HP Envy Move is a vesatile all-in-one PC that supersedes your laptop in most use-case-scenarios

Haven’t you always desired the screen real estate of a desktop but always loved the portability of a laptop? The dual-screen Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is living proof that brands are now more conscious of this consumer demand but there’s a catch. Such products come at higher than usual prices and are not for carefree users, as they require some degree of special treatment. HP Spectre Foldable is yet another pricey example of such a multipurpose computing machine.

While Dell and Acer have not been bold enough to release such machines, HP wants to try their luck out with the Envy Move. The 24-inch all-in-one desktop is high on portability and low on price making it an interesting product offering the best of both worlds.

Designer: HP

Making its first appearance under the radar at this year’s CES 2024 (the reason most of the tech community failed to notice it) the dual utility laptop seems more than utilitarian as a daily driver. The price tag of $900 is reasonable at most considering the exorbitant pricing of other such products on the market. Of course, there are some corners cut but the versatility aspect (not necessarily portability) is where the USP of this futureproof gadget lies.

The HP Envy Move is primarily a desktop with an included battery that powers the reasonable hardware and the big 24-inch 2K touchscreen. That means you can multitask with ease, providing a far better experience than laptops. The lower half of the screen tilts to create an added working area and is good for taking Zoom calls too as the webcam comes up to the eye level. That said the thickness of the device is something you won’t write home about.

That extra space, however, does accommodate a built-in B&O speaker with a beefy bass response. This will excite audio lovers or ones who consume a lot of multimedia content. You can also use it as an external display for your main PC without worrying about the wire clutter since it has its battery power system. The smart desktop PC cum monitor seems like a good prospect, offering a practical experience for users who cannot afford a multiple PC setup.

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Alienware shaves plastic weight off their new Aurora R16 Desktop for a sleeker look

Alienware is no stranger to outlandish PC case designs and something subtle is not their ball game. Or is it? The Dell-owned brand has this time around broken notions with a new mid-tower desktop PC chassis that looks nothing like an Alienware would, if the information was not revealed to a neutral geek.

With some criticism for the Aurora R15 desktop PC regarding the cooling capabilities, Alienware has released the Aurora R16 PC focusing on this loophole. What’s surprising is the quaint look that is there for a purpose, and it grows on you the more you work on it. Gone is the very alienesque case that now gives way to a more traditional PC aesthetic which die-hard Alienware proponents might find hard to gobble down.


  • Compact form factor that weighs less
  • Ample ports on the front for power users
  • Aggressive pricing to take on the competition


  • Conservative chassis design
  • Number of fans could fall short while high-end gaming
  • Proprietary motherboard and server-style power unit

Designer: Alienware

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There’s a refreshing design language dubbed “Legend 3” with a squarish shape and an interesting approach to improving the overall acoustics and thermals. The final chassis design thus has 20 percent lesser noise, 10 percent lower CPU and 6 percent reduced GPU temperatures. The beefy form factor is shaved off to reduce the overall volume by 40 percent without sacrificing the internal volume (25.2 liters) which is the same as the predecessor. The ultimate goal is of not being, “impeded by plastics” for optimized airflow.

The Aurora R16 measures just 16.5 inches tall compared to the 20 inches of the R15. Also, the single glowing LED Stadium light loop is a toned-down version of their previous builds. Although the swanky curves are gone, Alienware has retained the signature see-through plastic panel. On the brighter side, there’s much better cable management, and Alienware claims to have added large airflow vents on both front sides and top. This is assisted by the single 120mm intake behind. To keep things running smoothly with intense graphics processing, there’s the option of adding a 240mm liquid cooling radiator paired with 120mm fans on top.

Alienware Aurora R16 desktop is available in a standard version loaded with Intel AX210 Wi-Fi 6E, a 500W 80+ Platinum power supply and 12-phase voltage regulation, two memory card slots and two M.2 SSD slots for up to 64GB of DDR5-5600 RAM and up to 8TB of PCIe Gen 4 storage. As an option, you can also go for a 3.5mm spinning hard drive and an optional 1000W 80+ Platinum power supply. The price of the variant with 13th Gen Intel Core i7 and GeForce RTX 4070 GPU is going to be $1,750. This is going to be cheaper than the $2,200 R15 for the same configuration, so a better deal in every aspect for power users.

