This pet-friendly sofa’s two-tiered design means everyone has a place to rest!

Just like their owners, pets need space. A dog bed to call their own, a cat tower they can easily climb up and down, or a corner of the living room no human can reach. And when it comes to time spent together, it’s important for our human spaces, like sofas and big beds, to be accessible for our animal companions. To create a sofa for both pets and their owners, Hyun Jin Oh designed CoZY, an adjustable, two-tiered couch that meets both pets and their humans right where they are.

When it comes to pet furniture, during the construction phases, functionality sometimes outweighs style, but Hyun Jin Oh found a sweet compromise with CoZY. The sofa’s stripped-down frame is made from stainless steel, evoking an industrial-chic personality, and utilizes the tension of four bold, bright red straps of leather that wrap around the steel bars of CoZY’s armrest and base, two along the rear and one on both sides of CoZY. Hyun Jin Oh’s sofa was designed specifically to create a space that’s accessible for older and smaller dogs to take a breather. Since we typically rest on sofas, dogs naturally follow suit, but sometimes the sofa requires too high of a leap for a smaller or older dog to manage all on its own. In order to encourage dogs to join their human on the couch, Hyun Jin Oh’s CoZY design utilizes a pull-out wooden board that slides easily along the sofa’s X-axis.

Once the sofa’s wooden board is fully extended, a quarter of CoZY’s cushioned area lowers down for small and old dogs to easily hop onto and rest beside their owners. On the days, your dog would rather be alone, simply slide the wooden board back into place to return to CoZY’s original form. Even for the dog owners who typically don’t allow their animal companions to rest on human furniture due to the hassle that sometimes follows – stains from dirty paws, leftover clumps of fur from shedding, or maybe you just wanna spread your legs some – CoZY provides owners with plenty of legroom and separate sofa space, and also an already defined space for pets to relax without worry, so you can too.

Designer: Hyun Jin Oh

Modular furniture designs that are the space-saving solution your modern home needs!

In our modern and urban homes of today, living in a space-efficient and smart manner is vital, or else we will end up in stuffy and overcrowded home environments. An overcrowded and claustrophobic home leads to an overcrowded and claustrophobic mind. Hence, clever space management is something we need to give due importance to while planning and designing our homes. Modular and transformative furniture designs can play a huge role in this. Multifunctional pieces of furniture that cater to our various needs while saving space, can create an open and well-distributed home. Especially since we spend most of our time at home, in this COVID-19 world, we need to pay more attention to creating home spaces that are complementary to our mental health and our daily routines. And in such a situation, modular furniture designs promise to come to our rescue!

Chaise Renversée is a desk that can also transform into a long chair by the famous French architect Pierre-Louis Gerlier. The literal translation of Chaise Renversée is ‘chair overturned’. Since we are all cooped up in our homes, we are constantly finding ways to optimize space. Especially if you live in a city, you are likely to have everyday objects that are modular so that you have a functional space. Our current situation and the need to be flexible within a small space is exactly what inspired Gerlier to design the Chaise Renversée. It is the perfect blend of work from home and Netflix from home into one piece of modern furniture, it provides a stable table area to work and can then transform into the ‘Chaise Lounge’ when you want to relax.

Tumble is the perfect example of intuitive product design which is well-tailored for ultra-modern interiors. It is essentially a platform that serves as a chair, side table, bench seat, storage unit, bookshelf, center table, or lounger. Depending on the nature of use and the available interior space, Tumble can be put to good use with a bit of creative thinking. The furniture piece is crafted out of natural agglomerated cork and natural oak, making it good for the environment too. The use of these biodegradable materials should not let you into believing that the modular platform lacks structural strength. It can take the weight of an above-average weighing adult and the only thing you need to cautious of is to keep water away from it.

