by competitors, Google's research paper has now been publi...

Recycle Bin Bag Reminds You to Empty Your Purse

Ladies, do you have a ton of junk you carry around in your purse? Well, why not just admit it, and buy a bag that suits its contents? This Recycle Bin Bag should do the trick.

Studio Cult makes all kinds of accessories inspired by the skeuomorphic objects found on our computer desktops, so this fits into the line just perfectly.

The inside of the bag features a drawstring section that overflows its top, so it looks full of trash all of the time. It is kind of small though, measuring in at just 7″ x 4″ x 7″, so you’ll need to empty the trash more often than you might on your PC. The bottom is embroidered with the rather self-deprecating message “A garbage bag, for a garbage person.”

The Recycle Bin Bag is available for pre-order from Studio Cult now for $65, and is expected to start shipping by December 1.