Overlay next-gen home display wants to skim down multiple display demands with one AR Screen

Thanks to smart home technology integration, we have become dependent on digital displays for communication, infotainment, and even for preparing culinary bites in the kitchen. This means we need multiple displays: one in the family room for entertainment, another in the bathroom to read news and weather updates, one in the study for working from home, and if you’re not a Michelin chef yourself, a display in the kitchen to run the recipe guide for help!

Investing in all such displays, and still having them suffice for only one purpose at one place doesn’t really add up in 2024. If you’re in the same league of thought, Overlay – designed for Samsung – is the “Next Home Display” that wants to skim down the multiple display demand and fill it with one wholesome unit that has mobile roots.

Designers: Susanna Kim

More than an adjustable, mobile display, the Overlay is a sensor-enabled contraption that can move about the house – on preset commands or on call – to suffice a multitude of infotainment objectives and more. The onboard mapping sensors allow the mobile display to map the space and divide it into understandable zones. Users can pin the desired location on the map and set content (entertainment, information, etc) for each pin with a time. For instance, “the user” can pin the dining “table area to watch Netflix” while dining.

When it is time for dinner, the Overlay will automatically arrive at the table and turn on Netflix, as advised. The user can adjust the height of the display to their liking and watch the movie on Netflix without additional setup requirements (it has an integrated speaker system). In case you are too lazy to adjust the height, Overlay is designed to do that automatically for you. Auto height adjusting display rests on a solid base which is equipped with small radius omni-wheels for smooth maneuvering within the mapped space.

It can be teamed up with the TV or other devices in the house as an enlarged display for them. The unit can overlay more information about what you’re watching on TV or stand by the washing machine and give you a heads-up about when it’s time to take them to the dryers. It comes with an AI assistant to take voice commands and has a transparent screen to display match or player statistics when you’re watching a game of football on TV for instance.

Alongside being an omnipresent mobile display, the Overlay comes with motion sensors and LiDAR camera that provide it the ability to identify objects and perhaps provide plant and pet care tips to the user. Over and above monitoring the condition of plants in its mapped space, it can even regulate watering for personalized, automated care. All this functionality demands great power, for which the Overlay is pretty self-sufficient as well. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that it juices up by heading straight to the charging dock when the power is running low (no human intervention required here either). Capable of bringing MR experience to the home, the Overlay is designed in four distinct colors that should complement any home effortlessly.

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LG Flow TV concept with detachable speakers for modern dwellers who love the freedom of movable platforms

The trend for single-person households is catching up in the urban landscape, and so is the need for modern electronics that come with the freedom of a movable platform. The reason is, that Gen-Z and single-person households don’t want the hassle of wall-mounted TVs when frequently changing bases. Solution, the LG Flow concept that comes with detachable speakers.

The proposed concept by GDM+ designers allows the user to enjoy 360-degree spatial audio anywhere. The whole TV frame can be rotated in any direction and the detachable wireless speaker module at the bottom of the display gives modern users more freedom when shifting bases or even rearranging their apartment. Big displays with permanent brackets on the wall or even in the stand format isn’t appealing enough for such users.

Designer: KDM+

This frame-like display is designed keeping in mind the harmony of the interior space like your living room or bedroom. The outer frame houses the display that can be rotated in a horizontal or vertical orientation with the push of the button on the provided remote control. In the vertical mode, the back legs are lean against the wall while in the horizontal mode, the long legs are tilted back to adjust to adjust the user’s eye level. The detachable speakers automatically adjust to the placement position to beam 360 degrees of omnidirectional sound for multimedia viewing. When you detach them, the position of the individual speakers is automatically gauged and ambient sound is adjusted according to the sitting position of listeners.

When you’re not watching any content on the TV, it doubles as a beautiful artwork piece to enhance the interior space. You can set it to display famous paintings, your memorable pictures, or anything random that makes you feel good.



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This T-Shirt has a Wearable Display that lets you turn GIF Reactions into Fashion!

Have you ever wished your mood or thoughts could be broadcasted to the world and people just understood you without you having to say a word? The T-Shirt TV is here to turn that imaginative concept into a stylish reality, making it a groundbreaking upgrade for introverts and expressive individuals alike. Move over plain white tees; this wearable tech isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a dynamic canvas that transforms your clothing into a medium of expression.

Designer: T-Shirt TV

The T-Shirt TV takes the ordinary and turns it extraordinary with a sleek, 10-inch HD screen seamlessly integrated into the fabric. This high-tech addition is not only lightweight but also unobtrusive, ensuring that your fashion-forward look is not compromised. The result? Your outfit becomes a moving, talking spectacle, delivering a visual narrative that transcends traditional clothing.

With the T-Shirt TV, you have the power to showcase anything from art and activism to personal branding and entertainment. The 10-inch screen allows for stunning clarity, turning your tee into a portable canvas for your chosen visuals. Imagine carrying your message, digital creations, or even your favorite sports team’s highlights with you wherever you go.

Uploading content is a breeze; simply connect a USB to transform your tee into a looping showcase of videos, images, and audio. The T-shirt comes equipped with 2 GB of storage and a battery life of two to four hours, extendable with an extra battery. This ensures that your dynamic display keeps going as long as you do.