KUR!O’s Shelving Unit doesn’t just let you build a shelf, it lets you build YOUR OWN shelf the way you see fit. KUR!O’s design features a simple grid base that you wedge shelving-plates into. The plates interlock with each other, creating walls and floors for your shelf, allowing you to store all your belongings in the dedicated spaces you planned out for them! The base of the shape-shifting, infinitely customizable shelf is its underlying grid, made from sandwiched wood-fiber boards. The cuts in the grid go as much as 20mm deep, allowing you press-fit powder-coated steel panels into it. The 2mm thick panels are heavy-duty enough to take on large loads, making the KUR!O robust, despite the fact that there isn’t any screwing or gluing of parts.

Even though these wooden chairs might look visually similar to the IKEA ones at first glance, they actually work with indoor settings too unlike the usual patio seating. They are classier and can be used in any room/interior setting. The first wooden chair has strings that form the seat and the backrest, it may make you doubtful of comfort but the strings act like fabric and contour around your body for maximum comfort. The string tension also makes sure that you are well supported. The second chair is like a classic window transformed into a chair with one swivel motion. Because it is a smooth, singular vertical plank when closed, it is easier to stack/store. Another favorite from this furniture range is the fold-out table with storage, it is ideal for small urban apartments or for a kid-friendly room to keep things tidy and packed away.

The Un-Lim collection was specifically created so you can switch up the function and form of your furniture to fit your needs instead of going out to buy a new piece every time something changes. Un-Lim stands for unlimited and that truly shines through this set. Un-Lim is an ageless collection that can be molded and changed over time – think of it as redesigning your own furniture using the same pieces to create a whole new form and function! It comes with 8 different parts that you can combine to match your space and needs. Turn it from a bed to a table to a chair seamlessly. The separate modules come with a notebook that tells the story of its production timeline from the furniture’s point of view! It also includes a piece of wood from the tree that was used and a shoutout to all wood craftsmen who worked on your set.

Designed by Geoffrey Pascal, this furniture collection makes life easier for those who want to work on their bed without the risk of napping! The 3 pieces in the Grafeiphobia’s Unexpected Office range are based on the frame of a basic, slatted wooden bed. It gives a true ergonomic benefit by supporting the user to comfortably be in NASA’s Neutral Body Position which was developed to promote better health in astronauts when they live in a zero-gravity environment. The user can work in different positions that are as natural as being in bed while supporting the body’s posture as if they are working on a desk. The weight is distributed across multiple points in the body which is healthier than the seated desk position which concentrates force downwards on the lower back.

NÓMADA is a modular, multi-purpose bedside table. The team behind NÓMADA decided to attain the bedside table’s modularity through the material used during its production process by carving and integrating notches, buttons, and twisted, narrow chutes into each wooden and steel panel used for construction. The end result makes up a bedside table that appears simple and whose purpose seems singular upon first glance, but when deconstructed, the possibilities for restructuring NÓMADA are laid out in front of you, all you have to do is mix-and-match as your tabular needs guide you. NÓMADA is capable of producing twelve different configurations so that it can adapt to any of your needs or living spaces.

Inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s composition of form and color, the Mondrian setup was made to allow a wide range of applications and blend into any interior setting. The aim was to solve three issues we experience with watching TV as we currently do – taking up space, not matching with the aesthetics, and lack of expandability. Urban apartments and single-person households need to maximize their space and should not have to choose between a large appliance and furniture when they can have both. Talking about interior aesthetics, TVs are now increasingly slimmer while the furniture remains warm and cozy – this causes a visual mismatch when the two are put together. Mondrian’s design serves both purposes with one seamless structure. TVs are now being used in many ways and need to be able to adapt to the different content it supports, not just static pre-made products.

CatYou in a Circle is a wonderful display of modular pieces that work for both humans and pets. The set includes a floor sofa and a coffee table that aims to create a relaxing space for cats and their owners to have some downtime. The hollow armrests and backrest offer cats a playground and hiding territory while the coffee table provides a place to sleep. The woven bamboo texture makes it possible for owners to see their cats even when they are hiding and play with them through its holes. The size of holes is different in different parts of the furniture to adapt to the needs of the pet as well as humans. The backrest holes are smaller to make the cats feel more secure. But holes above are bigger so that when people lean on the sofa, they can see through the backrest and find their cats underneath.

