Marvel joins Madefire’s digital comic book collection

Madefire's digital comic book platform is a good way to spice up stories that you may have read countless times, but its catalog has always had a conspicuous gap: namely, there were no Marvel comics. That ends today. Madefire has added Marvel to its...

Classic Comic Book Covers Recreated with Balloons

Comic book covers are an amazing artform. They can be done in so many styles. Sometimes they are paintings, other times they are finely-detailed color pen and ink panels, but one thing I have never seen on a comic cover are balloon sculptures. Until now.

These comic cover recreations by balloon artist Phileas Flash are so awesome. Each of the sculptures fit in a 10 foot by 10-foot space and take Phileas many days to make. First he finishes the main sculpture, then uses Photoshop to add in the lettering, which are made from un-inflated balloons with wire inside.

These are great. I hope that DC or Marvel honors this guy by recruiting him for some actual covers in the future. Amazing work, Phileas.

[via Neatorama and Bored Panda]

Sphero ditches the robots for a storytelling Spider-Man toy

Sphero is moving beyond cute, connected rolling balls fast. Less than a month after introducing a tie-in for the animated movie franchise Cars, the company's now taking the wraps off of its first non-robotic product. And it's another toy built in par...