Jameis Winston Impresses at FSU Pro Day

Jameis Winston turned in a great performance during FSU Pro Day on March 31. According to The Tallahassee Democrat's Jim Henry, Winston threw 102 passes while impressing scouts and coaches...

No Cell Service? Stay Connected No Matter What With GoTenna

goTenna offline cell phone deviceTired of losing cell signals or incurring roaming charges? All of that's about to become a thing of the past with the upcoming goTenna, a pocket-size device for picking up and bouncing signals via VHF radio waves from IOS and Android devices.

Apple opens the floodgates to Watch-friendly apps

You may have noticed a few Apple Watch-friendly iOS apps trickle out, but brace yourself: you're about to face a torrent of them. Apple has opened up WatchKit app submissions to all developers (not just the handful of early partners from before), so ...
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Buy an LG G3 in the US, get a free VR headset

LG's new mobile VR headset -- which is basically just a plastic version of Google's cardboard VR viewer -- is finally hitting American shores. The company just announced that it'll be throwing in a free headset, simply called the VR for G3, with the ...
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A Little Girl Learns About Cheez-Its In Sunday School

A Little Girl Learns About Cheez-Its In Sunday School

This is a short and silly video of a little girl telling her mom what she learned in Sunday School. Holy Spirit, Amen, God, you know, the usual stuff. Plus Cheez-Its. She is pretty emphatic about that last one, which hey, I don’t blame her! Cheez-Its are the jam! Even actual Jesus agrees.

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