Surreal yoga-center building looks like something out of Frank Gehry’s dreams

Designed to be a yoga retreat disconnected from civilization so you can find yourself amidst nature, the Metamorphosis Yoga Shala models itself on the shape of a butterfly cocoon. It builds on the metaphor of rebirth, or reinventing yourself through yoga… Although the fact that the building has absolutely no straight lines seems to be a humorous play on how humans are never in straight lines when they do yoga either! “The Metamorphosis of the clumsy and worldly caterpillar which transforms through an extraordinary biological process to a graceful Butterfly, is the core idea behind the building form and construction,” says designer Constantinos Yanniotis.

Designer: Constantinos Yanniotis

The building takes on an unconventional, almost surrealist architectural style that’s reminiscent of Gehry’s work with the Bilbao Guggenheim. It even uses metal sheeting on the outside, echoing Gehry’s style, albeit with an almost blobject-ish approach to architecture that would impress fans of Loewy and Luigi Colani. Solar panels on the top of the building help power it using renewable energy. The curved surface of the building proves rather handy by allowing the building to fit more panels in the same amount of projected space.

The yoga shala (or school in Hindi/Sanskrit) sits on a stepped slope, offering a stellar view of the forest and skies ahead. Its design, although unconventional, opens itself up to loads of natural light, thanks to the skylight above as well as the full-length window on the front that overlooks the landscape. The entire building is one singular space, an atrium that’s designed for yoga, meditation, and flow. There are multiple garden islands and orchards dotted around it, and a stone tearoom just in the vicinity for a cleanse before or after a rewarding yoga session.

The inside of the Metamorphosis Yoga Shala is cozy, thanks to its cocoon-like shape and the use of wood all along the interiors. The space is well-planned, with enough floor estate to fit multiple people and give them ample space to move and do yoga. Storage racks and shelves built directly into the walls let patrons keep their belongings like personal gear, exercise equipment, and yoga mats.

The Metamorphosis Yoga Shala is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.

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