Xiaomi Mi Watch: Not the first time the Chinese company blatantly copied Apple

To this day the MIUI interface looks like Apple’s long removed sibling, and Xiaomi’s Mi 8 was widely considered a carbon copy of the notched iPhone X, and if you ever go to Google and type the words Xiaomi and Copy into the search bar, the third word that promptly shows up in the search suggestions is Apple. Xiaomi has built its brand taking literal lessons from its Cupertino-based cousin, and is often even referred to as the Apple of China. With the release of its new Mi Watch, Xiaomi falls back into its old habit of taking perhaps too much inspiration from Apple.

This is the Mi Watch, Xiaomi’s first stab at a smartwatch after having made multiple iterations of the Mi Band, its own fitness tracker. Slated for a November 5th launch, the Mi Watch looks virtually like the Apple Watch, except for its flat sides (almost like an iPhone 3 to iPhone 4 transition). The watch is fitted with Xiaomi’s watch UI which should come as no surprise, looks like Apple’s interface too. The Mi Watch sports a crown where you’d see one on the Apple Watch, and comes with on-board Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, fitness tracking, and even an e-SIM feature… what’s next Xiaomi, an on-board ECG reader and Apple Care?!

Designer: Xiaomi

Amazon surprise releases ‘Jack Ryan’ season two a day early

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This gorgeous leather wallet-case for the iPhone 11 Pro was built with 360° drop protection

As much as Tim Apple says that the iPhone 11 Pro has the toughest glass on any smartphone, it isn’t what I call world-proof yet. Chances are, you’re still going to spring for a $70 case to give your $1200 phone a second layer of protection… and the Nomad Rugged Folio’s honestly left a pretty good first impression on me.

Built with Horween leather on both the front and back, this folio case is relatively meaty, thanks to the thick TPE bumper running around its sides that protects it from 6ft drops, no matter what angle the iPhone falls at. The case comes with a lip around the camera bump too, so you’re never left with a crack or a scratch around your camera lens, while at the same time, the folio case’s compatibility with wireless chargers means you don’t need to take your iPhone out of its cover every time you want to charge it. The front flap comes with a microfiber inner lining to keep your phone’s display scratch-free, while letting you carry up to 6 cards too. The case prolongs the life of your smartphone, keeping it as good as new, while the Horween leather on the other hand develops a unique patina over time, giving your phone its own individual persona!

Designer: Nomad

Wirecutter’s best deals: Dell’s U3419W Ultrawide Monitor drops to $722

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ACLU sues to reveal the FBI’s uses of facial recognition

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