The MOON Cabinet is a timeless looking piece that is crafted from solid wood finished off with rounded corners that give it an organic form. “We got the three elements from deconstructing traditional wooden cabinets and immovable system furniture,” says award-winning furniture designer Chuang. MOON allows the user to have a flexible lifestyle as this one cabinet serves many different purposes thanks to its modular build. You can combine, assemble, and deconstruct it to fit your space or transform it from storage to seating. Just like the phases of the moon, the shape of this cabinet changes to fit different needs – in fact, it has a little circular cutout detail to symbolize that. I love that you can stack it up or take it apart to change the height of the piece as a whole.

Breaking away from conventional furniture designs, this stool reimagines your sitting experience!

The world of design is consistently inspired by chairs. Whether the design takes shape with ergonomics or craftsmanship in mind, the quantity of chair designs in circulation is definitely not lacking. But what if the chair never existed? What if designers had no preexisting prototype or blueprint for chairs before creating their own? Martin Luu asked himself those same questions before conceptualizing his own unconventional chair called Sado. Sourcing a type of non-existence as his main inspiration, Luu designed Sado as an experiment in unconventional design and the result proves the singularity that can be achieved without blueprints guiding the way.

Before designing Sado, Luu wondered, “What if the chair as we knew it never existed?” Eliminating all preconceptions regarding chair designs and all their variations, Luu began at ground zero. Speaking to this, Luu says, “As the archetype of the chair had been left unchanged for the past 6,500 years, an exploration was made to find a unique sitting form.” Settling on both a comfortable and distinct sitting form required a complete restructuring of the traditional upright chair and backrest.

Sado’s ultimate form resembles either a horizontal tree log or horseback, suited for a straddled seated position that encourages a healthy posture. Of course, just like more traditional chairs, the final seated position is ultimately decided by the user, or in this case, the sitter. When positioned atop Sado, the chair’s seat rotates freely to enable 360-degree accessibility to nearby objects within arm’s reach. Adjustable leg supports also provide a place for your legs to rest while helping to sustain a leveled spinal position. Constructed from bent steel and maple wood, Sado’s ergonomic structure is rooted in its simple construction and intuitive sitting method.

While I’ve never ridden a bull before, I can imagine if you’re any good at staying on, that core strength and a stable posture are key. While sitting on Sado hopefully won’t result in any jolting or cases of whiplash, it was designed to help strengthen the core muscles and align the spine so that if at any point you were to mount an electric bull, then you’d be duly prepared with a healthy mounting position. Kidding aside, Sado’s ergonomic nature is also reminiscent of sitting on the top backs of working animals like horses and donkeys, reinforcing both the functionality and inventiveness behind Luu’s design.

Designer: Martin Luu

This modular furniture system with telescopic tubing is the quickest way to redesign your interior every week!

It’s okay to admit that we’ve bought more furniture while quarantined than we probably should have – I know I’m guilty. When you’re boxed between the same four walls in the same room, bringing in new energy in the form of furniture welcomes some new excitement and change, but with the demand for furniture goods increasing, the need to produce them also increases, leading to an overall rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Addressing these increased rates of consumerism and how they negatively affect the environment, Ariyan Davoodian designed MeshTure, a modular furniture system that gives users creative control in transforming their living spaces without any new, store-bought furniture.

Davoodian’s MeshTure furniture system employs the use of steel piping, quick release clamps, and expandable elastic textiles to create triangular steel pipe structures. The triangular module’s three sides can be resized and joined together to produce different furniture designs like coffee tables and light fixtures. A single triangular module consists of six steel pipes joined together through telescopic tubing, which enables users to adjust each module’s size according to their needs. Wrapped around the surface of each module, an elastic textile adapts to each module’s changing size and provides warm, translucent lighting when outfitted as light fixtures. Three quick-release clamps fasten modules to one another and provide dependable sturdiness when using MeshTure to configure furniture pieces like tables or nightstands. While the adaptive nature of MeshTure has its benefits in mitigating the effects of irresponsible goods production, it can also offer aid in disaster relief. The ease with which MeshTure can be reshaped to meet growing needs equips users with a sense of confidence and know-how, which might prove particularly useful in environments where medical stations or makeshift tents are needed for global catastrophe aid. Overall, Davoodian envisions MeshTure to be both practically useful as is the case in ecological disasters and emotionally gratifying for consumers who might give in to their online shopping cart too quickly and often, providing a modular furniture system built to match the world’s growing demands and apparent need for reduction.

