This minimal contact thermal scanner makes checking your temperature a better user experience!

COVID-19 has changed the way we perceive personal hygiene and the extent to which personal health needs to be monitored 24×7. Infrared thermometer guns have become the norm to monitor the temperatures by pointing the gun like a gadget at the person’s forehead. That in a way is not a welcoming gesture when in a way you are trying to in fact help out the other person by screening the body temperature. However, that is not of significance to the unassuming mind, at the subconscious level it can instill fear and a feeling of being bogged down by a threat that is intangible.

To give the body screening device a refreshing new avatar that is subtle and instills a sense of calm and assurance, Jaehee Kim has designed the Jverywhere Thermometer that focuses on manneristic gestures. The idea here is to eliminate the aggressive gesture that comes accompanied by gun-type body temperature readers. This in turn reduces stress and fills them with positive energy in current tough times. The thermometer has a flat front display with a temperature sensor and a contoured ergonomic back that can be held from the rear without exposing the hands from the front. Thereby eliminating unnecessary contact for the person who’s performing checks and reducing the probability of the virus spreading. It also makes the temperature easy to read, so you can know your body temperature instead of being left wondering what number did you display today!

The gadget sits on a cradle equipped with a display for scanning QR codes for collecting the data by authorized personnel. This also doubles as a charger to juice up the thermometer for the day’s thermal scanning routine. In totality, Jaehee’s thermal scanner is a refreshing gadget that is intuitively designed keeping in mind human emotions and the safety aspect too.

Designer: Jaehee Kim