SoundHound wants to take on Google and Amazon in voice AI

When it comes to voice recognition software, SoundHound is definitely not as big a name as Google or Amazon -- yet. SoundHound has raised $75 million in support of its efforts to create artificial intelligence systems capable of recognizing complex h...

No, it isn’t a Dyson watch!


it isn’t, but it sure feels like one, doesn’t it?! The ASIG Concentric watches embrace their design in all its hubless glory. Each hand comes in a ring-shaped design that rotates on an invisible axis. Outcrops on these rings form the ‘hands’ of the watch that allow you to tell the time despite the presence of any numeric markings on the watch’s face. Although, I don’t blame the watch… it barely has a watch-face to begin with! Absolutely loving this Dyson-esque donut timepiece!

Designer: Simon Williamson









Trump to announce his SCOTUS pick tonight via Facebook Live

Donald Trump will announce his nominee for the vacant Supreme Court Justice seat tonight via Facebook Live. The stream begins at 8pm Eastern via the POTUS Facebook channel. As CNN reports, both candidates (Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman) have appar...

Tesla’s Powerpacks are now lighting up California’s grid

"Batteries are boring when they are successful." That's Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel, speaking on Monday to an audience of reporters, employees and government officials sitting in the middle of the new 20-megawatt Mira Loma energy stora...