Forget everything you know about knives


Of course, with the world of designers looking to integrate voice assistants into everything and anything around us -there are other designers out there trying to make a difference in our daily physical interactions. One of which is Chifen Cheng, who took a very holistic design approach when designing the Knife Reinvented for Maison Milan – a walnut knife with a twist of incorporating Asian culinary tools.

As Chifen Cheng put it, the Knife Reinvented is a salad knife that does more than just cut. Utilizing the hand as a pestle, this salad knife is not only hyper-functional, it’s aesthetically gorgeous due to the material contrast. The use of a wooden blade prevents the oxidation reaction with lettuce, usually caused by a stainless-steel blade, ensuring the lettuce doesn’t start browning straight away. The sizably dominant blade itself makes transporting the ingredients an effortless breeze. Not to mention the fact this knife can stand on its own due to the weight of the pestle, standing elegantly, awaiting its master to put it to good use. An intelligent design, the Knife Reinvented is a pleasingly simple innovation that just screams out to be held.

Designer: Chifen Cheng