More Ways to Make Money with Your Android Phone

Android phones are becoming more capable than ever. The latest generation of smartphones now feature a capable processor, more RAM and internal storage, and cameras with immense capabilities. Combined, today’s top smartphones can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Aside from playing games and doing complex tasks, you […]

Understanding the Benefits of Vaping Compared to Conventional Cigarettes

For quite a few years now vaping has steadily grown in popularity as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. While it is still new and the long-term impact of vaping is unknown, the main reason why it is so attractive is the fact that it has many very clear-cut benefits. Some […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Social Media as a Business

Being a small business in a big world can be difficult, but not necessarily. Using your social media platforms as a tool to increase the number of customers you reach is one way to survive and thrive, while most small businesses struggle to get started. Finding a reputable and competent […]

Important Factors that Affect the Quality of Screen Recording Videos

As you can probably imagine the factors affecting the quality of screen recording videos are similar to conventional videos – while being distinct at the same time. Understanding the more important factors that are at work could help you to improve the quality of any screen recording videos that you […]

How Did Technology Change Hockey Sticks

When it comes to hockey, technology might not be the first thing that you associate with it. But technology has changed hockey in recent years, changing the skills needed to play the game and even the way the game itself is played. One of the major changes has been to […]

Why Pet Owners Need to Invest in Wearable Pet Tech

Pets are more than just companions; they are part of the family. They bring incomparable happiness and give unconditional love to their people. They etch a permanent place in their humans’ hearts. Knowing how precious pets are, owners go to great lengths to make sure their fur family is happy, […]

Smart Guns-Are They Here to Stay

It’s 1:00 in the morning. You wake up to the sound of a smashed window from your living room. In your groggy state, you get up, head to the bathroom. The sound of glass cracking underfoot, yanks you out of dreamland. You grab your gun and run to your kids […]

Are Blockchain Disruptions A Good Thing?

Blockchain is the heart of all cryptos. All the transactions done via crypto wallets are recorded through blockchain technology that can be publicly accessed. This is why they are considered transparent and decentralized, yet secure. Blockchain technology was initially workable for cryptocurrencies only, but today, blockchain is slowly finding its […]

How Robots Are Shaping the Present

No longer are robots only a thing of the future, as they are now beginning to take a foothold in today’s world. In fact, they are beginning to do more than that — they are beginningto actually shape the present day! It’s true, there are more and more instances of […]

5 Gadgets That Are An Investment

We’ve all heard the phrase “treat yourself,” yet many of us struggle to do so if we do not consider the ‘treat’ to be an investment. Our money is precious, and so we want to ensure that what we’re buying will last and is, most importantly, worth our time and […]