This boxing platform uses rhythm tech, like Dance Dance Revolution, to make workouts more challenging!

I’ve never enjoyed lifting weights – more dynamic sports like boxing and rowing have been my go-to fitness regimens through the years. But since quarantine ordered us into self-isolation, my workouts have consisted of a lot of running, running, and more running. I know I’m not the only one getting a little bored – I miss pounding sandbags and the trainers who’d scream boxing combos in my face. While I can’t wait for the day that in-person training sessions rev up again, new fitness designs like Liteboxer, a guided boxing platform, offer solutions that make sparring in the ring possible for home workouts.

Liteboxer is the only connected fitness platform currently on the market today that offers full-body boxing workouts equipped with Rhythm Technology and expert training. It’s like Dance Dance Revolution but for your fists. Built and shaped like a traditional treadmill, Liteboxer works once users stand atop the base platform, adjust the punch pad’s height as needed, and connect their personal smartphone or tablet devices to the built-in tablet shelf for engaging expert training. Opting for a more physically digital experience, Liteboxer’s instruction primarily takes place on the punch pad so you won’t spend your workouts looking at yet another screen.

Once users have connected their tablets to Liteboxer, music, also called ‘Punch Tracks,’ can be played so that boxers can punch in time with predetermined songs – this is where the patented Rhythm Technology steps in. Through the use of Rhythm Technology, Liteboxer syncs its software and larger systems with the given beat of a song. As the music plays for users, the punch pad’s force sensors light up with LED runway lights to indicate a given boxing combo. As users punch Liteboxer’s force sensors and work up a sweat, professional trainers offer tips and coaching through the user’s attached smartphone or tablet, which can either be connected to external speakers or Bluetooth.

Liteboxer was first thought of by Todd Dagres after returning home from the boxing ring only to feel slightly less enthused over his stationary sandbag compared to his time spent sparring with his friends. Liteboxer has been regularly compared to the ever-popular Peloton, that smart home-gym system that replaces physical training with a more digital experience, as well as Dance Dance Revolution, that old dancing video game that Lindsay Lohan crushed in 2004. While both seem to be reasonable comparisons, Liteboxer boasts the best from both, making for a first-of-its-kind boxing experience for your home gym.

Designer: Liteboxer

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3D-Printed Dagger, Axe, and Crossbow D&D Dice Storage Boxes Are a Critical Hit

What do you carry your gaming dice around in? I use a Ziploc bag, but now my dice smell like a tuna salad sandwich because reducing, reusing, and recycling is one of my passions. But maybe you’re fancy, maybe you require one of these dagger, axe, or crossbow dice storage boxes from Etsy shop GamePLA. That’s cool, but I do plan on using my rogue character to steal it after your adventuring party sets up camp one night.

Available in a variety of colors and finishes, the 3D-printed boxes range in price from $34 to $40 depending on options and hold a complete set of seven tabletop gaming dice. Obviously, they make the perfect dice carrier to let the rest of your tabletop gaming group know that you came to play, NOT play around.

The dagger and axe both have sheaths to hold the dice in place during transport, while the crossbow model’s bolt actually does the job. That’s a clever design. And you know how I feel about clever designs: I get angry at myself I didn’t come up with them first. Same goes for inventing Star Wars and Amazon.

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Bugatti’s modern electric tea kettle is designed to maintain the exact ideal temperature for your tea!

When it comes to coffee and tea, a lot goes into making the perfect cup. Water temperature, steeping time, and water flow all play a part and, if you drink coffee or tea as much I do, you can taste the difference. Selecting the right tea kettle for brewing pour-overs or steeping loose leaf tea can become overwhelming when there are so many options available. With integrated smart technology, the Jacqueline tea kettle, ‘The Jackie’ for short, from Italian lifestyle brand Bugatti, offers both style and efficiency when in need of that cup of tea that’s just right.

Shaped like a stainless steel handbag, Jacqueline is an electric tea kettle that comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to monitor and set the perfect heating conditions for boiling water. Unlike typical electric tea kettles that require just a measly flip of a switch, Jacqueline is laden with smart technology to assure users that a flavorful, hot cup of tea is always just a few moments away. Ditching the light switch, for a smart handle, Jacqueline comes with an interactive, digital display screen that indicates each brew’s water temperature and level as well as a signal that shows whether or not the kettle’s been turned on. In addition to this display screen, Bugatti boasts that Jacqueline can pair with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, allowing users to operate Jacqueline from a distance through Bugatti’s accompanying app, Bugatti B Chef. Whether you’re reading for hours on end in bed or heading home from a day spent in the cold, with Jacqueline a hot cup of tea can always be waiting for you.

Most of the IoT technology found on Jacqueline is located on the tea kettle’s handle, which is constructed from PCT Tritan. There, users can find Jacqueline’s temperature regulator, which can be adjusted for either Celsius or Fareignheight temperature scales, as well as the kettle’s ‘Keep Warm,’ function which maintains a consistent simmer for as long as three hours. In addition to the kettle’s ‘Keep Warm’ feature, Jacqueline includes a ‘Baby Food/Water,’ setting that cools boiling water down to a temperature suitable for babies. With a body sculpted from 18/10 stainless steel, Jacqueline is as elegant as stainless steel kitchen appliances come, making it appropriate for any modern kitchen. Drawing inspiration from the classic ceramic teapot, Jacqueline strikes the ideal balance between refined contemporary luxury and tried-and-true teamaking tradition.

Designer: Bugatti

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