This unique joinery toy lets kid connect with nature and utilize their creativity to build engaging structures!

Connecting with nature as a young kid brings out some of the most imaginative and tactile experiences the world has to offer. Each one of us can think back on afternoons spent blazing through our grandmother’s forested backyard or early morning swims at our favorite beach. While being in nature by itself is an experience that brings out our most creative and peaceful potential, collective global design house Studio 5.5 takes afternoons spent in nature one step further with a new collection called The Things To Make.

Primarily composed of a series of odds and ends that connect different items found in nature together to create items like kites, magnifying glasses, tents, and any other item our imagination allows, The Things To Make is a collection of accessories that help guide creative building processes for little kids. Complete with end sockets, fabric, and string, kids find the rest of the building materials, like twigs, branches, and leaves, in their backyard or nearby forest.

The kite’s building kit comes with end sockets that can connect tree twigs and branches to form a cross that can then be covered with the included kite fabric. Similarly, the 3D shape building kit comes with a collection of end sockets that children can get creative with and connect twigs to form 3D geometric structures like cubes or pyramids. To literally bring kids even closer to nature, Studio 5.5 includes a deconstructed magnifying glass that kids can put together and use sticks for the handle. Studio 5.5 then completes the collection with a tent-building kit, which includes end sockets and a camouflage tarp to be overlaid on top of the tent’s frame, giving kids a nature-made hideout.

Designer: Studio 5.5

The kite building kit comes with a spool and end sockets to make kites from twigs and branches.

Kids can connect two branches together to create a T shape and ultimately a flying kite.

End sockets allow kids to connect twigs together to create shapes.

Kids can also create their own geometric structures using the provided end sockets.

Studio 5.5 also included a magnifying glass for kids to construct together.

To complete the collection, Studio 5.5 devised a tent building kit for kids to escape to when the playtime is done.

Illegal LEGO designs that will simultaneously annoy and inspire all the master builders!

LEGO is on a mission. Collaborating with brands across the world, LEGO is rapidly turning into a leader that is making waves – be it celebrating pride month or launching an Adidas special edition brick sneaker, or bringing your favorite FRIENDS moments to life, there is a LEGO set out there for everyone. That is, until we met the Illegal LEGO collection by Matteo Ercole.

This Illegal LEGO collection may be the piece a master builder needs to unleash their creativity. Each piece is a statement in contradictions, with half a raised side and the other a receiver/negative half, making it almost impossible to join your pieces. Or is it? As far as master builders go, they are always looking for complicated pieces that can help them build the next big impossible structure. While the bricks look simple on paper, the trouble comes with mass production is with LEGO’s manufacturing process that uses induction moulding. Usually, the bricks begin with tiny plastic grains called granules which come in a bunch of different colors. The plastic granules are fed down using pipes to the molding machines. Inside the molding machines, the granules are superheated to a temperature of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230°C). This melted plastic goo is fed into molds, little metal containers shaped like hollow LEGO bricks, and are cooled and ejected, which only takes about 10 seconds. The process is fast, a need of mass manufacturing. But to create a brick as we described, it would require us to 3D print these bricks individually, which may not suit or give the exact precision injection moulding delivers.

While it may take some time before LEGO actually manufactures such bricks, I know the true enthusiasts will go to every means necessary, including 3D printing the design to bring their next design to life. Do you think LEGO should make these bricks?

Designer: Matteo Ercole

The bookshelf integrating seating nooks makes this renovated basement the ideal summer escape!

As a kid, you either wanna be the one with the coolest basement in school or be friends with the person who has the coolest basement. Manhattan-based architecture and design studio Eisner Design renovated a family’s basement into a private miniature theme park for their kids, complete with adult-only theme parks in the form of a wine bar. The basement in Water Mill, New York is the ideal summertime destination for kids and adults alike, equipped with everything from a wine bar to a rock climbing wall and foam pit.