Davoodian believes that the need to fill our spaces with more and more stuff could be rooted in each of our desires to redesign our living spaces so that they align with our personal needs. In doing so, we might fill our spaces with unsustainable goods that are designed for future obsolescence, chucking one piece of furniture in the garbage to then purchase its upgrade or replacement – an endless cycle that negatively affects the environment, workers’ conditions, and our psychological welfare. In recognizing society’s obsession with instant gratification and the incredible demands of consumerism, Davoodian prioritized recyclability, authenticity, and longevity – in the designer’s own words, “MeshTure was designed to provide people [with] other possibilities; ways they could explore themselves.”

Designer: Ariyan Davoodian

IKEA meets Tesla in these tech-enhanced furniture designs!

Furniture is an integral part of any home, it sets the tone for it and contributes to the essence of the home. As pleasing as aesthetic and visually intriguing furniture can be, people are now shifting towards furniture designs that are more focused on function and utility, and one such interesting genre is Smart Furniture! Tech-enhanced furniture is a whole new ballgame, catering to our multiple needs, and making our daily lives more comfortable. From smart work desks that run on food waste to smart beds that charge our devices and come along with an integrated home theatre system, smart furniture is in a league of its own! And, we’re exploring a few super innovative and unique designs today.

The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed was designed to have everything you will need to relax within your bed frame. It has an integrated reclining massage chair with a remote, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, an area to plug-in and charge your devices, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and a pop-up desk for the ultimate WFH setup, Netflix marathon or cozy reading hours. The sound system also features an SD card slot, an auxiliary port, and a USB port.

This table is called a Clock, and it was designed to be compact and fit in the growing trend of smaller living spaces. The designer wanted to create something that seamlessly blended into our workdays without disrupting our office hours or eating habits. The hybrid station converts food waste into energy to power itself wirelessly but also includes the systems to be plugged into a wall if needed. It is an innovative product that combines technology and functionality to sustainably manage waste and encourage more people to shift to natural/renewable energy sources. When you aren’t working, simply slide the parts back and close the product into a slim bench. In its closed state, only the power icon and energy levels are visible, simply tap the power icon to light up the panel.

What is this Dot table? Think the most perfect combination of Alfred the butler and Alexa in the form of a table. Yes, that is exactly what you get – a smart table that can do everything it possibly can without transforming into a robot! With the Dot, you won’t have to ask those you love to bring you your charger – this table not only has multiple charging USB ports but can also wirelessly charge your devices with its in-built integrated connectivity system. Dot is a table by day and DJ by night thanks to the embedded SONY speakers so now you have music AND a place to put down your party snacks!

Equipped with a built-in 4K projector that can be synced with a series of devices to binge-watch movies/TV shows on a 70-inch retractable screen, the HiBed by  Fabio Vinella (for Hi-interiors) is the epitome of in-bed relaxation. A built-in surround sound system with invisible speakers makes the bed feel more like a movie theatre. The bed is connected to an app and monitors our sleep patterns and movements, adjusting the temperature according to our comfort. It also records body weight, air quality, and noise level to provide a foolproof check on our health. Some good news for the late risers, the HiBed comes with an inbuilt smart alarm system that wakes us up with loud recitations of the weather and daily news.



