This family of lights works in tandem to set the mood for your home!

When it comes to sustainable building design, why stop at the structural level? Lighting is also a hugely important element of green standards and the TEO collection of office lighting is designed in an effort to help provide a more sustainable future. From manufacturing and transport to the actual use and afterlife, each of the three pieces has been thoughtfully crafted to have more aesthetic than environmental impact.

The first in the series is the TEO1 pendant lamp that can be hung based on your need for lighting. The wings of the design light up, providing you with a concentrated spotlighting or a more diffused lighting set up based on your needs. The second in the series is the TEO2 standing lamp. Retaining the minimal family aesthetics, the TEO2 lightens up every corner with its angular design. Use it as a reading lamp or to give a secondary lighting source to your room. Last but not least is the TEO3 table lamp. This sleek table lamp carries the straight lines used across the family but misses on the softness of the fabric. The resulting design is an edgy light design that finds itself at home in any interior setting while occupying minimal space. The family is controlled by a wall-mounted remote control that lets you vary the light intensity, warmth and comes with a standby mode to keep you ready to light up!

Using recycled fabric, recycled aluminum, and a wood-plastic composite, this entire light series uses modern pastel colors with soft textures that invite you to interact with the design. Given the ample light settings and the cool remote, this light is sure to be the mood-enhancer your home needs!

Designer: Christoph Andrejcic, Chris Götze, Jakob Tiefenbacher

TEO 1 – Pendant Lamp









TEO 2 – Floor Lamp





TEO 3 – Table Lamp




Remote Control



Take the guesswork out of glucose testing

Designed with elderly individuals and new patients in mind, GlycoTrack goes beyond simple glucose monitoring to help users understand their condition and maintain consistency. Working in tandem with an app on the user’s smartphone, the portable unit takes the guesswork out of glucose testing and management by utilizing push notifications on the app and the device itself. Its friendly interface adapts to the users biology and daily schedule to deliver tailored recommendations for meal planning, testing times, insulin delivery and more. Better yet, inputted data can be accessed quickly and easily by remote physicians to help aid in lifestyle improvements.

Designer: Aniket Warade






This self-sustaining plant ecosystem helps you light up your home

You love plants, plants love light, you love light, you’ll both love the Mygdal plantlight! It’s a revolutionary lighting solution not just because the luminaire is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow-undisturbed, but also because of its one-of-a-kind electrically conductive glass coating. It actually streams the electricity invisibly along the surface, so there’s no need for a cable connection between the power source and the LED. Bring even windowless spaces to life with a plantlight!

Designer: Nui Studio

About Mygdal Plantlights

The world´s easiest and most fascinating way of indoor greenery. They not only light up the dark but also bring nature indoors – even into spaces without any daylight. Thanks to their patent-pending SmartGrow technology, the plants do not require any care.

No Watering Needed

The Mygdal Plantlight is hermetically sealed. The water inside the pendant cannot escape, evaporating and condensing in a closed cycle that keeps the plant always sufficiently wet. The pendant’s aluminum bottom with the plant can be opened easily just as needed.

Independent of Daylight

Mygdal is an entirely self-supporting ecosystem based on the spectral similarity between its specifically designed LEDs and sunlight. The plants practice photosynthesis as they would in nature. Using LightControl, the color, intensity, time and duration of lighting can be easily controlled via smartphone or tablet.

Remove Plants Within Seconds

Different plant arrays evoke different moods. If you would like a change after a while, the pendant can be opened within seconds to remove and replace the current array. Thanks to their specifically composted soil and an extremely slow growth, their plants are exceptionally lush and strong.


Handcrafted In Germany

Mygdal Plantlights are a tribute to traditional glassmaking and a combination of nature, technology and design. They embody Nui Studio’s philosophy of rejuvenating traditional crafts and trades by fusing them with modern technologies and cooperating with regional manufacturing companies to produce high-end, timeless pieces of furniture.



The Odyssey Watch’s vanishing chronograph dials showcase the passage of time in a space-inspired theme

Whether it’s via the air, land, or sea, fantastic voyages have long inspired timepiece design and the modern Odyssey watch is no exception. The masculine design looks to our eventual space travel as inspiration for its subtly futuristic yet sophisticated aesthetic.

It’s an elegant, modern take on a classic precision timepiece – the chronograph. Its distinguished sub-dials have marked plates in place of traditional hands, creating the illusion of time passing as numbers slowly vanish out of sight. Dotted markers orbit at varying speeds, drawing the eye to a graceful movement while indicated the time elapsed.

Designers: Sahil Ravjit & Andra Wibisono


The chronograph dials have a transparent gradient that reveals only the time being tracked. It also creates an illusion of time passing, as the numbers slowly fade out of sight. The dotted markers orbit at varying speeds, indicating seconds, minutes and hours, with elegant movement.

For the logo they wanted to use something universal and simple. They chose earth – a circle with a 23.5˚ line passing through it, representing it’s tilted axis.






A smart, interactive bone-toy that reacts and plays with your dog

Anybody who works full-time away from home knows just how real pet-owner guilt is! It’s so tough to see those puppy dog eyes look at you sadly as you step out the door in the morning. Created with this in mind, the Wickedbone is the first ever dog bone designed to prevent dog boredom!