Eisner Design’s renovation pads the children’s basement playscape with cushioning from the floor to the ceiling to ensure rowdy and safe play. From the bookshelf to the tree swings, the designers at Eisner envisioned kids’ imagination and brought it to life. Stenciled between cubbies and bookshelves, Eisner Design lodged cushioned seats that work as hideouts tucked away from the action for when playtime gets too tiring. One shaped into a perfect circle and the other forming the shape of a lima bean, the new seating nooks offer kids their own midday nap destination, à la mom and dad. Rooted just in front of the seating nooks, a modular, cushioned playground is stationed next to an indoor tree trunk that can be used for climbing or as a base during games of tag.

Beyond the colorful resting nooks and modular playground, the basement once again assumes its minimalist optic white color scheme and introduces the basement’s hammock tree, constructed from a steel, columnar base and cloth seated hammock beds. Then, tucked away in the basement’s corners, an upholstered low-rise wall forms the pool of a foam pit where kids can plummet into after climbing to the top of the basement’s rock climbing wall or hanging from its monkey bars.

Since basements are the spot for sleepovers, Eisner Design equipped it with PlayPlace-approved sleeping accommodations, providing netted bunk beds located next to the basement’s indoor basketball net. Of course, while the kids are playing, adults can enjoy the basement’s integrated wine bar, complete with white Caesarstone countertops where you can enjoy a beverage you couldn’t get at McDonald’s PlayPlace.

Designer: Eisner Design

A modular cushioned playground gives the newly renovated a safe place for kids to get rowdy and escape the heat of the summertime.

Integrated seated nooks provide kids with their own naptime escapes just like mom and dad.

Cushioned window seating create nooks with outdoor views throughout the basement.

A basketball net stationed next to the basement’s netted bunk beds gives the sleeping area a playful touch.

Just beyond the modular playground, a hammock tree, and foam pit bring this basement to the next level.

An integrated wine bar for mom and dad provides the adults with entertainment that McDonald’s can’t.

The rock climbing wall is stationed atop a foam pit for kids to fall into after falling either from the climbing wall or overhead monkey bars.

This Nintendo Switch 2 foldable concept makes it the ultimate Android gaming tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Think of it as the natural successor to the Nintendo Switch, and the clamshell-style Nintendo DS before it.

Sure, Nintendo’s probably going to announce the Switch Pro console very soon, but entertain the idea of a world where the Switch isn’t just a console, it’s an all-in-one tablet and gaming device. Designed by Alessandro Cesa and Nicola Pizzato, this conceptual Nintendo Switch 2 device makes a great case for how the company can fill a pretty big void in the gaming tablet market. The Nintendo Switch 2 comes with a dual-hinge folding mechanism (sort of like the Microsoft Duo) that creates a gap in between the two folding components… a gap wide enough to dock the Switch’s joy-cons. Moreover, the Switch 2 even sports a sprawling folding display that turns it into a full-size tablet when open. You could hold it as you would a Nintendo DS, or open it out and play games on a larger screen with the joy-cons in each hand, just like you would with a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

We all know that the Switch runs on a customized version of Android already, which makes it really easy for the Switch 2 to be more than just a gaming device. The large touchscreen display is perfect for everything from playing Animal Crossing to watching content on Netflix and YouTube. The joy-cons, which sit inside the tablet like bookmarks, can easily be removed when needed, and used as either game-controllers, or remote controls. The fact that they sit INSIDE the Switch would probably indicate that they charge wirelessly, using a reverse wireless charging technology built into the tablet.

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

The Switch 2 tablet and controllers take on a rather familiar design, with flat edges just like the iPad. The joy-cons sport battery indicators on the side, and have a unique design where the main buttons and the analog thumbsticks sit below the controller’s upper surface, protecting the screen from getting scratched or damaged when shut.

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

To expand its tablet functionality, the Switch 2 even comes with its own docked stylus, pitting it against the iPad Pro as a serious gaming and productivity device. The stylus docks in on the right side of the tablet, while the left comes with a slot for gaming cartridges, keeping the analog appeal of a gaming console very much alive!