The Mellow is a multimedia table. Its elegant wood+fabric construction makes it fit classically into any home without standing out too much. The thing that does make it stand out though, is that under the table’s surface lie four 15W speakers as well as 4 passive radiators, churning out sound capable of transforming your house into a cinema, or making it the perfect venue for everything from easy-listening to a rocking house party! Working wirelessly with any multimedia device, and a number of third-party music platforms, the Mellow table can be kept anywhere in your room without worrying about cables near your tables.

Dubbed the Coway Icon Air Purifier, this is a reworked and modified variant of the plasticky box-like utilitarian purifiers. It boasts a smaller and flatter form factor to sit along a wall, presenting users with more flexibility in room placement. The quiet and powerful Icon integrates smart technologies to be more than a simple box doing its chores – it comes with its own smartphone app that can be used to control the functions of this air purifier remotely. The app also provides a status report of the air quality and its lifecycle, informing when cleaning or replacement is necessary.

Yves Behar’s Forme is the 2020 version of the magic mirror that will make you come out of this quarantine fitter than before. Get in Forme-ation! Forme is a 6 feet tall smart mirror that doubles up as a home fitness trainer and machine. “We wanted to make a fitness machine that’s fully integrated into the home without it being an eyesore,” says Béhar. While similar machines in the market are offering cardio or yoga, with Forme you also get weight lifting, aerobics, and functional training on top of the usual programs. When not in use, the machine’s arms slide back and it turns into an elegant mirror for your home. The instructors are thoroughly vetted and you can track your progress by syncing it with your smart devices.

A portmanteau of the words Lamp and Balance, the Lance night-light and wireless-charger is the kind you’d stop to admire for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a cute, quaint product that sits obediently on your tabletop, but at the same time, it charges your phone, so you’re not distracted by a screen. Its relatively flat design doesn’t have any sharp edges, making it feel instantly friendly, and the warm LED light on the top can be changed in color as well as intensity to soothe your room with a wash of ambient light. The Lance at the same time also serves as a wireless charger for smartphones, thanks to a slot right beneath the light wide enough to slide your phone too.

Mr. Alfred is a conceptual smart air-management system that looks like an elegant bar cart – the gold rails add a retro finish while the muted grey body gives it a rich yet subtle aesthetic. Instead of having four home appliances, you can just have one that does it all while saving space and upgrading your interior game. Mr. Alfred is designed to provide solutions for healthy air in your space by sensing the quality. It is precise and targeted at keeping your space clean. The sleek appliance is made of six important parts – the main body which is responsible to store and charge the detachable parts, a drone that monitors the space, a robot vacuum, an air purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier. Fun fact: the three air-management parts rest on the robot vacuum that makes them portable.

Inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s composition of form and color, the Mondrian setup was made to allow a wide range of applications and blend into any interior setting. The aim was to solve three issues we experience with watching TV as we currently do – taking up space, not matching with the aesthetics, and lack of expandability. Urban apartments and single-person households need to maximize their space and should not have to choose between a large appliance and furniture when they can have both. Mondrian’s design serves both purposes with one seamless structure. TVs are now being used in many ways and need to be able to adapt to the different content it supports, not just static pre-made products.

This cleverly designed chair encourages you to hang your clothes on it!

Ask a designer what the purpose of a chair is and they’ll throw fancy words about lumbar support and complementing interior spaces. Ask a bachelor what the purpose of a chair is and you’ll get two answers – Sitting, and draping clothes.

The Jules chair by Sarah Willemart explores this unintended yet undeniably popular function of the chair. Designed to function as both a chair and a makeshift wardrobe, the Jules is a functional, aesthetic seating device with a new twist. The backrest of the chair comes with an unusual shape that actively promotes you to hang your clothes, from coats and pants, to even hats and handkerchiefs or scarves (or babushkas – a word I recently learnt). The backrest’s innovative shape comes with a bar on the top for hanging clothes, and a hole running through the cushion for you to hang kerchiefs through. The backrest even has shoulder-like proportions, letting you easily drape a coat on it without worrying about it losing its shape or getting wrinkled. Ingenious, eh? Sign me up for three of them.

