Award-winning automotive + architecture design with an Instagram-inspired gallery to showcase the users style!

Pavilion is a flexible, architectural space designed as a moving vehicle where users can generate personal galleries to be displayed to the world.

The need to express yourself is real. From the dawn of time, self-expression has been the catalyst for works of art and cultural landmarks that help define the human experience. Today, social media undoubtedly plays a major role in newfound modes of self-expression and bridging culture and craft across the world.

Inspired by the ways humans express themselves, Junu Kim was recently recognized by DesignWanted with an award at Pininfarina’s “New Dreams for a New World” competition for his architecture and Instagram-inspired Pavilion, a car concept that doubles as an ‘Ego Gallery.’

Serpentine Pavilion in London’s Kensington Garden selects and presents architectural artworks on a yearly basis, meant to exhibit each architect’s unique vision and artistic philosophy. Motivated to scale that showcase down to an automobile concept, Junu Kim’s Pavilion allows anyone to display their personal gallery on a moving vehicle for the world to take in their distinct personality, in a similar fashion to the Serpentine Pavilion.

Closely resembling a storefront window, Kim’s Pavilion would allow users to display objects and 3D images for onlookers to understand their personality as if they were scrolling through their Instagram grid. Envisioned in jade green, the automobile is a transparent four-wheeler that features a seating compartment for one person and a display case for each user’s gallery that’s bordered with wooden paneling.

Inspired by Dieter Rams’ take on modern architecture, Kim’s Pavilion features round edges and dramatic lines that flow seamlessly together. Equipped with everything from hologram interfaces and furniture constructed from marble, Kim’s Pavilion concept is the type of car designed for the future.

Designer: Junu Kim

Samsung’s Bespoke Design Contest reveals the three winning refrigerator designs from over 1,500 submissions!

The top three winning refrigerator designs of Samsung’s Bespoke Design Contest have been revealed after over 1,500 custom designs were submitted.

Samsung household appliances have been trusted by homeowners for years. In an effort to make their collection of refrigerators more unique to their consumers’ tastes and to reflect the appliance’s standard of dependability, Samsung hosted their Bespoke Design Contest with Wallpaper* Magazine. Between July 7 and August 4, 2021, 1,581 designs were submitted to the contest, a number narrowed down to three one-of-a-kind designs that were voted on by the public.

The contest’s top 50 designs were hand-selected by a panel of judges comprised of Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas, Senior Vice President and Head of Design for Samsung Digital Appliances Harry Choi, Senior Vice President and Head of Samsung Design Europe, Felix Heck, interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE, and artist Yinka Ilori. Following their announcement, Samsung invited their followers to vote for the contest’s top 15 designs by “liking” their posts on Samsung Bespoke’s Instagram.

At the top of the podium, Rita Louis’s “Lost Landscape” looks to walks in nature for inspiration. Taking cues from the subtle nuances of natural landscapes, Louis bedecked her off-white modular refrigerator system with splatters and thick brushstrokes of royal blue paint. Lauded for its “artistic, light and inspiring,” personality, “Lost Landscape” was voted for with enthusiasm from Samsung, Wallpaper*, and the general public.

Right beside Rita Louis’s creation, “Foodie” by Weronika Slifierz takes a different approach to custom design. Borrowing the color scheme of popular illustrations from the ‘90s, Slifierz coated her refrigerator in cartoons of food imagery. Sushi, watermelon, avocados, ramen, and a good ole’ carton of OJ grace the double doors of Slifierz’s refrigerator, serving to wet the tastebuds before a good, healthy meal, which Slifierz believes we should all indulge in every day.

“Nestled,” from Ioana Sabau was inspired by the company that food brings. Describing this, Sabau explains, “food brings people together, and…the time we spend in the kitchen can be [time spent] connecting with each other.” Noting the project’s particular use of abstract colors, Heck remarks, “The colors, the scale, the symmetry, and the cute, cartoony abstraction create a uniqueness and beauty that make me feel positive [about] this beautiful little love story.”

Designer: Samsung Bespoke Design Contest

KeyShot and Yanko Design team up for a Design Challenge. Participate for a chance to win an Apple iPad & AirPods Pro

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with KeyShot over our first ever Design Challenge! The premier YDxKeyShot Design Challenge has a broad brief and some exciting prizes! Your mission, should you choose, is to add your own spin to the ENVOY Helmet to make it safer. You can find images of the ENVOY Helmet below, and use this link to download the ENVOY Helmet 3D file for free.

Click Here to Participate Now! Hurry, Contest Closes on 19th September 2021, 11:59 pm PST.

The ENVOY Helmet by KeyShot’s design team, comes with 3 standout features – a hard-shell design, a detachable visor on the front, and a dynamic LED panel on the back that helps alert riders/drivers of your presence. The redesign could be as simple as creating new patterns for the LED matrix and experimenting with different CMF for higher visibility and better safety, or you could add your own features too, like a HUD, an inflatable life-vest, the sky is quite literally the limit.

To participate in the YDxKeyShot Design Challenge, upload your renders/animations/designs to Instagram and tag + follow the @yankodesign and @keyshot3d accounts while also using the #YDxKeyShot hashtag. You can get your hands on a free trial of the latest KeyShot 10 rendering software by downloading the software on KeyShot’s website and using the Trial Licence Code KSYANKO21 while installing the software to unlock all the features. Participants in the KeyShot x Yanko Design Challenge must be above the age of 18.

The Design Challenge will be judged by Ti Chang – Designer and Founder of Crave, Reid Schlegel – Educator and Designer at Aruliden, and Sarang Sheth – Editor in Chief at Yanko Design. The challenge will see three winners who will receive licenses to KeyShot, along with a 10.2-inch Apple iPad (first prize), Apple AirPods Pro (second prize), and an Apple HomePod Mini (third prize). The deadline to submit your designs is 19th September 2021, 12:00 PST. Hurry!

Here’s all the information you need:

The Design Brief
How can you make the ENVOY Helmet safer?

How to Participate
Step 1: Download the ENVOY Helmet 3D assets
Step 2: Upload your design to Instagram + Follow @yankodesign and @keyshot3d
Step 3: Tag @yankodesign and use the hashtag #YDxKeyShot in the caption.

Contest Opens: 6th September 2021, 12:00 am PST
Contest Closes: 19th September 2021, 11:59 pm PST

First Prize: 10.2-inch Apple iPad + KeyShot Pro License
Runner Up 1: Apple AirPods Pro + KeyShot HD License
Runner Up 2: Apple HomePod Mini + KeyShot HD License

You Have to Use KeyShot to create your renders.

Click Here to Download the ENVOY Helmet 3D Assets

Click Here to Download a free trial of KeyShot 10 (Use the Trial Code KSYANKO21 after installation)

Click Here to Participate Now! Hurry, Contest Closes on 19th September 2021, 11:59 pm PST.