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

That hinge is perhaps one of the most interesting details on the Switch 2. It folds the screen with a much broader curvature, so you’re not left with that godforsaken crease when you open it up. The folded version of the tablet also creates a perfect gap to dock the joy-cons. The Switch 2 also comes with a single-lens camera, a 3.5mm jack, and a USB-C port for charging it or hooking it to a variety of other devices. The designers even created a two-part case for the Switch 2 concept, with iPad-style foldable panels that allow it to dock at an angle as you play games or browse the internet on it!

Designers: Alessandro Cesa & Nicola Pizzato

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

Nintendo Switch 2 Foldable Android Gaming Tablet

An Apple-inspired gaming console + more innovative designs that will revolutionize the future of gaming!

Gaming consoles, controllers, and other accessories are always on every guy’s wish list! They’re always on their tiptoes, waiting for the next launch in the gaming industry. And thankfully for them, the design industry comes up with innovative and super cool gaming products…all the time! Some turn out to be complete hits, while some are booed away to glory. But every one of them captures a lot of attention! And, we’ve curated a collection of unique and groundbreaking designs that could truly be the future of gaming! From an Apple-inspired gaming controller to an immersive gaming machine that uses projection technique, each of these products is here to break some convention in the gaming industry!

Sleek, with minimal details, and controls that are as baffling as the AppleTV Remote yet equally appealing. This may be Designer Hannes Geipel’s version of a Microsoft Surface Gaming Controller, but it definitely has a very strong Apple-esque vibe to it. The Surface Gaming Controller concept by Hannes Geipel boasts a brilliantly simple form. With absolutely no-frills, textures, accents, or color-separation, the Surface Gaming Controller has a clean look to it that is a major contrast to Microsoft’s own Xbox controller. The Surface Gaming Controller comes with a soft, satin finish, and sports two rather slick-looking joypads with a metallic ring around them.

Building upon Sony’s previously released DualSense wireless controller, which changed the way games “feel” through immersive haptic feedback, the new VR controller for the PS5 also provides haptic feedback and takes on an orb-like shape that allows users to move their hands freely and naturally when gaming. The ergonomic design behind the new VR controller was also tested by a range of users with different hand sizes to ensure that they work for everyone. In addition to the controller’s added haptic feedback, the new VR controllers are outfitted with the same adaptive trigger technology found on the DualSense wireless controllers. The adaptive trigger buttons on Sony’s VR controllers add tension that gamers can really feel when plucking an arrow or pulling on a rope, adding to the multisensory experience of PS5.

Inspired by PlayStation’s minimal look, the PSR was designed to keep and enhance the geo silhouettes using a simple circular shape and a stripe line. The disc-like projector unit can be rotated freely and depending on the angle it will form interesting geometric silhouettes – circle, rectangular, and cross. The console has a refined and modern aesthetic complimented by the Dualshock Duo controllers. The pressure-sensitive analog stick adds to the tactile input feeling that makes it different from its predecessors. It features magnetic pads that connect it so it can be charged together using the USB-C speed charge or the Chargestation Pro Dock if you have another set of controllers.


We need a gadget like Morphox which is a conceptual controller designed to adapt to a variety of gaming experiences while still being ergonomic. While most tech is now becoming modular to adapt to our flexible lifestyle (or flexible game choices), gaming controllers are still pretty set in their mold. Morphox breaks this mold with a design that creatively incorporates feedback from existing controllers like the placement of the trigger button for better access which is a starting point. “This personal exploration project of mine where I have taken the idea of playing around with the controller of the future that lets you be more into the game hypothetically having an apt. compatible console system that these controllers work,” says Gohil.

