Razer Streaming Controller has more dials, buttons and customizing options to lure content creators

Streamers and gamers who already have the Elgato Stream Deck on their buying checklist – don’t jump the gun yet. Razer is all set to rival the preferred option with its own streaming deck gadget that comes with more features at competitive pricing.

Razer worked in tandem with Loupedeck (who have their own streaming deck – Loupedeck Live) to create a new product for the booming market. A clear sign they want to have a big bite of the pie. The Razer Stream Controller with more knobs and buttons for expanded possibilities of use seems like a good prospect. The San-Diego-based company has been slowly inching towards the streaming end of market with previous releases, and now this accessory further expands the horizon.

Designer: Razer

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Managing game streaming or live TV broadcast solo isn’t easy – this is where such streaming accessories come in handy. They simplify the task for the streamer, sitting in front of the PC while engrossed in-game action or broadcasting live. The multi-button device not only comes in handy for game streaming content creation, but also for editing videos or playing music. The Razer Stream Controller comes with 12 haptic switchable LCD touchscreen keys, eight physical buttons, and six analog dials – three on each side. Everything right from adjusting the lighting, adjusting the volumes or audio mixing can be fully customized with the compatible Loupedeck software for Windows and MacOS platforms.

The dials are what make the Stream Controller different from the Stream Deck which apparently has a big LCD screen with customizable tactile buttons. These dials on the Razer’s offering can be employed to adjust the volume levels for the mic, playing music, or something else. Swipe gestures can also be used to access more keys hidden from the homescreen view. For creators looking to go beyond just game streaming, there are native plugins designed for apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects or Photoshop. User can also control Spotify or smart home devices such as Philips Hue lights from the Stream Controller.

The streaming accessory has an automatic profile switching feature that toggles the profile depending on the active application being used. For instance, if Photoshop is opened, the Stream Controller displays shortcuts and quick access to tools. When the switch back to broadcast software happens, the Twitch stream controls pop-up again.

For sure Razer’s offering is better than the $200 Stream Deck when it comes to features, but can it dethrone the market leader for $270 with an untainted user experience? Only time will tell, since it is slated to land come later this Fall.

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How to see everything you’ve watched on Netflix and other streaming services

Streaming is a curious beast. One minute you'll be enjoying the '80s vibe of Stranger Things and the next you'll be struggling to pick something from that overwhelming catalog. Sometimes, though, you'll stumble on something that you'd normally never choose — a Netflix suggestion from a friend or a recent addition that had escaped your glance as you navigated Amazon Prime Video's curated menus.

However, once you've watched that movie or TV show and moved on, it may drop back into relative obscurity, reducing your chances of remembering and paying that recommendation forward many months later. You may also have watched something, hated it and want to make sure it doesn't impact future recommendations. Luckily, many streaming services keep a running list of the things you've watched (if they haven't been removed from the catalog due to licensing agreements). Here's how to find them.



Finding your viewing history on Netflix is a simple affair. Visit Netflix.com, ensure you're logged in and then hover over your profile name. Select Your Account from the menu. Now, scroll down to the bottom and select Viewing Activity. You should now be presented with a list of everything you've streamed on your account.

Alternatively, you can click here.

While you're there, you can decide how your history impacts Netflix recommendations. Clicking the X next to a title will ensure it's deleted from your Recently Watched or Continue Watching row, but it will also ensure that Netflix doesn't use a moment of streaming weakness against you. Once it has been removed, it won't appear in your list until you watch it again.

Apple TV+

Apple TV Recently Watched

Apple's catalog of streaming originals might not be as broad as, say, Netflix or Disney+, but the iPhone-maker has a very comprehensive movie and TV store that can help fill the gaps. 

If you're looking to see what you've recently watched on either Apple TV+ or inside Apple's TV app generally, the company does provide a way to see your viewing history, but it's hidden away right at the bottom of the TV app itself.

Simply open the TV app on a Mac or iOS device and keep scrolling to the very bottom of the Watch Now tab. There, you'll see a small selection of your most recently viewed content. Select the 'See All' link to view everything you've ever watched on Apple TV (this may also include movies and TV shows from third-party apps you have installed on your Apple TV streamer.)

Unfortunately, Apple doesn't offer a dedicated 'Recently Watched' section in the TV+ web UI, opting instead for an 'Up Next' section. You can, however, clear what you have watched by heading to Settings and selecting Clear Play History. Alternatively, click here.

You can also remove individual movies and TV episodes from your Recently Watched list by long-pressing on the thumbnail of the content you wish to remove and selecting 'Remove from Recently Watched.' Perfect, if you've viewed something you told your significant other you'd wait for them to watch together.



Disney+ may now be over two years old, but it's not quite yet caught up with the likes of Netflix and Amazon when it comes to features. Sadly, that means you can't currently see your viewing history on Disney+.

Like many of its rivals, Disney does offer a Continue Watching section, which may help surface movies or TV shows that you may have stopped viewing just as the credits began to roll. 

If it's something you feel very strongly about, you can head to the Disney+ website and hit the Give Feedback button at the bottom to, very politely, request that they add the feature.


Hulu Keep Watching

If you're a Disney+ subscriber in the US, there's a chance that you may have signed up for the Disney Bundle to get subscriptions to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for a discounted price. Unlike Disney+, however, Hulu does allow you to properly maintain your watch history both inside its apps and on the web. 

