A Light That Has Personality!


We love a product that has a bit of personality about it, and every so often we come across one that we just can’t resist talking about! Junts is one of them. It was created on the basis that each of the two shapes are at a loss without one another, this is reflected in its name which in Catalan means “together”.

The rounded rectangular shape of the main body lends itself to holding tall items such as books and magazines. Alternatively, it can be left empty to create a more sculpture-like appearance. Onto the rectangle the bulbous, spherical, wooden light can be attached, and it’s up to the user where exactly they would like it to be positioned thanks to the integrated magnet!

The seemingly unlimited compositions allow Junts to be suitable for a plethora of uses; from a stylish yet functional reading lamp, to a side lamp that gently illuminates the room.

Designers: Agota Rimsaite & Cristina Sanchez Hidalgo





DIY Just Got a Lot Easier!


Home DIY can, at times, be a frustrating experience, however it is almost always an extremely rewarding and satisfying activity. But for many the introduction of power tools can be daunting and off-putting due to their extensive range of functions and their utilitarian aesthetic, which appeals to an exclusive demographic.

This Orbital Jigsaw, designed by Collin Murray, aims to increase both the ease-of-use and safety for the user. Perhaps one of the most significant and noticeable features is the enhanced visibility that has been created by the large screen on top of the device; a camera that is positioned on the underside of the device captures a live view of the blade, ensuring consistent visibility while cutting.

The saw also features an ‘auto-correcting cut’ feature! This does exactly what you would think, it automatically creates a far more accurate cut, therefore making any novice DIYer look like a professional craftsman!

Designer: Collin Murray














The Future of Smart Technology?


Smart technology is slowly taking control of homes and its presence is on the increase, all thanks to its high level of functionality and convenience. However, a lot of these products carry a rather mechanical and technological aesthetic, and this leads to them not necessarily blending into the rest of the home.

The Permeate Series is a network of smart products that seamlessly integrate into the furnishings of existing homes. A prime example of this in action is their Home Care Camera Lighting; rather than being like a conventional CCTV camera that intrudes into the home, their CCTV system has been integrated into the same unit as the lighting, this allows it to remain inconspicuous!

Their other products, including a Wireless Charging Tray and Bluetooth Speaker feature neutral, toned-down colors and soft furnishing where appropriate, to emulate upholstered furniture within the room. The Permeate Series will slowly, naturally and subtly improve the lives of their users, while simultaneously looking great!

Designers: Juan Lee, Joongu Kim & Kyuho Song

Naturally Blend In With Household Surroundings

The design concept that I am proposing is a smart home furnishing philosophy that seamlessly blends with per-existing home interiors. Instead of solely emphasizing mechanical design language that focuses on functionality and technology, this is a experience focused design language that sensibly blends into the previously existing home interiors. This means that users can experience smart lives through natural experiences without having to learn new functions or ways to operate devices.

These products will seamlessly blend into the lives of people based on their natural and sensible designs. The devices will be linked intimately to provide a smart living environment. Because these new devices seem quite everyday, it will not be easy to notice these devices in our everyday lives. But slowly and naturally, these devices will incrementally improve the lives of people in smart ways. ​​​​​​​


Home Care Camera Lighting

The lighting and home care camera have been integrated into one unit. Rather than having the appearance of a CCTV that is used for monitoring, it serves the role of an object that provides lighting. It can also be controlled by a smartphone.




Wireless Charging Tray for Household Interiors

This is a tray that also functions as a wireless charging pad. Do not plug in your devices into wall-plugged outlets, but place your smartphone on top of the tray for wireless charging. Other devices that we use every day including car keys, pens and notebooks etc. can also be charged on the tray.




Bluetooth Speaker with a Fabric Frame

This is a Bluetooth Speaker finished with a comforting and warm feeling Fabric Frame. It can be used by hanging it on the wall or while on the move. The small size of the speaker also enables it to be charged on the wireless charging tray. This speaker can blend into be included as part of the home interior design.




Applications of Smart Home Furniture

With the integrated application of the smartphone, you can see the shot screen of home care camera, and control the speaker and lighting. Finally, with more devices added to the application, Permeate Series will present people a home life of extended experience.


This Beast Can Make It Through Anything

Having moved to Chicago recently, it’s become clear to me that I was never prepared for more than a few days’ snow. It had me wonder what on earth people do in the more northern areas of Canada and Greenland, etc. Rest assured, I’ve found exactly what they do, they get on the back of the Can-Am Apache with the badass Backcountry Track System. An upgrade on the already established 360 tracks, the Backcountry Track System takes care of the rough terrain, oh, and everything else one could ever encounter along the way.

Using two-inch lugs, a 13.5-inch front track, and 14-inch rear track, it offers the highest ground clearance of 20.3″ (51.6cm) keeping the vehicles and you out of the snow, maximum floatation, and outstanding deep snow performance. The contact patch alone is 23% larger, while it also has an aggressive track design with a 2″ (5 cm) lug height for maximum traction on the snow. This guy is a true force to be reckoned with and will get you beyond places that other tracks can’t. If only I had one for Chicago…

Designer: J.A. Bombardier of Can-Am





For the love of Pacific Rim

Robot fighting. There is nothing that sounds cooler in the world and the very thought of it can is so much more exciting than sitting down and playing video games. If it sounds that cool, it probably needs to look that cool too. Which is no problem for the far advanced Pilot Labs Moorebot Zeus Battle Robot, taking a giant leap into the world of robot fighting. Zeus is trained in karate, kung-fu, and a lick of MMA – he might even be more equipped with skill than those stepping into the Octagon each week.