The Lian Li DK05F and DK04F gaming desks allow you to peer at and admire the tech below the keyboard! The desks have been amped with a switchable top glass panel which enables you to explore what’s going on beneath the surface. At the press of a button, the water-cooled components turn completely opaque! The gaming desks can also support weights of up to 80kg, and their height can be adjusted as well.

The ASUS ROG Phone 3 has been amped with a Game Mode to provide enhanced in-game sound effects for an immersive gaming experience. It also comes along with an AMOLED 6.59-inch display for vivid and sharp images! Further equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology, the visuals get even more realistic.

Titled the EVOLUTION 3D, these conceptual TWS Gaming Earbuds form the perfect successor to Sony’s Pulse headphones, giving PS5 gamers some much-needed variety. Every archetype of a gamer involves having a clunky pair of headphones with a microphone, but the EVOLUTION 3D wants to give that cliché an upgrade. By combining powerful gaming hardware with sleek, cutting-edge consumer tech, the EVOLUTION 3D creates allies out of two hardware categories that seldom see an overlap. The TWS earbuds come with the distinct PS5 visual style with the interplay between white and black surfaces. The case comes with an embossed version of the PS logo, and a soft, pebble-inspired form.

It says a lot about the PS5’s design that concept artists are still trying to reimagine its aesthetic as something more traditional and less alien-like. The PS5 “Pro” comes from the mind of Anesthétique Projets, who also developed the PlayStation 5G, a handheld PS Vita-styled concept that made the most of the console/mobile gaming crossover. Now, the NY-based designer is back with an overhaul of the ‘polarizing’ PS5 design. Titled the PlayStation 5 Pro, the console borrows from the circular elements seen on the 1st gen PlayStation and its younger sibling, the curvier PS One. Its back-to-basics design even sports an updated version of the DualShock 4 controllers that pair well with the console’s flat cylindrical design.

Titled the Nintendo Delight, this smartphone concept builds on the success of Nintendo’s Switch, making it even more portable and adding a few extra features to it. The Nintendo Delight replaces the need to carry your phone along with your gaming console. By combining the two together, it becomes your go-to device for gaming, browsing, social media, and everything in between. Designer Sophia Yen makes a pretty astute observation when she points out that the Switch is already an Android device (YouTuber Linus Tech Tips even demonstrates how to run Netflix on a Switch), and the Nintendo Delight simply builds on it, adding network capabilities and a camera to the mix.

The SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth XL gamer mousepad offers two-zone RGB dynamic illumination, and provides that extra flair and light around your gaming mat! It gives you complete control of the in-gaming lighting notifications, and you can even easily create complex effects in no time.

Tiny Axe-Throwing Game Played with Real, Miniature Axes

Because danger comes in all shapes and sizes (including miniature), this is the Small Viking Axe Game available from Firebox for $116. It’s a real axe-throwing game played with tiny, but still very sharp, axes. I can already close my eyes and see myself wrapping my bloody hand in a t-shirt and yelling for my wife.

As a huge fan of both miniature weaponry and throwing sharp objects, this game is a no-brain purchase for myself. Will my wife try to intercept the package and hide it from me? If she knows what’s best for me, most definitely.

The set includes a wooden target with string for hanging (preferably outdoors), three miniatures axes with burlap carrying sack, nine replacement shafts, one shaft replacement tool, and a rulebook. Obviously, I don’t need a rulebook and will make up the rules as I go along. Presumably, something along the lines of ‘last one to bleed, wins, but does have to drive all the losers to the hospital.’

PlayStation 5 “Pro” edition concept looks like a shiny Roomba-shaped gaming console

It says a lot about the PS5’s design that concept artists are still trying to reimagine its aesthetic as something more traditional and less alien-like. The PS5 “Pro” comes from the mind of Anesthétique Projets, who also developed the PlayStation 5G, a handheld PS Vita-styled concept that made the most of the console/mobile gaming crossover. Now, the NY-based designer is back with an overhaul of the ‘polarizing’ PS5 design. Titled the PlayStation 5 Pro, the console borrows from the circular elements seen on the 1st gen PlayStation and its younger sibling, the curvier PS One. Its back-to-basics design even sports an updated version of the DualShock 4 controllers that pair well with the console’s flat cylindrical design.

