This graffiti-covered e-bike is designed to blend in with urban architecture!

What do you imagine when I say the word motorcycle? A two-wheeler, has a handlebar, a sinuously sleek form that brings to mind street racing and the overall feeling of being a badass. That is the standard definition we have all grown up with but what is important is our interpretation of the motorcycle. This interpretation is where imagination meets real life and designer Joey Ruiter’s creation has brought us NOMOTO – a design that focuses on the urban environment rather than the automotive element to create this surprising e-bike!

The urban environment, when not looked at from drones is usually a wash of grey with walls filled with graffiti that doesn’t always equal the Banksy level we imagine. Joey Ruiter took inspiration from this modern-day world, making the motorcycle pure transportation – an element that transports you and otherwise just blends into the neighborhood. Ruiter and his J.RUITER studio’s philosophy is about “trying to push design to the point of not being there.” This philosophy is the framework around which the bike actually acts as a canvas for the graffiti, with its seats providing some street-side rest. While the geometric, bulky design is almost reminiscent to the Tesla Cybertruck in its minimal appeal, the purpose here is not to attract but to distract to the extent we don’t even recognize it (although this is one time where we truly will need a locating app to find this hiding bike!) The motorcycle is a fully functioning piece, with a unique button that makes the motorcycle rise, flip its seat out and basically converts from a stranded piece of furniture to urban transportation. Being an electric bike, it is actually quite functional with dedicated space to store your belongings in the front and back ‘baskets’ created when the bike transforms. This design is actually an e-bike completely stripped down to the essentials – a rectangular shape with air vents and screws popping out, but there is an intrigue in this design and it will be displayed at the Moto MMXX show coming up on August 21, 2020.

“I wanted to create a piece that is museum-worthy that’s completely unnoticeable and so familiar, you’re just going to walk past it,” says the Michigan-based designer. As someone who looks at product design on an everyday basis, I can safely say Joey has achieved his aim. One thing’s for sure, this design will make me do a double-take anytime I see an abandoned graffiti-covered grey bench on the street!

Designer: Joey Ruiter of J.RUITER Studio

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A new Batmobile is probably one of the only good things to happen in 2020

Boredom and dissatisfaction are two of the biggest drivers for innovation and creativity. Maybe you don’t like something, maybe you have free time on your hands, so you sit and fix stuff and make them better in your own vision. That’s sort of why we’re looking at this absolutely vicious Pagani-on-steroids Batmobile that Encho Enchev designed because he felt the current Batmobile wasn’t intense enough.

Designed with edgy body-work, piercing looks, and the classic black design with yellow accents, the Batmobile GT 2020 feels like it could strike fear into the hearts of the toughest criminals (or at least get them to consider an honest living even for a split second). If the edgy, Batarang-on-wheels bodywork doesn’t do it, the pop-out machine guns near the rear wheels should spook even armed bandits… and when justice is restored, the Dark Knight can flee the scene at breakneck speeds, thanks to those three pretty illegal looking afterburners on the rear.

I hope it isn’t too late for Robert Pattinson to reconsider his ride.

Designer: Encho Enchev

The Batmobile GT 2020 is a conceptual creation and is in no way associated with the Batman franchise. The use of the Batman logo is purely representative.

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