Engadget giveaway: Win a Product Red edition iPhone 7 courtesy of Speck!

There's been plenty of chatter lately about the new Product Red edition iPhone 7, which finally breaks free from the muted metallic lineup with its brilliantly colored exterior. From what I've seen around NYC, though, you'd be well advised to protect...

Apple’s renewed fight against AIDS includes new iPhone cases

Apple has made a tradition of marking World AIDS Day with a campaign to donate to the Product (RED) charity, and it's going the extra mile for its 10th year of support. On top of the company's existing (RED) gear (which sends a contribution to the G...

Apple has donated over $65 million to Product Red for AIDS research

DNP Apple has raised over $65 million to fight AIDS for Project Red

Say what you will about Apple's business practices, but its philanthropy work is hard to discount. Cupertino has raised over $65 million for Product Red's fight against AIDS since 2006, the charity tweeted today. The announcement comes from the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting, where the male half of Bonoprah took the stage, commenting that the tech giant "is certainly leading the crew" in terms of donations to the effort -- something that should speak much louder than a broken click wheel ever will.

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Source: (Product) RED (Twitter)