It’s safe to say that Anesthétique Projet’s approach to designing the PS5 involved bringing a sense of ‘normalcy’ back into the console’s design language. The PS5 Pro’s design language takes on a very “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” vibe with its simple circular design that pays a hat-tip to the original PlayStation. It does, however, have the proportions of a Roomba, although with that glorious brushed metal finish, that’s a Roomba I would gladly own. The front is rather simple, with a CD slot and two USB-C ports (to charge your controllers), while the back is where all the magic is, with an 8K HDMI out, ethernet, USB-A, and even a digital audio output (there’s no 3.5mm jack in sight).

The controllers should really please PS purists, as they give the DualShock series an upgrade rather than adopting the DualSense style. The base of the controllers play around with a transparent-on-opaque finish, as do the trigger buttons on the back. Titled the DualShock 5 Pro, the controllers come with USB-C ports on the front and the back, and sport the signature Stormtrooper-style black-and-white color-way.

The PlayStation 5 Pro isn’t the first circular concept we’ve seen. In November last year, designer Riccardo Breccia designed a circular PS5 concept too.

Designer: Anesthétique Projets

Sony PS5 gets a DIY vintage hardwood case in this video by our favorite Youtuber. Watch the video!

Matt, of DIY Perks is back again with another custom hack that you can build in the comfort of your own home. This time, the handyman YouTuber designs and constructs a wooden case for his new PS5. DIY Perks starts his process off by disassembling the casing of PS5 to keep only the core of the unit. Left with a compact and thin inner structure, the bulkiest aspect of the PS5’s internal workings is the cool and heat sink. Since the core of PS5 cannot remain leveled on a flat surface, DIY Perks evens out the structure with a few hexagonal PCB pillar supports. Then, using long screws, the PS5’s power supply latches and securely fastens on top of the leveled-out inner structure. DIY Perks then takes a sheet of carbon fiber, a tough layer of woven crisscrossing carbon fibers, to form the case’s base plate.

Carved into the base plate, DIY Perks creates holes where the rest of the PS5’s components fit. Next, DIY Perks mounts the system’s fan onto the carbon fiber baseplate, overlaying the fan with a grill to prevent anything from getting caught in the fan’s blades. Divided into two halves, the fan pulls air in through both sides, allowing airflow drawn from the heat sink to exit through the carved hole in the carbon fiber base plate. To direct the airflow from the heatsink to the fan, DIY Perks uses strips of foam, a cue taken from Sony.

With the inner system securely fastened to its new carbon fiber baseplate, DIY Perks begins work on the system’s American walnut wood case. Using a Japanese saw blade, DIY Perks carves angled edges on the walnut wood to create a cubic frame. Before situating and locking the PS5 into place within the wood frame, DIY Perks etches holes for the USB cables to reach their port located inside the wooden frame, on the PS5 system itself. Leaning on the holes he previously carved into the carbon fiber base plate to mount it onto the wooden frame, both pieces easily merge with one another.

With the rear side of the case still exposed, DIY Perks uses a CNC router to carve port slits that work as vents for the system to remain cool. Finally, DIY Perks looks to carbon fiber once more for the case’s lid, where he relies on CNC milling to carve a vent for the fan out of miniature hexagon shapes, marrying them to the walnut frame with matching hexagonal wooden inserts. The refined walnut look of the case is certainly a step away from the original metallic and custom brass casing for the PS5. Understated and sophisticated, the new case from DIY Perks doesn’t demand your attention like the original shiny metallic case, but the rustic elegance of the walnut wood blended with the durability of carbon fiber definitely keeps it.

Designer: DIY Perks

The combination of walnut hardwood framing and carbon fiber covering gives the custom PS5 case a retro feel.