The chew-friendly, rechargeable unit is shaped like a traditional bone. However, each end is actually a moving “tire” that allows it to roll and roam around the house! This means hours of fun for Fido, whether you set it to interactive mode in which it plays with your pup automatically OR use it remotely with your smartphone app that acts as a joystick! It can move and interact in 9 different ways, so your dog will stay engaged and entertained as it switches things up. Not only great for pets, it’s equally beneficial for pet owners who can rest assure their pet is getting the stimulation it needs even when they aren’t present.

Designer: Cheerble Studio

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Wickedbone: World’s First Smart & Interactive Dog Toy

Dogs love bones, but conventional bones are overrated. They quickly evaporate in a dog’s mouth, and they often cause gastric problems and one big mess, without offering any interaction or playing opportunities. Now meet Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your dog.

All Work & No Play? Not with Wickedbone

Yours and your dog’s days of all work and no play are over. The fun, entertaining and stimulating exercises that your dog needs are literally one click away from making life a lot easier and much more exciting for the both of you!

Below: How It Works

Intelligent & Interactive

You see, when your dog runs, Wickedbone runs after it; when your dog chases it, it turns around and runs away; and when your dog ignores it, Wickedbone teases her, so that your dog comes back to the game and touches it, making Wickedbone react in different and very engaging modes.

Emotional System

They created an emotional system that the Wickedbone would react to different actions of your dog in the interactive mode.

Safe, Soft & Strong

Made of Polycarbonate, it feels sufficiently soft when your dog catches it with her mouth, or when she touches it with her paws.

The FDA class material of the body, cover and the tires is certified, safe for humans and pets. The inner part is made of safe PC material.

At the same time, it is sufficiently strong to resist the normal impact of a dog’s play time, which means that you can count on Wickedbone to be there for you and your dog for a long time. It is also designed for a perfectly safe playing experience – both for you and for your dog.

Wickedbone App

Pair it with your Bluetooth enabled device, control it through the Wickedbone app (available for iOS and Android), and the game is on.

Easy to Clean

Wickedbone is also easy to clean: its detachable tires and protecting cover are very easy to take off, thus could be quickly and conveniently cleaned.

Long Battery Life

Charging Wickedbone is also super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. Charged once for 1 hour, Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode, over 4 hours in the interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode.




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A Smartwatch for Warriors


For most of history, the traditional timepiece was purely defined by its aesthetics. For today’s smartwatches, it’s all about the guts! Suunto’s collection of Spartan smartwatches highlights its robust package of smart sports-optimized features with an elevated user interface designed by Kallan & Co.

Most impressive is that no part of the design’s face is spared from use. Between sport-specific data tracking to real-time sleep analysis, there is a massive amount of data to be presented to the wearer, so each section of micro real estate serves a purpose. Organized in an intelligent and easy-to-navigate way, its large state-of-the-art touchscreen makes it easy to review your stats and check live vitals whether you’re swimming or competing in a triathlon.

Designer: Tommy Incrosnatu & Lauri Incrosnatu for Kallan & Co





Treat YOYO Self To a Sweet Speaker


The YOYO speaker earns its namesake for the innovative strap design that makes it easy to carry. The strap can be concealed simply by wrapping it around the middle and released with one swift pull. Once released, the wireless device can be hung on your bicycle handles, a tree while you picnic, or a backpack during a hike. Covered in a waterproof tweed-like fabric that comes in a variety of vibrant hues, there’s one to match every user’s distinct taste and style.













A Humidifier for Hipsters


Ever notice how most humidifiers on the market look futuristic and UFO-like? How’s that supposed to work with your hipster style? The Kamome humidifier looks more akin to the silhouette of a radio than an appliance. Set on any bookshelf, desk, or side table, it subtly provides freshly moisturized air. In a selection of tasteful color tones, it’s designed to serve as an aesthetic complement to your interior rather than an eyesore.

Designer: Kazuya Koike






Designing for the Warming World


As the planet warms and sea levels rise, so does the need for emergency equipment innovations to assist in search and rescue operations during flooding. Designed in collaboration with local firefighters and rescue specialists, the Trident provides a reach-and-rescue solution in which emergency personnel can telescope the pole to reach individuals up to 8 feet away.

On the end, an expanding foam tip for which it’s named gives the endangered person three loops to grip with their hands or cling to by inserting their arms. It also serves as a flotation device to keep them above water during the rescue. The pole is tipped with a stainless steel disc that prevents the person’s hands from slipping and keeps it from getting settled into mud. Made almost entirely from fiberglass, the telescopic design can be collapsed for easy transport and storage.

Designer: Dominic Siguang Ma














One Very Handsome Vacuum

Not that you would, but you COULD leave out MO-ON’s OBICUUM vacuum and it wouldn’t be the terrible eyesore that is most models on the market. Minimalistic and rendered in a myriad of attractive color combinations, the design leans more sculpture than an appliance. However, you won’t sacrifice functionality as it doubles as a mini-vacuum for cleaning up in tight corners. Better yet, it includes a convenient charging stand with a magnetic attachment feature that makes storage quick and simple.

Designer: Moon Jae Hwa of MO-ON