Designer: Sarah Willemart

Furniture meets cat lovers for modern designs that help you perfect your work-pet balance: Part 3


Do you have any cats? Well, I have two and honestly tending to them can sometimes be a task by itself. Sometimes I do wonder, are they my pets or am I theirs? I spend most of my time running around and catering to their catty needs, but besides their nitty picky attitude, I do love them to death. If you love your cats as much as I love mine, I’m sure you’d like to add a few tidbits in your home that they could play with, rest on or simply have a gala time with. So, we’ve curated a bunch of cat-friendly furniture that your cats and you will love!


In all the desk designs I’ve seen over the years, this is a first for me! It’s called ‘Ascend’ and it’s been created by Dan Devine for all the cat ladies and fellas out there. Like any cat person will tell you, the moment you give attention to anything but your furry friend, they’ll find a way to lounge on your keyboard or knock over your utensils until it’s back on them! Designed with this in mind, the wood desk has been crafted with multiple ramps and landings for cats to perch up and play. If you can’t fight ’em, invite ’em!

The Cat Flat has been carefully designed based on the advice of Sweden’s first cat psychologist, Susanne Hellman Holmström, who brought to light the 10 necessities apart from basic essentials that cats need for the best emotional and physical health. The needs range from scratching, cleaning fur, playing, discovering, being social, etc. and Cat Flat takes care of them all keeping in mind they spend most of their time indoors. Think of it as a hybrid of a home and a jungle gym for your cat.

The Circle Zero from PLUTO is a smart litter box that takes care of your cat’s business. Designed to be fully automated, fully enclosed, and exceptionally silent, the litter box comes with a completely enclosed design to provide a private experience. Sensors on the box detect the presence of the cat and wait for a full 7 minutes after they’re done to automatically (and silently) scoop the waste from the litter and store it separately while completely containing and eliminating any odor too. Once the waste compartment is full, you can use any bag or liner to collect it and throw it away.

The Gatrimonial bed frame, made by a company called CatLife, made this dream a reality. They make furniture that doubles as an adventurous cat’s dream. At first glance, the bed frame looks like a hollow base with circular entrances in each corner. It has plenty of space for your cat to stretch its limbs underneath your bed. When you lift the mattress, it reveals an elaborate maze to keep your feline entertained. The frame also has two sections with a splattering of tiny paw-sized holes that could either be peep-holes, or a little trap for unsuspecting paw swipes. Your ankles will not appreciate it, but your cat will love the hunt.

The designers with Build Tiny recently built and completed a tiny house called Cyril House, which was warmly named after the (human) client’s grandfather who loved tiny houses. The tiny house has all the perks we’ve come to expect and enjoy inside the walls of tiny homes, but Cyril House was also built for cats. You’ll find plenty of floor space for your cat’s litterbox as the designers at Build Tiny designed the bathroom to optimize its overall space so that homeowners can enjoy spacious showers and plenty of room for hygienic routines.

The Kikko Table by Renata Wites and Ada Brożyna for Labbvenn serves as a side table you could place in your living room or bedroom, as well as a cozy spot for your cat to chill in! The lower section of the tables comprises a hammock-like seating section, wherein your kitty can comfortably lounge about. The design effortlessly merges into your home space, while also serving as a pet-friendly piece of furniture.

This Cat Wheel by HolinDesign is an indoor exercise apparatus for your cat! Featuring a structure that resembles the wheel of a bicycle, your cat can run on the 47.2-inch wooden wheel, ensuring he gets his daily dose of exercise…which cats never do. Although I do believe, they would instead prefer to simply lounge about and take a nap on the wheel!

The CATSSUP Luxury Cat Furniture System is like an indoor playground for your furry friend! Usually, bulky cat trees tend to take up a lot of space in our homes, however, this furniture system doesn’t require any floor space, and can be easily installed within your home. The adjustable C-clamp ensures you can fit it onto any surface, including tables and shelves. It’s like a miniature amusement park for your cats!

