This Nissan all-electric camper is for couples who can’t resist winter expeditions!

The trend of campers is here to stay and it’s captivating more and more people by the day. The freedom to travel in a compact vehicle that comes with the luxuries of home-like comfort – well, that’s a hard proposition to ignore. If you are an outdoorsy person, a compact camper makes even more sense. Lately, Nissan has been focusing on experimenting with campers that in a way are an extension to your lifestyle, and the popular Nissan NV350 Caravan Office Pod revealed recently is a good example. Taking things further, Nissan has now revealed a winter season inspired electric van concept ideal for a couple on their adventurous skirmishes in the snow-laden landscape.

The all-electric e-NV200 Winter Camper concept-van showcases the brand’s vision for a compact camper that brings together the thrill of electric vehicle driving and the essence of exploring the wild in snowy conditions. The camper-van is brimmed with a plethora of technical and lifestyle upgrades to the e-NV200 Evalia for winter escapades to connect with nature. The bespoke driving and lifestyle upgrades are in fact the custom Nissan Camper Technology Luxury kit which are available for the owners of e-NV200 van and the e-NV200 Evalia passenger-van. They include goodies like an on-board 220 V power pack with roof-fitted solar panels, an integrated functioning kitchen, refrigerator, folding beds, and insulated glasses to offer versatile self-sufficient living. The pop-up roof further expands the living space inside ideal for camping and enjoying the surrounding nature.

Since this camper is meant to be driven on slippery inhospitable terrain, Nissan has updated it with premium off-road tires, also increased the ride height and fitted 5400-Lumens twin-spotlights at the front. This lends the camper-van maximum traction, ground clearance and better visibility for difficult driving conditions. Other upgrades include mudguards, door-entry guards, and carrier rack on the rear to haul outdoor adventure gear. According to Nissan manager Dmitry Busurkin, “This vision, and the innovative set of accessories available with the standard e-NV200 models, will get drivers and outdoor enthusiasts alike excited for the adventures we’re all craving in the future.”

Since it is based on the e-NV200 Evalia, Nissan has retained the 40kWh electric battery – the e-NV200 Combi – that drives the 107bhp electric motor to go from 0-62mph in 14.0 seconds and has a top speed of 76mph. This is combined with the regenerative braking and Eco driving mode that extends the electric drive range anywhere between 124 and 187 miles. That said we would like to see an 80 kWh or even better 100 kWh battery on this electric camper-van since it is meant for tough conditions and you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere just because you ran out of juice. Nissan e-NV200 Winter Camper is a concept at this stage and given its practicality, it won’t be long before Nissan actually turns it into a production model.

Designer: Nissan

Bugatti’s era of elegance makes its comeback with the La Belle Epoque concept

Prior to being the company that made the world’s fastest production car, Bugatti had a reputation for making some of the most luxuriously elegant chariots the world has seen. With the La Belle Epoque concept, Bugatti is taken back to its vintage days, while keeping one foot firmly in the future.

Designed by Hojin Choi and inspired by the Bugatti Royale from 1927, the La Belle Epoque is grace personified. The chariot comes with a teardrop shape and a bubble-like cockpit enclosed within a metal outer shell that’s quite literally a symphony of curves. The glass windshield extends all the way from the front to the back in a single swoop, while the metal surfacing and the satin-finish paint job give the car its futuristic appeal. Combine that with the grace of a chariot-style form and you have the best of both worlds.

Even though it’s a fan-made concept, the La Belle Epoque (French for “The Good Times”) is every bit a Bugatti. The car comes with the unmistakable horseshoe radiator, and while its paint-job is fairly non-traditional (due to the absence of the signature blue), the Bugatti logo makes an appearance on the front, the sides (wheels), and even the back. It even sports the iconic C-line detail found on almost every modern Bugatti… a detail that’s gradually revealed when the car gracefully opens its long, beautiful, gullwing doors!

Designer: Hojin Choi

This smartphone controlled superyacht is the Tesla of oceans

We are slowly but steadily heading towards a future where autonomous commuting will be mainstream, and honestly, as someone who does not drive (yes, believe it) I cannot wait for that day to come sooner. Virtually everything from cars, heavy-duty vehicles, EVTOL’s and public transport are being tested for commercially feasible self-driving features. So why not have a luxurious vessel on the water that takes you to your dream destination just with your smartphone? Naval designer Max Zhivov thinks that a yacht designed to be completely autonomous – controlled smartly with your phone sailing on the serene waters to the best adventures life can offer.

The designer has created the blueprint of the 85-foot superyacht dubbed Drakkar S inspired by the ye olde Viking longships, which’s perfect for newbie sailors who would rather prefer the autonomous luxury of a vessel. To make the self-propelling possible, Drakkar S is infused with advanced autopilot and artificial intelligence system for smart navigation – detecting any underwater obstacles or even estimating the ideal distance for mooring. Even more so, it can be controlled with a smartphone app – that just sets the tone for a future Apple yacht in Silver or even the Space Grey colours. Max envisions it to be a charter service too, as the user would request the vessel at the desired location and after authentication with the compatible app, just setting the destination will set it on an autonomous sail. Drakkar S will be emission-free and noiseless thanks to the advanced electric motor being fed by the energy stored via the 80-square-meter of solar panel array on the roof. Indeed the ideal way to explore the hidden corners of this beautiful planet without harming the environment in any way.

