The perfect way to nap!

LULA has been designed with the avid napper firmly in mind! It aims to revolutionize how we go about having our daily siestas! This intriguing piece of furniture is a perfect example of biomorphic design; as one sits on the piece of furniture, its shape changes and adapts to best support the user.

The foam construction gives the impression of sleeping on a cloud; its form embraces the human body, leading to a safe, secure and ultimately comfortable sleeping experience! The soft, organic shape gives this unique item of furniture an almost sculptural presence. This, combined with its imposing size, makes LULA a statement piece within any room!

Designer: Gaudutė Žilytė

The Red Dot chair is simple, but makes a strong visual statement


Looking pretty much like what its name says, the Red Dot chair is simple, has two basic elements, but looks so attractive it’s difficult to look away. A black pipe frame holds the chair’s dottish circular element in place, while a taut red fabric covers the circular hoop. The fabric remains flat on the front, while on the back, a loop connects it to the base, giving the fabric its tautness, and also some volume in the side profile. Sit down on the chair and the fabric on the front flexes, accommodating the sitter rather comfortably, giving you the feeling of sitting on a hammock… and the circular hoop also lets you rest your arms against it. Quite the statement-making minimalist throne, this!

Designer: Gaudutė Žilytė







Stunning Wood-But-Not-Rigid Seating


It’s difficult to believe that a design as beautiful this is composed almost entirely of recycled materials. Named after the shape that makes up its two flexible seating points, COMB is constructed from blown out bike inner tubes and plywood leftovers. The bike tubes form the stretchy surface for the honeycomb-shaped sections that sink in to create a comfy, form-fitting seat when one drops down. When they stand, it pops back up to form a planar surface with the rest of the bench again. It’s the softer side of wood seating!

Designer: Gaudutė Žilytė