An all-in-one domestic kit to rapidly measure your body temperature and blood oxygen

Meet the “Aware” a standalone kit to quickly detect whether someone is showing underlying symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Designed by Yash Gupte, the Aware is the kind of device that sits well in homes, offices, and retail spaces. The two-piece wireless unit is a lot like a cordless phone. With a base that houses an intuitive main interface and a Pulse Oximeter input, and a handheld receiver that works as an infrared thermometer and a control device. Aside from being a convenient go-to device to quickly measure temperature and blood-oxygen levels, the Aware also lets you keep historical records of the readings, comparing them day-to-day. Plus, it works as an alarm too, reminding you to take your daily readings as well as adopt healthy practices like taking medicines, sanitizing your hands, etc. It does all of this while maintaining an appearance that’s simple and non-medical… two design cues that not only make the Aware fit well into homes and office spaces, but they also make getting checked up less scary or daunting!

Designer: Yash Gupte (Wacko Designs)

This astronaut-inspired PPE helmet has an air filter and even its own Bluetooth comms system!

Well, Jetsons didn’t get the flying car right, but they sure as hell nailed the fact that we’d need to wear helmets outdoors!

Meet the NE-1, an experimental face-helmet that looks like something a bee-keeper would wear, but is in-fact protective headgear that’s both safe and comfortable to wear in the pandemic. Developed by Texas-based ValhallaMED, the NE-1 helmet combines the face-shield and mask into a singular device you wear on your head. Fitted with a powered air system and a patent-pending filtration mechanism, the NE-1 routes air-flow to make sure the air you breathe is 95% pure, but without needing an air-tight seal like most conventional masks. Not only does the mask filter the air you inhale AND exhale, it comes fitted with coolers that keep you breezy and comfortable outdoors. The cool air, aside from giving you overall comfort, also helps the NE-1’s wide visor from misting or fogging up. The result is similar to wearing an actual bike-helmet. Face-protection and full visibility, albeit with two significant upgrades… clean air, and active powered cooling that lets you wear the helmet for hours.

One would argue that a futuristic, Jetsons-inspired helmet would be incomplete with its own comms system… which is why the NE-1 is outfitted with a Bluetooth audio system that lets you both speak and listen to others while you’ve got the mask on! The mask comes with a flexible neoprene neck-seal and a unique shape, accommodating a wide range of face sizes, and even letting you comfortably wear it with spectacles or sunglasses!

Designer: ValhallaMED

The Bluetooth audio and external speakers are ideal for “close-talkers” and “low-talkers” alike.

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No, this isn’t Daft Punk cosplay, it’s a privacy-protecting N99 mask and face-shield!

I love the Blanc Mask for a lot of reasons. Not only is it a functional piece of equipment that gives you 99.97% clean air to breathe while guarding your face, it also serves as a privacy protector, a fashion statement, and the pandemic equivalent of a Guy Fawkes mask – to show that you’re a part of a collective that believes in the protection of one’s health AND one’s anonymity.

It’s no accident that the Blanc Mask looks like a cosplay helmet from some anime series. The mask makes a conscious effort to look nothing like traditional PPE, but at the same time it’s every bit as protective as they are. I’ll dive further into the fashion element after getting the mask’s filter-specifications and overall performance out of the way. The Blanc provides a protective, full-face cover, giving you a tinted visor to look through, and specifically designed air-channels to breathe through. Two high-efficiency SGS-tested HEPA filters make sure the air you breathe is 99.97% pure, trapping any microparticles, microorganisms, and VOCs in the process. The mask itself offers an air-tight seal, while carefully calibrated pathways ensure the air you breathe always passes through a filter, giving you pure air with each breath. Air that you exhale passes out through outlets located at the base of the mask, ensuring your visor never gets fogged up. Should you choose, the Blanc even comes with a unique corrective visor system that gives you prescription visors, so you can effectively wear the mask without spectacles… although the mask’s inner padding offers enough space for you to wear your own glasses.

The Blanc’s highlight however is its form, which is an absolute deviation from anything we’ve ever seen before. Designed to be part fashion statement, part identity-concealer, the mask comes with a relatively opaque design that covers your entire face, barring the eyes, which have a tinted visor in front of them. The full-face design not only works as a traditional face-shield, but it’s quite literally visually a class apart, allowing you to be seen, but unseen. In fact, it’s designed to be modular too, with options to plug in add-ons like Bluetooth earpieces and voice-modulation devices. Pretty cool, eh?!

The mask’s designed to split vertically into two halves, allowing you to snap it on or off in mere seconds; and a wide headband goes around the back of your head, making sure you can wear the mask for hours without feeling any fatigue (especially around the ears, as is the case with most face-masks). Each box-unit of the Blanc Mask comes with 2 sets of replaceable HEPA filters, as well as removable front panels. In fact, you can pick from a variety of Blanc’s own front panels, choosing between color as well as pattern options… although I recommend pairing it with a same-color onesie and cosplaying as an Among Us character!

Designer: Alexey Dolgushin

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $149 (47% off). Hurry, only 8/835 left! Raised over $120,000.

Blanc – Full-face Modular Mask

The Blanc is a HEPA-enabled full-face modular face mask that protects your eyes, nose and mouth from the outside world.

Keep your identity secure behind its opaque changeable front panels. Adjust the mask to your outfit or any occasion in 2 quick movements. Unclip the existing front panel, and effortlessly snap the new one in place.

Next-Generation Protection

The comfortable air-tight fit allows all air you breathe is sent through 2 SGS-tested replaceable HEPA filters. These high-efficiency filters purify the air you breathe in real-time, ensuring continuous protection wherever you go.

Each mask comes with a pack of 2x HEPA filters that deliver you clean and purified air for up to 14 days (on average). We all understand the benefits of wearing face masks, but not all masks are created equal. Regular masks offer a less-than-adequate fit, allowing air to spill through the gaps.

HEPA filters, or high-efficiency particulate air filters, are a special form of mechanical air filters that force air through a multi-layered fine mesh of angled micro-fibers. This traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, pollution and dust mites.

The Mask That Suits Your Style

With its interchangeable magnetic panels, you can easily customize your Blanc’s front panel with different materials, textures, and colors to express yourself.

Protect Your Privacy

Away from face-recognition cameras and nosy onlookers, with Blanc’s full-facial opaque protection, you decide when, where, and with whom you share your personal facial information.

Use Cases

Full-Facial Protection 24/7

Blanc is the full-facial protection you can wear and forget about. There’s no danger of touching your face, or of the mask’s HEPA filters wearing out over the course of the day.

180-Degree Airtight Seal

Blanc mask is designed to ergonomically fit against your face, creating an airtight enclosure, and only feeding you air filtered through its high-efficiency HEPA filters.

All-Day Comfort

With Blanc, there’s no need for readjustments throughout the day. The interior chamber of Blanc is crafted to ergonomically adjust to your face. And its super-comfortable wide headband perfectly locks the mask in place, without stretching your ears or squeezing your head.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $149 (47% off). Hurry, only 8/835 left! Raised over $120,000.

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