That’s Much Better: Star Wars Invades Thomas Kinkade Paintings

I never cared much for the late Thomas Kinkade’s paintings. To me they just seemed boring and a little too pretty. Well, whether you like his work or not, I think we can all agree that adding Star Wars into them makes them much better.
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These images were embellished by artist Jeff Bennett. Jeff has added imagery from the Star Wars universe into Kinkade’s idyllic and peaceful settings and now they are wayyyy more amazing and interesting. I would actually buy and hang these in my home.

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Now there are stormtroopers, a Rancor, star destroyers and more in Kinkade’s art.

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It’s as if the Empire has invaded a quiet Christmas village and turned it into an Imperial base.

star wars kinkade 4 620x468magnify

Check out more of these wonderful paintings at Jeff’s DeviantArt page.

[via Club Jade via Nerd Approved]

Perfect Circles

Apsis is based on the circle’s most fundamental quality – rotational symmetry.The laminated beech wood body revolves freely around a limestone trey base, without the need for complicated mechanisms commonly associated with adjustable lamps. In placing the base ring over the circular stone base, a bearing is created, allowing the lamp to rotate freely.The cable and LED components are hidden within the body and head, creating a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic that emphasises the lamp’s simple geometry.

Designer: Zak Stratfold

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