The ViviPet Wood Cat Dining Table is a wooden feeding station fitted with two beautiful ceramic bowls, functioning as a personal dining table for your cat. One side of the station features a little tray, wherein you can grow cat grass, or you can also use it to store toys, food, or water. Your pet can now dine in style!

This spaceship-inspired cat bed by CATSA looks super cute and unique! The CATSA Lander Mark1 showcases a precision-milled composite aluminum shell and a plush foam bed. It honestly looks really cool to me, and I wouldnt mind adding this to my home space for my furry friend!

This Macrame Cat Hammock by Maka Art Crafts is exquisitely crafted! Handmade from eco-friendly natural oak and cotton rope, the design is safe, comfortable, and meets your cat’s resting needs. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing hammock wouldn’t look too bad in your living space.

This ergonomic chair uses kinesiology to reinvent the traditional back support, giving you an improved posture!

My current desk chair has a tall back, plush cushions, and a low seat, but my legs still don’t fit underneath my desk, thus compromising my posture to meet my computer on top of it. Despite being aware of all of this, I’ve yet to decide on a new chair. But even when I do, whether or not it will fit me for the long-haul is another story. CoreChair, an ergonomic active sitting chair, fortunately, meets you where you are, offering a kinesiology-backed solution for comfortable and healthy sitting.

CEO of CoreChair, Patrick Harrison says the foundation of a healthy spine is the pelvis and ability to move freely. CoreChair boasts its benefits through movement. Inspired by the stability ball, CoreChair encourages free movement in all directions within 14 degrees and incorporates a pelvic cushion that stabilizes and hugs the top, posterior side of the pelvis. I know when my posture seems lazy, I’ll line it up with my seat’s backrest, knocking my pelvic bone off-center in the process. In order to avoid uncomfortable seated adjustments like mine, CoreChair’s pelvic cushions are made from memory foam to provide constant postural support no matter how often you move around.

Below the pelvic cushion, CoreChair’s sculpted seat creates a balanced spinal posture, swapping out the traditional tall backrest for a more open structure, promoting lots of active, controlled movement. CoreChair’s sculpted seat works in harmony with a pelvic stabilizer to relieve your pressure points that might otherwise absorb a lot of stagnant pressure and pooled blood flow. Since a healthy spine requires open blood flow, joint mobilization, and strong core muscles, CoreChair incorporates movement in order to gradually work the back, slowly building up its health with each workday.

Harrison’s chair ditches rigidity and firm backrests, and instead welcomes joint movement, vertebral disc hydration, and steady, stimulating blood flow. While all of these benefits make our backs and postures stronger, they also help us to work more productively – you know the saying, work smarter, not harder. With lots of open blood flow and improved circulation, our brain has that much less to worry about, and consequently, our focus improves. CoreChair pays acute attention to sustainability, using only responsibly-sourced recycled building material, in order to construct the final design, further enhancing the design’s overall health standards. See for yourself below!

Designer: CoreChair

Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: part 8

Each piece of furniture tells a story. Furniture design, or rather discovering + collecting unique furniture designs has become a dedicated hobby of mine! Coming from a small home, where floor space was always at a premium, the furniture I have been subjected to has always been foldable and multifunctional (which maybe explains my obsession for modular designs!) but I will not forget the feeling of sitting in a well-designed armchair and its ottoman for the first time after a long working day. That’s what these designs to me, it’s a story that began when their designer/manufacturer spent hours chiseling the design, on paper which the craftsman converted into a physical object that will last generations and tell their tales. My romantic ramblings aside, these furniture designs are sure to help you connect with them using detailed designs that remain classic across years!

Distinguished by its elegant formal shape and enhanced by its large rounded leather-wrapped arms, the Ryokō Armchair by David Girelli gives an instant feeling of calmness. Inspired by a Japanese folding chair from the 1960s, its features, materials, and joinery details elevate the lines and design elements of the chair. The loose back cushion adjusts around the ash frame when seated and offers an innovative sense of comfort.