Comprised of more moving parts than one can even fathom, Zeus has a 25-kilo per servo motor punch, enough to hurt a human hand. Standing tall at a height of 14-inches and weighing in at a manageable 2.2 kilos – Zeus is the ultimate defender of the office space. All Servo motors use metal gear for durability, and they need all the stability they can get with the standard version carrying 22 Servo motors while the more advanced version comes equipped with 32 Servo motors. Punching at a speed of up to 150m/second, all that punching is bound to exhaust anyone, and with a battery life of up to 50 minutes, it’s surely got to be enough to take down any opposition that so dares.

Designer: Pilot Labs





A Bike Ready for the End of the World

Founded in 2016, Droog Moto was set up by husband and wife Max & Erica Droog. Who quickly became known for their dystopian future, rough and ready aesthetic of bike design that has a go anywhere, anytime attitude. And the Moto 3 is no exception to this. There is something eerie but savagely cool looks to this bike. Originally a Yamaha FZ-09, this bike got a new lease of life, albeit it may not appear that way at first glance.

Rough and ready this is not, the Moto 3 is calculated and beautifully designed. The front arch is stunning to see as it contrasts against the heavy mechanical materials found scattered across this bike. Accompanied by an aggressive LED headlight display and the “tackle anything” off-road tires, the Moto 3 would have no problem getting you from A – B when the world is coming to an end. Just be sure if and when it is all going down, you get a bike from Max and Erica in time.

Designers: Max & Erica Droog of Droog Moto





This Bike Has Both Method and Madness


Usually when I hear the words “limited edition,” I am instantly provoked into thinking I should get it. It was only after setting my eyes upon the Method 143 bike by Arch Motorcycles that I realized I MUST HAVE IT. The unlikelihood of this has never been higher considering this progressively designed motorcycle will be limited to only 23 units. Undoubtedly the edgiest, boldest bike I’ve seen in quite a long time, the 143 is fiery and needs to be treated with the respect it deserves.

The Method 143 is the first concept production motorcycle featuring a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis. It’s hard not to admire the beautifully detailed craftsmanship of the bodywork here – the fine leather, carbon fiber, and artfully programmed CNC machined aluminum is nothing short of flawless and loudly showcases the love that ARCH Motorcycle has for two-wheelers. The front of this bike seems to hunch over, as though it’s ready for action, while the muscle shaped body of the 143 sits behind it, open for admiration as it shows off those gorgeous CNC machined lines, giving a sense of aerodynamic enhancement. ARCH has really outdone themselves here, and it shows. Bravo.

Designer: ARCH Motorcycle










An acura-te look into the future


I’m a firm believer that, come the year 2025, the climate will have changed our landscape, and the utility element of the sports utility vehicle will be more needed than ever. Aggressive, in-control and safe, are attributes that are heavily needed in such a vehicle and the ACURA NEX by David Pichla & Jessica Suh gives us exactly that, and a little more. Envisioning the future of ACURA to be Autonomous, Performative and Driven, Pichla and Suh have strived to depict this through the ultimate all-weather terrain beast that is NEX.

With a similar aesthetic to a not-yet-Bladerunner-era concept, you can see yourself strapping in here and confidently tackling whatever the road ahead holds for you, especially if there is no road. The striking neon inspired headlights and taillights accentuate the unique design of this concept while keeping in line with an edgy surface design that really makes this concept pop. The higher-than-average height of the body gives the vehicle a lighter feel than most SUVs, and the wheels themselves look to have an almost indestructible appeal. For the ever-changing landscape moving forward, this is something I’m sure we could all use.

Designer: David Pichla & Jessica Suh












Take a Breath of Fresh Design


According to data from World Health Organization (WHO), 92% of the world’s population lives in air-polluted places, and thus, breathes a lot of contaminated air. A problem most of us take for granted and continue to contribute and pollute it on a daily basis. It is said that within each year, an estimated of 6.5 million people died because of both indoor and outdoor air pollution. A staggering number of a world looking at making smarter audio equipment instead of smart air sensors.

Inspired by the look of the plant, AirQuality is designed as a handy product where the design relates to the function. Designed by Ryan Yeung, the AirQuality is a Bluetooth wireless connected device that measures VOC/CO2, the temperature and humidity in the surrounding area. Carrying a somewhat playful aesthetic, the natural and artificial contrast here is an ironic twist on such a well-needed product. What may seem at first playful, may be a product which helps you live better and healthier in the long run. Time to ditch that minimalistic steel desk sculpture and replace it with this functional smart air sensors.

Designer: Ryan Yeung







Take the Road Less Travelled

The world of design is moving in one direction recently, autonomous vehicles and tiny urban living pods and don’t get me wrong, that’s an exciting sphere to be in. But while there are designers figuring out the future, there are others figuring out the here and now. Recently we saw the Radinn G2X, a surfboard that didn’t stop when the waves did. Now we’ve got TRACK1, an off-road electric board that doesn’t stop when the road does.

The TRACK1 can beat off snow, sand, and dirt to get you wherever you need to – of course, this board also eats up the city streets too. TRACK1 gets its name from the strong, tank-like track sitting in the rear of the board, not to mention the two large accompanying front wheels, ready to tackle anything that comes at it. This board is the first of its kind that has made the claim to be made for the off-road and has delivered on that. If the thought of balancing back and forth, rocking from side-to-side to control this beast is a little intimidating (which it most certainly is), the TRACK1 comes with a handlebar that the user can install and gain full control over that wild ride. So whether you’re late for work or just feel like taking the dirt track every now and then, jump aboard the TRACK1.

Designer: Flux Design Co.