Our first close look at Microsoft’s HoloLens

It's only been a few months since Microsoft introduced the augmented reality HoloLens headset, and now we've finally got a close look at the unit to show you. We don't have much to show other than these pictures at the moment -- we couldn't take pict...
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Electric Rice Cookers: Which Is The Best?

Considering buying an electric rice cooker but confused about which one to buy? We've found two that rank high in customer satisfaction and offer a range of cool cooking features. From brown rice, white rice, long grain and wild rice, these electric rice cookers make perfectly cooked rice every time.

California Researchers Develop Night Vision Eye Drops

A team of scientists in California don’t want to leave anyone in the dark. Researchers at the Science for the Masses (SftM) in Tehacapi have developed eye drops that will give people three times better vision after sundown. Question is, are these night vision eye drops safe and will it ever receive medical approval?

‘OK Google, Shazam this song’

Siri started handling song queries when iOS 8 arrived, and now Google's voice commands recognize Shazam as a prompt to do the same on Android. That's right, Android devices now recognize the "Shazam" command, in addition to "recognize" or "name" for ...
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Valve releases a kit for making virtual reality apps

Eager to build a game or 3D modelling tool that takes advantage of HTC's Vive and other SteamVR-friendly virtual reality headsets? It's time to get cracking. Valve has released a software development kit that lets apps use SteamVR hardware, including...
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