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Desktop Mars Zen Garden: Interplanetary Peace

Originally created as places for monks to meditate on Buddha’s teachings, Zen gardens have been miniaturized and available in desktop versions for quite some time now. Just not in interplanetary form, like this Mars Zen Garden available from Uncommon Goods. The desktop meditation garden features a 10″ diameter resin tray, red sand, lava rocks, a tiny astronaut and Sojourner rover, and a rake for making patterns. I am going to have so much fun relaxing and not working!

The copper-finish nickel rake features one end for raking and the other for creating craters from meteorite impacts. How realistic. Of course, if they wanted to make it even more realistic, it should come with some alien mini-figures as well. Stop hiding the truth, NASA!

I remember I had a miniature Zen garden in high school to help calm my nerves from the high stress of youth (little did I know!), but my cat Bill eventually knocked it off my desk, and all the sand got lost in the carpet. I suppose I should just be thankful he didn’t decide to use it as a litter box instead. At least there’s that.

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This desktop microphone takes on the classic shape of a radio mic with a signature color scheme to up the whimsy

Talkie is a desktop microphone concept defined by its primary color scheme and nostalgic silhouette.

Long Beach-based industrial designer Chris Granneberg is known for his delightful collection of product designs that strike the perfect balance between simplicity and whimsy. Characterized by primary color schemes and touchable shapes, it’s hard to not reach out and play with Granneberg’s designs. Designed for Render Weekly’s S6:W6 prompt, one of Granneberg’s latest designs is an adjustable desktop microphone called Talkie that maintains Granneberg’s playful spirit and integrates an intuitive control interface for optimal usability.

Designer: Chris Granneberg

In this era of content creation, the importance of having access to electrical devices for content like podcasts, photographs, and vlogs cannot be understated. Whether you’d like to start a podcast discussing your favorite canned foods or start vlogging your latest travels, access to a working microphone is crucial. Talkie is a microphone that provides the same functionality as standard, casual-use microphones, but its unique shape and color scheme set it apart from the rest. Amounting only to a single button, Talkie comes with an intuitive control interface that operates the power of the microphone.

Taking on the shape of a cardioid microphone, Granneberg’s desktop mic design exudes nostalgia and immediately defines its purpose. Hinged towards its bottom by a swivel ball joint, Talkie can tilt 360-degrees so that users can find their preferred position for the mic.

To operate the microphone, users can connect an included USB Type-C cable to the microphone and a desktop computer to then configure the output and input settings. From there the fun begins. Granneberg says it best when he explains, “I like to surround myself with color and happy objects that bring me joy to not only use but to look and surround myself with when not in use.”

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This power-packed workstation is an iMac knockoff for Windows users

The sleekly designed iMac is a classy desktop computer boasting security that is far superior to a Windows PC. Still, it has certain loopholes such as high price, limited upgradability, and software restrictions. That said, Windows-based workstations have also made the wiser move towards a slimmer profile. Rather than expanding in size horizontally won’t it be great if a cool-looking workstation is there which makes use of the vertical space?

Designer: Chris Granneberg

Meet the WS1 Workstation concept designed by industrial design expert Chris Granneberg. This desktop inspired by the Sonos’ unique form is a power-packed computer to run software applications like SolidWorks, KeyShot, or the odd gaming session on the weekends. Just like an all-in-one iMac workstation, this Windows 11 PC has a very clean geometry and cool military green color, The 27-inch monitor is positioned adjacent to the rig holding the powerful hardware inside and the ports are placed to the side. The idea of a peppy desktop is something akin to the Xbox S-inspired all-in-one mini Windows PC.

The WS1 Workstation has a bit bigger volume than the one designed by New Land Design, but that’s understandable because of the high-end graphics card, cooling system and other components. The distance between them has to be optimal for enhanced cooling and performance – so a designer, digital artist or gamer won’t have any complaints about the slightly beefy proportions on the backside. The all-in-one PC has a height-adjustable screen to get just the right ergonomic as well as eye comfort for stress-free working for long hours too. The designer promises to add more ports and connectivity options to the PC in future iterations. Personally, I would like to see someone design such a PC with more color options and a slightly slimmer profile (if that’s possible with high-end hardware) to spice things up and take the challenge head on to Apple!