Without a flat surface, when the PS5 is laid horizontally, it doesn’t fit in entertainment consoles.

DIY Perks began by disassembling his PS5.

The cool and heat sink is the bulkiest part of the gaming system.

In order to level out the inner structure, DIY Perks inserted brass washers with varying heights on both ends of the system.

Matt took to a carbon fiber base layer to form the system’s bottom covering.

Matt inserted a grill for the fan’s opening to permit and promote airflow.

Additionally, he inserted a foam strip to direct the airflow.

Using a saw blade to cut the walnut framing’s sides, Matt created a wooden border for the PS5 case.

Hexagonal port holes help to keep the inner workings of the PS5 cooled down.

Cup Noodles Special Edition Yahtzee: Come On, Five Shrimps!

Cup Noodles: without them, I probably would have starved to death in college. Those and $1 frozen store-brand personal pizzas saved my life. Not my grades though. No… not my grades. YAHTZEE: Cup Noodles is a special edition of Yahtzee that comes in a Cup Noodles stylized cup and features dice printed with its common ingredients, including carrots, corn, lime, shrimp, beef, and chicken. Personally, my favorite flavor is Hot & Spicy with Shrimp.

Despite the above photo, the set does NOT include any actual noodles. A shame, I know. Available on Amazon (affiliate link), playing a game will likely last longer than it takes me to eat a real Cup Noodles, my current record of which, at least according to people who witnessed it, was “disgustingly fast.” The key is slurping.

Will I be disqualified for putting all the dice in my mouth after I don’t roll what I want? My wife is nodding her head, yes, making it easy for me to decide who is and isn’t invited to game night this week. So, is there a rule set for one-player Yahtzee?

[via The Awesomer]

This unique portable sports game lets you play a hybrid of basketball and volleyball anywhere!

All you need is some determination, some skill, and some time to kill… Meet RallyHoops, a new kind of sport that combines the thrill of basketball with the team size and fundamentals of volleyball. This addictive amalgam of two high-adrenaline sports was made to be easy to travel with and set up anywhere, without requiring large poles, nets, or any major infrastructure.

At the center of the game is a two-tiered hoop system that fits right into a cushion-sized case you can easily stash in the boot of your car. Quite reminiscent of the hoops you’d see in a game of Quidditch, these sit horizontally and are stacked one above another. A small ball is dunked into them to score points, however, in a volleyball-style fashion. Two teams of two players each stand diagonally to each other. Each team takes turns to dunk the ball into the hoop, but must do so in just 3 hand-taps. One person serves, the other person sets up the shot, and the server gets a final chance to tap the ball into the hoop. Bag the lower hoop for 2 points, or the upper for 3 points, and if you’re skilled enough to make a shot through both hoops that gets you 5 points. After your turn, the other team gets a shot. These short-termed rallies make up the game, and at the end when one team scores 21 points, the losing team gets a last-ditch effort to recover their chances with two final basketball-like shots (one per player). This is where the tiered hoops become interesting because a successful shot can deduct points from the winning team. A shot on the lower hoop deducts 3 points, while a dunk on the upper hoop deducts 5. If by some sheer stroke of luck or genius you manage to shoot the ball in both the hoops, the winning team loses 10 points off their final score.

The RallyHoops setup fits right into a briefcase that you can carry around with you, as it weighs only 14 pounds. The briefcase opens into two halves, becoming the base for the hoop stands, while everything you need is right on the inside, i.e., two retractable poles, four hoops, nets, a ball pump, and one RallyHoops ball. The patent-pending sport was conceptualized by 4 brothers during a charity WIFFLE ball tournament, and its first working prototype designed just two weeks later. It takes the best parts from multiple sports, combining everything in one entertaining and addictive game that can be played practically anywhere you want. Oh, and if you want to spice things up further, put a broom between your legs and pretend like you’re playing Quidditch!

Designers: The Greiner Brothers

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $199 ($30 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

RallyHoops – Volleyball and Basketball Combined!

