NAACP encourages people to #LogOutFacebook after Senate report

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has returned a donation to Facebook and encouraged its partners and supporters to log out of the social network, Instagram and WhatsApp for one week in the wake of a Senate report on Russ...

Google adds more media and messaging options to Android Auto

Google is rolling out media playback and messaging updates on Android Auto to make it more convenient while keeping safety at the forefront. The refreshed media interface should quickly help you find something you want to listen to , while the system...

Facebook’s turmoil has reportedly hit employee morale hard

Facebook has been mired in bad news lately, including numerous data privacy scandals, criticism over its role in Myanmar violence and a tumbling stock price. As such, employee morale has fallen, with just 52 percent of employees saying they're optimi...

Today’s technology in yesterday’s avatars!


A perfect post for throwback thursday, these products show us how far we’ve come in just a matter of two decades. Each product you see is branded with an app or a service we, collectively, use and can’t live without. Making the point that we had alternatives (albeit less addictive) to each of these technologies is Thomas Ollivier’s set of old-world products with new-world branding… or rather, reimagining the very services we can’t live without, if they existed long before Y2K.

You’ve got a Spotify-branded Walkman (with a voice-activated system! How cute!), a Netflix View-master, a Facebook pager that takes a subtle dig at the company and at humanity’s addiction to likes/validation, an Instagram disposable-cam, a Whatsapp walkie-talkie, a Google toy-computer, an Adobe Illustrator etch-a-sketch, and if anyone knows what the Snapchat product is, do hit us up, my memory fails me… and if that isn’t proof that we’re all growing old, I don’t know what is!

Designer: Thomas Ollivier








Google Maps ETA sharing comes to iOS, third-party apps

The overhaul of Google Maps is continuing, this time with ETA sharing. After first introducing the feature in 2017, Google is giving users the ability to share their location and route in real-time with others on both Android and iOS devices—an...