On the inside, the yacht will leave nothing to be desired as it has a big beach club aft, a spacious dining salon, two master suites, two guest cabins, and a sumptuous kitchen. A perfect home away from home for up to eight guests. To make things a bit more comfortable and luxurious, the roof on top of the dining salon opens up like a cabriolet for the guests to enjoy the warmth of the sun or the mesmerizing night sky. It has to be said that this smartphone-controlled yacht is the one to have for a 21st century Viking, sailing the oceans to destination unknown.

Designer: Max Zhivov

Microsoft teams up with Cruise and GM on self-driving cars

Cruise and GM have enlisted an important ally in their quest to make self-driving cars a practical reality. The two have entered a “long-term strategic relationship” with Microsoft to speed up the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Cruise will...

Renault unveils an electric vehicle prototype inspired by the R5’s retro design!

Renault’s new year ‘renaulution’ is to do their bit to help the environment and that is why they are launching seven fully electric vehicles. This is a part of their strategy which is really called Renaulution (I am great at puns, but this one goes to the Renault copywriter) to launch 14 core vehicles to embrace the changes we are all seeing in the automotive industry.

The French automaker wants to democratize electric cars in Europe with their Renault 5 prototype – an all-electric car inspired by their retro model the R5! The Renault 5 prototype is a compact city ride that takes the best from one of Renault’s most successful cars and gives it a 100% electric twist to fit the future. The R5 was sold as the LeCar and was a popular hatcback in 1972. The design balances the retro aesthetics with the modern elements so they don’t overpower each other. The bold yellow highlights give it a playful essence. You can see some strong features from the original vehicle incorporated in the Renault 5 prototype which is evident in the chosen finishes and materials right from its boxy wheel arches and flat sides to its tilted C-pillar. “The design of the Renault 5 prototype is based on the R5, a cult model of our heritage. This prototype simply embodies modernity, a vehicle relevant to its time: urban, electric, attractive,” says Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director.

The bonnet air intake is hidden under the charging hatch and the rear lights include aero flaps. I also like how the fog lamps in the bumper double up as daytime running lights. For a little bit of French charm, Renault’s front end and textile roof have been inspired by the country’s well-known furniture style. On the side grid, the wheels, and the rear logo you will find a subtle nod to its classic predecessor. The modern treatment of lines and flush surfaces with futuristic detailing even on the front face makes the car instantly recognizable and visually refreshing. Let’s hope it breaks the R5’s record of being on sale for a decade!

Designer: Renault

Audi and BMW shut down car subscription programs

More car subscription services are running into trouble. According to Autoblog, Automotive News has learned that Audi and BMW are respectively ending and pausing their services. Audi is winding down its Select program on January 31st with no mention...

This Jeep compatible off-roading trailer was built for every adventure junkies’ ultimate camping exploit!

If you always wanted to hook a hardcore off-roading trailer to match your Jeep’s capability to conquer tough terrain, then the Switchback trailer by Off Grid Trailers is a god-sent blessing. Perfectly tailored for people who are a bit skeptical going for an off-roading trip to the Rocky Mountains with a trailer towing at the rear, this hardcore trailer won’t let you have any semblance of even the slightest doubt. If your Jeep can conquer that stretch of a rocky patch (not meant for your average vehicle), then this trailer will have you covered. The lightweight, compact-sized construction of the Switchback makes it one of the best options for blokes who only get the adrenaline rush when their 4×4’s independent suspension is stretched to the limit. The Timbren Axle-less suspension, the 21-inches of ground clearance, and the 50-degree departure angle will give you the confidence to just hook in on and now worry about a damn thing!

Although the trailer has a tow-friendly construction for any off-roading four-wheeler you hook on to it, the Jeep-matched wheels and the wheelbase makes it ultra-compatible with the vehicle. Switchback weighs just 1,300 lb thanks to the aluminum and steel body construction –giving it the right balance for any arduous trip. The makers have been mindful enough to offer the storage abundant trailer in two configurations – one having a rear kitchen setup (popular with most of the US Overlanding vehicles) while the other offering a side kitchen option. In there you’ll get features like the slide-out dual-burner stove, 35-liter Domestic refrigerator box, collapsing shelf positioned on the door, and a slide-out worktop on top of the drawer sink for expanding the workable space. One can top-off with a slide-out BBQ.

Switchback also gives you the added luxury of an onboard charger, USB ports, LED lighting, and solar charging. Since you’ll be out in the mountains for a considerable time, the option to get your trailer fitted with a 117-liter fresh water tank and hot water system with an outdoor shower is also there. To increase the space for two people, the optional roof-top tent can also be had. The fact that the trailer is fully capable of towing a total weight of 2,200 lb makes it ideal for extended trips where you’ll have the liberty to carry additional tents, awnings, and additional gear to never get stranded.

It has to be said, this is one of the toughest trailers that comes with a rugged build, ideal for the trying sections en route a trail that most people won’t even think of treading on. There’s ample space for two people to have a comfortable space to curl up in while still having enough storage space for all the needed stuff. Switchback trailer carries a starting price tag of $19,900 and can be pre-ordered right now. If you go by our word, this is the trailer to have if you are someone who stops at nothing and no terrain is unconquerable for you and your machine!

Designer: Off Grid Trailers