Democrats want FBI to investigate any Trump link to cyberattacks

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Facebook promises to stabilize shaky 360-degree videos

Shaky video is already a problem with conventional cameras, but it's much worse with 360-degree and virtual reality cams. Your bumpy mountain bike ride won't be so exciting to watch if it makes viewers queasy. However, Facebook might just save the da...

3D Print your own music!


I just adore the Prinpl. You know why? Let’s first take a look at the name. It’s a lovely amalgamation of PRINt and PLay. It also sounds like Pimple, which does make sense once you get to know what the Prinpl does. That’s the second reason why I adore the Prinpl. It takes one of my favorite toys and gives it a modern twist. Designed as a New-Age MusicBox, the Prinpl actually reads 3d printed discs with braille-like bumps on them. The bumps then interfere with prongs on a fabricated piece of sheet metal, plucking at it to generate a tune. The cool thing about Prinpl is that you can now effectively 3D print your own tunes and play them on the Prinpl’s hypnotically soothing inbuilt-instrument. The catch is that this phenomenon only plays short, looped pieces of musical data, but the ability to print your own tunes means you can generate your own mini-library of music. Prinpl doesn’t however limit itself to just 3D printed discs. It also reads conventional data and mp3 CDs, making it an instrument at some times, and a music player at others. Versatile!

It also comes with an app, allowing you to remote-control the playback features. Color me impressed!

Designer: Jeongdae Kim












Full-size 3D Printed Stargate Will Take You to a Museum

The Musée royal de Mariemont in Belgium is holding an exhibition called “From Stargate to Comics: Egyptian Gods In Geek Culture”. Sounds pretty cool no? And you can travel there by Stargate.

stargatezoom in

Okay, you can’t get there by Stargate, but they do have one on site. One of the center pieces of the exhibition is a 3D printed 20-foot tall replica of a Stargate from the show and movie of the same name. The gate is made up of over 2,000 parts featuring 10,000 cuttings.

This project may have taken the team over 1,000 hours to complete, but it takes just one second to walk through it and go somewhere else in the universe: the other side.

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