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Desktop Hand Massager for Gamers: Keep Your Trigger Finger Nimble

It’s important to keep your hands at peak performance for gaming sessions, otherwise, you might misclick and kill a teammate instead of an enemy. Trust me – it happens, and I’ve been kicked out my fair share of guilds and clans to prove it. So to help alleviate muscle strain and fatigue, Japanese gaming furniture manufacturer Bauhutte has released the cleverly named Hand Massager, a desktop hand massager to keep your hands at optimal gaming readiness.

Available from Amazon Japan, the Hand Massager features fifteen individual air cushions “to remove fatigue and weariness from the palm and each finger one by one.” It has the option to massage your entire hand or just the fingers and has three different massage settings of increasing pressure. It also has a hand-warming option (I assume operated by the crispy bacon button) to help keep your muscles loose and your trigger finger nimble. Am I going to blame it for not doing a good enough job every time I lose a game? Otherwise, what’s the point of buying one?

So, will the Hand Massager actually give you a competitive gaming edge? That’s debatable. I mean it’s not going to make up for lack of skill, that’s for sure, which is a shame because that’s definitely what I’m lacking. I’ve never even finished in the top 90 of a 100 person battle royale before. The kids in those chatrooms – they say horrible things to me.

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This Xbox S-inspired all-in-one mini Windows PC rivals the iMac for good measure

While Apple has a pricey proposition for buyers who can’t resist the mini form factor of the iMac, a new Windows all-in-one computer ignites hope for ones who have always liked the freedom of the world’s most-used PC.

The 2021 iMac with the M1 microchip on-board is the powerful all-in-one PC for all kinds of users – and of course – the funky color options to match the modern interiors. Although the limited ports and no upgrade option is a bit of a downer. That leaves most of (including me) craving an option that’s spiced up in Windows flavor. New Land Design seems to have caught onto the idea of an all-in-one Windows desktop PC – bringing another option for users who prefer the more open-ended OS and hardware environment.

The compact PC is inspired by the Xbox Series S design, and it’s fairly evident from the all-white theme. There are plenty of ports up-front (courtesy of re-rerouted IO) to satiate the need of power users who possess a lot of gadgets. The big Xbox-like housing in a Mini ITX has all the hardware components including the RAM, graphics card and more. The designers have crafted the mini PC in a manner to assist the bottom to top airflow for active cooling.

New Land Design has kept the dimensions of the mini Windows PC well within the practical realms and has not tried to outsmart the slim iMac design with an even slimmer profile. The screen has a modern bezel-less look and the height-adjustable movement hides away the ports when brought down to the lower end. Now, the only question remains unanswered – will you want to put this up on your desk anytime soon?

Designer: New Land Design

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Peace Hand Sign Headphones Holder: Holding a Tune

In the same vein as their previously posted sign of the horns headphone holder, Luckies of London Ltd. has introduced this peace hand sign version. The silver-painted polyresin hand measures 28.5cm x 13.5cm x 9cm (11″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″) and features a felted base for not scuffing up your desk. Or, in my case, the closet door I have laying across two sawhorses acting as a desk.

Not only can the hand hold your headphones, but also earbuds, keys, rings and other jewelry, and watches. Go wild! Just not too wild or you might break a finger. And, as a guy who broke several fingers in high school and had to have my hand put in a cast, I can attest to having a designated writer assigned to me and asking him what he thought the answers were on science tests.

I can only assume it’s just a matter of time until Luckies of London goes all in and adds a middle finger version to their line of hand sign headphone holders. But how will it hold headphones with only one extended finger? I’m guessing not very well.