The Wojtala Nightstand by Kirby Furniture showcases wood staining in 2 different colors to let their shapes do the talking. Using a fun circular handle, the nightstand is a must-have to continue your night-themed adventures with its moon-shaped insignia. Fun yet functional sounds perfect to us!

We have seen a lot of designs that incorporate resin – it’s a trending art that is here to stay. While most designers use resin to rework their design, designer Meubles Thouret decided to take an innovative approach that helps you appreciate the wood in its natural form even better – using resin to mold or join different pieces of wood. Each individual wooden piece retains that cut pattern, which is now encased in resin, and the added use of resin means the tricky joinery is now in the hands of this flexible material. Smart and aesthetic, isn’t it?!

The 2 basic building materials – steel and wood come together in this table designed by Slick+DesignUSA. You know you can expect great things from the team that has been providing award-winning architecture designs for over 25 years! For this design, the team collaborated with their friends at Demeter Millwork for a classic design with sturdy construction that is sure to stand the test of time!

Hiroto Arima’s TV cabinet brings out the old, preserving it for the modern-day. The elegant finishing of the cabin elevates the entire design, making it suitable for any space. In fact, I would make this the centerpiece of my home and arrange the remaining to match it!

Made in Melbourne, the Grace Entrance Table by Arquette Furniture boasts of hand dovetailed drawers that come with Blum push to open, soft close mechanisms, seamlessly merging traditional joinery with modern-day designs. The table here is made of solid American Whitewood and the simplicity of the entire design makes it seem effortlessly elegant!

We love it when designers mix up materials – the result is usually a fascinating take on an everyday design. That is precisely what happened when Mark George combined his knowledge of his architectural education with his creativity – a modern concrete and wood bed frame made in Ash wood as Ash retains its original coloring. Even though concrete fills in any gap, Mark has carefully constructed his bed frame so the finesse of the design shines through.

Lozi Design used a supersized wave joint made from light solid ash and a variety of surface finishes to create the Wave Table. This perfect centerpiece is a part of their ‘wave series’ that highlights and adds a new dimension to any contemporary home. Lozi has also developed a new surface material for this table – by re-purposing their waste sawdust they have created a red sheeting material by mixing it with Bio Resin. Eco-friendly with a side of furniture details!

Töjbox is an oak wardrobe, but here’s the beauty – it uses no screws, nails, or glue. The purity of their design makes it the perfect fit for bachelors or families that change apartments often, just disassemble and set it up when you’re in your new place. made by the Danish studio ‘Made by Michael’ for Would Studio, this wardrobe is Scandinavian simplicity brought to life!

The Alato Cabinet by Pakawat Vijaykadga and Jumphol Socharoentham – students studying furniture design in Thailand uses a wave-like pattern to create a gradient of cool colors across its front panel. The designers chose the feathers to be the inspiration for the design, using the interlocking pattern to replicate the gradient of a bird’s feathers.

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The sliding design of this thermal footrest relaxes your legs and warms your frosty toes!

A full day of being glued to your chair is draining in its own way. Your blood does not circulate through your lower body as well when sitting, which leads to aches and numbness, and pressure being placed on your joints. With the rise of remote working, many desk workers have the luxury of customizing their workspace in order to solve this problem. They can kick their legs up on a side table by their desk, not worrying about intruding into someone else’s space. What happens, however, when we return to our original offices and have to co-exist in working spaces?

The OFF:REE thermal footrest provides the blood circulation to reduce strain on your joints while retaining a compact shape that won’t get in the way of your co-workers. The built-in heater helps improve blood circulation while also keeping your feet warm during the winter months. The design is simple yet well-informed by user research. Its slightly curved shape provides support and fits comfortably to the arch of your feet. Its sliding platform allows users of varying heights to adjust the footrest’s angle to suit their needs. Finally, its large buttons – easily controlled by your feet, add another layer of convenience and usability.

If you’re going to spend 40 hours each week sitting in one place, you may as well be comfortable. And if you can achieve that comfort without intruding on your fellow worker’s space, all the better.

Designer: Hoyeon Kim and Mungyeong Kim