You Have Got To See These Amazing, Whimsical Treehouses!

You Have Got To See These Amazing, Whimsical Treehouses!

Self-taught architect, designer, and builder Takashi Kobayashi has been building magical treehouses for over 20 years. These aren’t any ordinary treehouses — what makes Kobayashi’s work special is how he incorporates the actual tree into the construction. Pretty amazing! Check out the video above to hear Kobayashi’s inspiring story.

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Top Cyber Monday Online TV Deals

Amazon has proved me wrong. In the early morning hours Amazon offered a $75 32-inch Avera TV cyber deal. We believed that these money loser deals are limited to Black Friday.The $75 TV deals was of...

DIY Robotic Wheatley Replica: Hey! Pick Me up!

Portal fans, you might want to hang onto something. Word of advice, up to you. Genevieve Bee made this cool talking and moving replica of Wheatley from scratch.

portal_2_wheatley_robotic_replica_by_genevieve_Bee_1zoom in

Genevieve Bee used XPS foam, foamed PVC and epoxy putty to make Wheatley’s body. She used parts of a flashlight, a CD case, her own print of Wheatley’s eye and some LEDs for the glowing eye. A Velleman kit wired to the speaker makes the LEDs flash in synch with Wheatley’s dialogue. Finally, she made a joystick controller to operate the three servos that make Wheatley’s head and eyelids move.

Genevieve Bee used an Arduino Uno to manage Wheatley’s electronics. You wouldn’t guess it from the end result, but this was actually her first time working with Arduino; she bought a starter kit just for this project. Check out her blog for more details on her amazing build.

[via Hack A Day]

No, SoundCloud didn’t remove a silent track for violating copyright

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