FDA bans production, sale of fruit- and mint-flavored vape pods

Today, the FDA officially banned most fruit- and mint-flavored, cartridge-based vaping products. The new rules are yet another attempt to curb teen vaping. Companies that manufacture, sell and distribute such products have 30 days to comply.

CDC: Vitamin E acetate is ‘closely associated’ with vaping lung injuries

For months, the CDC has warned people against vaping until it could determine the cause of a mysterious vaping-related lung injury. Now, the CDC confirms speculation that vitamin E acetate is "closely associated" with EVALI, or e-cigarette, or vaping...

NYC city council votes to ban non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes

New York City is set to become the largest city in the US to ban non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes. The city council voted 42-2 to ban them, and Mayor Bill de Blasio will sign the bill or let it pass into law, according to his deputy press secretary.

NY Attorney General sues Juul for deceptive marketing

Yesterday, California filed a lawsuit against e-cigarette company Juul for allegedly targeting underage Californians with its marketing and sales practices. Today, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced a similar lawsuit against Juul "for...

California is suing Juul for allegedly targeting minors

California is suing e-cigarette maker Juul. The lawsuit alleges that Juul targeted underage Californians with its marketing and sales practices, failed to warn consumers of their exposure to chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects, failed to pro...