RallyHoops blends volleyball and basketball to create a portable sports game that can be played anywhere – from the beach to concrete.

RallyHoops is a fast-paced, four-player (2 v. 2) game that is quick to set up, easy to grasp, yet difficult to master. Their full-court game is played with two different-sized hoops on each side of the court.

There are different scoring options, depending on who scores in which hoop, but a team has no more than 3 hits per team rally. Games are played to 21 points.

How To Play

Unpack It:

– Lay the RallyHoops set on the ground and unhook the silicone bands from the bases
– Remove the 4 hoops and 2 poles
– Press the buttons located on the bottom of the pole and insert it into the top of base; do the same with your second pole and base
– Slide the inner pole up until you hear a “click” for our standard(6’/4′) height and a second click for our advanced (7’/5′) height

Lock and Lift:

– Remove the RallyHoops key lock from the back of the hoops
– Insert the large hoop into the lower pole cavity & small hoop into the top pole cavity
– Vertically insert the RallyHoops key into the back of each hoop to lock it into place
– Press the button on the tube to adjust to the height of your choosing:
– 7′ top hoop, 5′ low hoop; or
– 6′ top hoop, 4′ low hoop)


– Once both units are assembled, separate each pole to your desired playing distance
– 15′ for beginner or casual play
– 20′ for standard play
– 25′ for advanced play

Teams of Two:

– A regulation game is 2 v. 2
– Teammates are on opposite diagonals sides
– Games are played to exactly 21 points

Server Scores:

– The Server begins a rally by hitting the ball to their partner, the Setter
– The Setter can then set the ball up, volleyball style, to the Server
– The Server can run up and score into the bottom hoop, top hoop or both hoops
– Bottom Hoop = 2 points
– Top Hoop = 3 points
– Both Hoops = 5 points

Setter Scores:

– When the Server serves the ball to the Setter, the Setter can directly score into the hoops too, but for less points: Bottom Hoop = 1 point; Top Hoop = 2 points; Both Hoops = 3 points.
– Bottom Hoop = 1 point
– Top Hoop = 2 points
– Both Hoops = 3 points

Redemption Shots:

– If the other team reaches 21 point first, your team is still in the game
– Each player has 1 redemption shot to lower the leading team’s score down from 21
– Shot into the bottom hoop take off 3 points (leading team’s score = 18)
– Shot into the top hoop take off 5 points (leading team’s score = 16)
– Shot into the both hoops takes off 10 points (leading team’s score = 11)
– If you make the redemption shot, the game continues, and you become the Server
– If you and your teammate miss your redemption shots, the GAME IS OVER


– Each Team has (3) three Defensive Attacks per game to 21 points
– A team uses a Defensive Attack when the player (Defensive Player), standing on the same side of the court as the Server, crosses the back edge of the RallyHoops base after the Server has served the ball in the air;
– A Defensive Attack allows the Defensive Player to chase down the Serve and alter the opposing team’s shot or block the ball before it goes through either hoop(s);
– The Defensive Player may not make contact with an opposing player or the RallyHoops set while trying to alter the shot before the ball goes through either hoop (once the ball passes through the cylinder of either hoop, the Defensive Player cannot touch the ball);
– If a Defensive Player makes contact with either the Server, Setter, the RallyHoops set, or the ball after it passes through the cylinder of either hoop, and that contact is determined to unfairly alter the Server or Setter’s shot or set, that team’s Rally will reset and the Defensive Player’s team will forfeit one (1) Defensive Attack.

Pack Up:

– The inside of the box is outlined for the orientation of the large and small hoops
– The large hoop snaps into the base clips, followed by the small hoop
– Place the ball on the cradle inside the base
– The poles then lock into tabs on the base indents
– Close the two halves together and lock all 4 bands

The official RallyHoops™ ball has a 6″ inch diameter with an original, durable, and sleek design.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $199 ($30 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!