You can make DraftKings sports bets using your Dish DVR

If you've ever wanted to bet on a sports event using your TV in addition to watching the match itself you now have your chance. Dish has reached a "strategic agreement" that brings DraftKings' sports betting and daily fantasy featur...

This 165-inch 4K folding television disappears right into the ground when you turn it off!

Forget LG’s Rollable TV or Xiaomi’s Transparent TV, an Austrian tech company is setting the gold standard in how televisions look and behave in interior spaces. C-SEED, a company known to make high-end outdoor televisions, has debuted the M1 – a whopping 165-inch 4K MicroLED beast that folds up and tucks away right underneath your floorboard. Before you get any ideas, the television retails for nearly half a million dollars, so it’s safe to say that only a select few will be able to afford this bad-boy.

It may be the world’s coolest party-trick, but imagine being able to summon a television from the underground as your guests watch in sheer astonishment. Hit a button on the remote and the floor splits apart, with this pillar rising from within the chasm. The pillar then unfolds into a wide 165-inch screen, perfect to watch the Golden Globes on.

Fashioned with 5 display panels that open and close like a folding fan, the M1 television really knows how to make an appearance. Its elaborate structure features a base that the display panels lock into once they open out. This base also houses the television’s powerful speaker system, including two 250W broadband speakers and one whopping 700W subwoofer to really pack that punch. While those stats may be impressive to a few, it’s the TV’s design that really gets my heart racing! The M1 doesn’t come with a single folded display, but rather features 5 panels that can seamlessly merge together to appear as one singular panel. The MicroLED technology, combined with 4K, really allows images to stand out with superior contrast and brightness (as well as phenomenally dark blacks), but C-SEED’s Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology takes the cake, as it makes the LEDs near the edges of the panels shine brighter, allowing those seams/lines to disappear, creating the illusion of one large screen instead of 5 small ones. To keep the entire TV lightweight, its frame and outer body comes made from aviation-grade aluminum (with a unique lattice structure behind the screens to provide structure and strength). The M1 comes in 4 colors – Silver, Gold, Black, and Titanium, and boasts a price tag of $400,000. I wonder whether that includes the elaborate in-floor installation charge…

Designer: C-SEED

PlayStation Store will stop selling movies and TV shows on August 31st

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Netflix leads the pack at the SAG Awards with 30 nominations

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This space-saving TV unit doubles as a cozy home for your beloved cat!

Pets infuse a new spurt of energy into your dull life, and they deserve all the love and comfort one can shower them with. Sure it’s one thing bringing home the most lavish pet furniture but how about what the pet is actually craving? A cat for example – always looking to hide in the vantage corners of the home or finding a cozy spot behind the clutter of your home entertainment system. So what you think of as a stress-free environment for them might actually be a case where they can benefit from some mindfulness idea.

Industrial designer Jong Hoon Yoon from Seoul, Korea pondered over the unique idea of thinking from a pet’s perspective and designing an intuitive TV stand. Christened “With”, the space-saving TV unit doubles as a cozy spot for your cat to never let go of. All this while being considerate of the kind human too. Yes, With considers the positioning of the cat and the fellow human, so that they both are in their comfort zone and don’t bother each other. For us, the TV is a mere source of entertainment as well as lousy around on our couch binge-watching streaming content. On the other hand, the heat produced from the TV and the accompanying electronics is an opportunity for your pet to curl up and enjoy in their own space.

Identifying these scenarios, Jong penned this interesting TV stand design with a piped design to remove bulkiness while still having enough space for the cat on the back to find a home. The backside of the panel has three sections that each serve a purpose for the cat to explore at will. The top panel gives the feline a vantage spot to keep an eye on things, the middle section is for hiding, and the bottom section acts as a cozy warm space to rest and sleep. Keeping in mind the safety of the loved pet, there are fabric mats in various colors. Toy accessories can be attached to the piped structure to keep your furry friend sharp and active via play.

In a way, this clever home accessory creates harmony between you and your pet without having the need to go buy extra pet furniture that can take up space. It about sharing each other’s lifestyle and living happily ever after!

Designer: Jong Hoon Yoon