It may not be immediately obvious, but Hulu keeps your viewing history inside the Keep Watching section, from which you can browse the movies and TV shows you've already streamed. To make things confusing, you cannot see the individual episodes of a show you've already watched in the Keep Watching section, so you'll need to select the Details page of a particular series and add it to My Stuff. This will also let you see how many unwatched episodes you've got left to stream.

To remove content, navigate to the Keep Watching page and click on the X to purge it from your watch history. On mobile, tap the three dots on the thumbnail of the selected show or movie and hit Remove from Watch History.



As it stands, HBO Max doesn't offer a way to see everything you've watched. It does, however, automatically add movies and TV series that you haven't finished watching to its Continue Watching row on the home screen of the service. 

To remove a movie or show from your Continue Watching listing in your app or on the web, tap on your profile icon, then Continue Watching, and then Edit. Then, simply tap the X next to an individual item or Clear All to remove everything. When you're finished, hit Done.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Viewing History

Unlike Netflix, Amazon doesn't make it easy to see what you've previously watched. In fact, it buries its listing inside a number of links that you wouldn't otherwise check.

If you want to go the manual route, ensure you're logged in on the Amazon website and click the Your Account link on the top bar. On the resulting page, scroll down to Personalization and click Improve Your Recommendations. Now, on the left menu, click Videos You've Watched.

The quicker method is to click here if you live in the US or here if you live in the UK.

Here, you can rate a TV show or movie so that Amazon can better understand your likes and dislikes or exclude that listing entirely. If you've found that both Netflix and Amazon have done a poor job of matching content to your interests, this is a good way to provide it with more insight.



Peacock doesn't currently provide a way to see everything you've streamed on its service. It does, however, offer a Continue Watching section that will list all of the movies and TV shows that you have started but may not have completely finished. 



Paramount+ also doesn't currently provide a way to see everything you've watched. There is a Keep Watching section, though, that lists all of the movies and TV shows that you have started but may not have completely finished.

This funky wireless charger with Twitch emote keys lets you react to livestreams as your phone charges

Call it probably the most Gen-Z product ever, but the Wireless Charger for Twitch really helps pass a few hours as your phone’s battery gets charged. The wireless charging dock lets you rest your phone at an angle that’s easy to view, and a keyboard comprising 11 mechanical keys lets you send emojis right into the Twitch chatroom while you’re watching a stream. Call it the most entertaining wireless charger ever made.

The design was developed around emotes that best capture Twitch’s unique meme culture. Each key is emblematic of an emoji, and the keycaps can easily be replaced to choose which emojis you want on your keyboard – a feature that translates right into the app, letting you customize your inputs. The minute you dock your phone in place, a tiny NFC chip beside the charging coil connects the Twitch keyboard to your phone. The keyboard works as a Bluetooth input device, letting you comment in memes and emojis as you watch a stream. Spare keycaps can be turned into keychain attachments, letting you wear your Twitch allegiance as a badge on your person.

Designed as a promotional content piece for Twitch Korea, the Wireless Charger for Twitch is sadly just a concept… although any engineer worth their salt could easily hack together a gadget like this and publish the schematics on Reddit. If you do, however, happen to build this little bad boy out, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and share your creation!

Designer: FM Communications

This improved smart remote takes an ergonomic and intuitive design to improve your Netflix experience!

Nowadays, streaming is the lay of the land. Whether it’s music or television, streaming can bring us entertainment almost as soon as we think of it. Designer and MIT student Shivang Vaishnav had designed a TV remote specifically configured for streaming called Capsule, which, following a year’s worth of improvements, he has revisited to make even simpler and ergonomic– the ideal partner to instant gratification.

Brainstorming on ways the remote’s functions could be streamlined, Vaishnav took a year to fine-tune some visual improvements for Capsule. Lengthening the remote’s body and incorporating sensor touchpads, Vaishnav’s Capsule design still configures the remote’s buttons in the order by which they’ll most frequently be activated. For instance, the touchpad could work as the remote’s browsing wand, which precedes the remote’s display of arrows that work to focus on different searches, ultimately leading to the array of buttons that can be used during viewings, such as pause/play and rewind/fast-forward.

Ditching the cognitive obstacles of traditional remotes to make the search process quicker, Vaishnav maintained Capsule’s optional landscape orientation and voice input methods. Users can either use Capsule’s built-in microphone to vocalize various titles and search keywords or users can type in the film’s title or keywords by holding the remote horizontally and typing with two sets of navigational buttons at the same time. Built to be ergonomic by design, Capsule’s shape keeps the cylindrical shape of a traditional television remote and features an off-center groove on its underbelly to indicate the remote’s upright position.

Designer: Shivang Vaishnav

Designed to adapt to current smart TV hardware, the combination of matte surfaces and stainless steel accents make Capsule feel right at home on the console.

By including stainless steel accents, the shadows found on Capsule work to make it appear a lot slimmer from certain angles.

Capsule still features voice command technology for those who prefer it over typing.

Designed to fit naturally in your palm, Capsule was built with an ergonomic design.

Users can also type in movie titles by holding the remote horizontally and typing with the remote’s adjacent navigational buttons.

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