How to Build Trust in Your Brand

For any online business to succeed, it needs to develop trust among its customers. Customers need to feel assured that the products or services they see being advertised for sale are the same ones they will actually receive once they complete their transactions. Trust is also a major issue when […]

A Tech Infused Life

The technology of today has played a vital role in shaping modern existence as we know it. There are various daily undertakings that have changed forever. We no longer communicate and interact in the same manner as we did 10 years ago and even now today; with technology growing at […]

Tech-Driven Trends Set to Drive Commerce

Nearly half of the world’s population is able to access the Internet nowadays, and this kind of connectivity is now making an impact on nearly all aspects of our lives. From playing the online slots Canada has to offer from anywhere to sending emails while on the go, the Internet […]

A Career Guide to Becoming a Computer Hardware Engineer

Those passionate about the mechanics of technology should consider a career as a computer hardware engineer. It is their role to oversee the manufacture, installation and testing of various hardware, such as computer systems, circuit boards, servers, chips and more. If you think it could be a viable career for […]

Why Skycoin is Creating the New Decentralized Internet?

There is a lot of talk about the benefits that cryptocurrencies can bring if any at all. In the case of a few coins, this could be true as they have been developed just to take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and their investment opportunities some people are making […]

The Gadget You’ll Need To Protect Your Investments From Hackers

Since the many cyber attacks that have occurred globally in 2017, such as the WannaCry and Petya ransomware incidents, it’s safe to say that there’s a big increase small business owners and large enterprise purchasing the best anti-virus softwares, gadgets, and cybersecurity services on the market. But with the many […]

Why Small Retailers don’t Always Need Their Own Business Premises

It is common for small retailers to operate without their own premises to keep overheads low when they start out, but even as they become more established, small retailers are choosing to stick with their virtual business model. A retailer’s online presence can grow and develop via an online selling […]

Growth Of Fintech (Infographic)

Fintech, or financial technology, describes a business that is aimed at providing financial services by using modern technology and software. Nowadays, Fintech affects mostly all industries – from travel companies like Expedia to online casinos and remote workers – but the most direct competition is between banks and purely Fintech […]

5 Tips to Update Your Ofice in 2018

The beginning of a brand new year is the perfect time to create changes in your life. One of them can be your office. Now is the time to update your office and create a space where you will not only feel relaxed but also productive. Check out the list […]

The Best Ways Freelancers Can Protect Their Clients Data

For a lot of people, working as a freelancer is hugely rewarding and also convenient. Not only do you get to work from anywhere, but you can also choose how much work you take on and when. However, the ability to work in a library or a coffee shop if […]