Logitech’s latest device is an all-in-one dock that turns your table full of gadgets into the best WFH setup ever

Acting as a sort of universal remote for all your gadgets and appliances, from your desktop to webcam, microphone, and speakers, the Logitech Logi Dock lets you easily control your online presence from one simple device. The dock comes with a simplified set of buttons on the front that let you join and leave meetings, mute and unmute your mic, and even toggle your webcam. Ports on the back let you hook all your desktop peripherals to the Logi Dock for a wire-free clutter-free workplace, and the Logi Dock is compatible with all leading video conferencing platforms, making online collaborations and meetings as easy as pressing a button.

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Working from home isn’t particularly easy. With your office, you show up to a workstation that’s already been configured by the IT department. When you need to attend a meeting, you actually attend a meeting, and when all’s said and done, you log off, shut your machine, and leave the office. With working from home, you have to navigate the entire experience from scratch, getting a machine to work with all your new collaboration software, having peripherals that are well connected, needing a reliable home WiFi connection, and simultaneously learning the user interfaces for multiple video chatting apps.

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Designed to act as the makeshift IT guy who sets up your workspace you can easily get to work without fiddling with wires, peripherals, and ports, the Logi Dock comes with all the ports you need at the back, effectively shifting the mess of cables off your desk and to its rear. It supports up to five USB peripherals and up to two monitors — while charging your laptop up to 100W and even giving you the ability to juice your phone/tablet. Once you’ve set your workspace up, the Logi Dock’s buttons make it a breeze to enter and exit meetings, toggle your webcam (without interacting with the video-conferencing app’s interface), and if you’ve got a headset, you can either use the buttons on the Logi Dock to switch the mic on or off or use the Dock’s advanced speakerphone system to attend meetings without using headphones. The speakerphone doubles up as a music system while working too, allowing you to play your favorite tunes while you work, reducing the need to have an extra set of desktop speakers on your table… or having to rely on your laptop’s crummy speaker system.

The Logi Dock is available in two colors: Graphite and White, and begins shipping in Winder 2021 for $399.

Designer: Logitech

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

Logitech Logi Dock WFH Setup

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With extending screens, LED bar, wireless charging & more, this PC is everyone’s dream desk setup!

This all-in-one desktop PC takes the next technological leap, leveraging the capabilities of 5G to bring forth an all-in-one PC design that uses cloud streaming to run high-end softwares remotely.

The ultra-thin 24-inch iMac is a desirable piece of technology that demands a premium price. The closest competition to this niche PC form factor is the Acer Aspire S 24 or the HP Envy all-in-one computer line-up. Although, such is the design iteration and performance of Apple’s all-in-one desktop that other options are somewhat over-shadowed. So, there is a definite premium market that Windows PC manufacturers can cash in on, leaving Apple to push even more for their upcoming iMac models.

The core of the idea penned by product designer Seong Yong Kim is the controlling capability of a high-performance PC using real-time remote streaming courtesy of the 5G technology. It is much like Google’s Stadia cloud gaming platform that relies on ultra-fast connectivity speed to run games on high-end hardware on remote servers without the need to physically purchase an expensive graphics card, CPU or RAM.

Christened 5G Workstation FLOW, this PC is capable of running resource-heavy photo and video editing software, graphics-intensive games, music composition applications, or anything that requires high-end CPU and GPU processing – remotely from the servers without any issues. Seong has designed the FLOW PC keeping in mind content creators who are constantly pushed to upgrade their hardware to meet the requirements of ever-evolving applications.

This concept PC is a very good example of things to come in the future as the tech community makes the gradual shift towards workflow that’s tailored for performance sans the need to upgrade the internal hardware to keep u with performance requirements over the years to come. In addition to that, FLOW is much more than just a beautiful display with its in-built height-adjustable mount arm stand.

The monitor can extend into a multi-monitor configuration by simply clipping on the extra monitors to the main panel. To extend the functionality, the mount arm has an extending LED bar that doubles as a wireless charger for gadgets and displays real-time widget information such as weather updates, incoming messages on your phone, or prompts for software updates. The wireless keyboard comes with USB ports for quick wired charging needs.

For quick access to favorite applications, there is an accompanying remote and a trackpad in themed color to complete the ecosystem. The designer however doesn’t elaborate much in detail on the functionality of these add-ons. Overall this idea of making the metamorphosis towards cloud-oriented PC services is something I like already!

Designer:  Seong Yong Kim