The T-Shirt TV is not just a party accessory; it’s a powerful medium for creatives and communicators of all kinds. Artists can display their digital creations, activists can amplify their messages, and sports enthusiasts can flaunt their team spirit. In essence, it’s a mobile billboard, a personal gallery, and a conversation starter—all wrapped up in a stylish package with sleeves.

Once reserved for media giants like 20th Century Fox and CNN for promotions and events, the T-shirt TV is now democratizing expression. Through a new Kickstarter campaign, this innovative wearable is being offered to anyone with a vision to share. Now, individuals from all walks of life can embrace this wearable canvas and make their statements heard, seen, and experienced.

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This multipurpose TV with smartphone wireless charging pad has a rollable screen concealing high-end speakers

Modern-day televisions have evolved into rollable form factors on the high end of the spectrum but the utilitarian aspect of the big screen has mostly been ignored. That leaves space for concept designs like the SOUROND to shine through.

The display is specifically created for individuals residing in compact apartments. Its sleek form consists of a roll-up screen, audio system, base and charging capabilities. All these are targeted at reducing users’ space needs while enhancing user-friendliness.

Designer: SHS Shih

Rendered on KeyShot: Click Here to Download Your Free Trial Now!

This innovative form combines the function of television, audio and charging into a slim and space-saving design. The result, a multi-functional solution that not only saves space but also meets the varying needs of modern dwellers. SOUROND boasts a screwless aesthetic design making the installation very easy without compromising the integrity of the wall surface. This results in a versatile design that provides seamless flexibility for various setup options like wall-mounting or placing on the tabletop stand.

The base of the modern display has an in-built wireless charging function to charge all the power-hungry gadgets. The most interesting feature of the display is its roll-up screen that reveals the internal speakers underneath to enjoy music and podcasts. The array of 6 speakers concealed under the mesh surface beam rich audio for music lovers, hence, adding to the utility.

The only downside of the current proposed concept design is the lack of support for big screens that only fit a 32-inch screen. It is mostly aimed at users who like to add a multifunctional TV to their setup sans any wire clutter. That said, we would love to see a minimum of 55-inch screen setup with this multiple functionality, it ever this concept is materialized.

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This invisible home theatre system is the coolest way to tidy up the chaos around your 4K TV

Over the years, we’ve witnessed an astonishing evolution in technology, where televisions have transformed into elegant, slim marvels that effortlessly blend with our décor. Yet, despite their aesthetic appeal, there’s one aspect that remains an eyesore—the untidy chaos that accumulates on the TV stand, stealing away the charm and allure we strive for.

But fear not! If you possess a touch of woodworking finesse and a sprinkle of audio tech know-how, then brace yourself for a game-changing solution presented by the renowned DIY mastermind, YouTuber DIY Perks. With the video demonstration above, embark on a journey that will revolutionize your living room, introducing an invisible 5.1 channel surround sound home theatre project: a spectacle that will leave your guests in awe.

Designer: DIY Perks

Embrace a flawless blend of form and function, where sound seamlessly envelops you from all angles, without a single visible speaker or TV screen to disrupt the aesthetic harmony. With this ingenious DIY project, you can bid farewell to unsightly wires, hindering TV set, and bulky speakers that mar the elegance of your living space.

After awing us over with triple-screen foldable laptop and an invisible PC – built into a table – the intrepid DIYer dares to take the leap and embark on this extraordinary venture where the TV is hidden away from plain sight.

Once the cabinetry hiding the TV is flung open, you have a 5.1 surround sound home theatre system with a 75-inch LG QNED mini LED 4K TV in the center. Along with this, you get a high-power PC, Blu-ray player, and a PlayStation 5 installed in the designated top chamber, to take care of your work and gaming requirements. And to spice up the décor, you have a fuming fireplace at the base of this unit.

This custom invisible 4K TV and home theatre system, unfortunately, doesn’t come in a ready-to-build kit. So, everything there is, and you see in the video, will have to be handcrafted. You can however get a 3D file for the dimensions of this build to set out and try it at home!

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Memphis-inspired streaming box comes with a unique intersecting design to prevent remote loss

While the idea of losing a remote will pretty much still terrify anyone for the rest of their lives, the Pop Art TV Box has a uniquely creative solution – use someone’s OCD to combat their forgetfulness! With a unique design that has the TV’s remote intersecting with the TV’s hardware unit itself, the Pop Art relies on visual gestalt to complete itself. You’re much less likely to lose the remote, because you’re going to be compelled to dock it in its place once you’re done… sort of like how you dock a telephone receiver into its holder.

Designer: Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology

The Pop Art’s design borrows from the Memphis 2.0 and Bauhaus design styles, relying on simple geometric shapes and bold colors to create powerful compositions. The hardware duo features a square-shaped streaming box, with a cutout designed to dock the circular disc-shaped remote, allowing it to wirelessly charge when docked. “This recess serves as a visual cue for users to return the remote control to the charging dock when not in use. When the remote control is put back in place, the set-top box automatically shuts down to save power”, say the designers.

The Pop Art is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.

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LG unveils world first bendable OLED TV with 20 curved level settings for personalize viewing experience

Curved screen displays have been in trend for the last couple of years, and now we are looking up the horizon for the next big move. LG has just announced a cool OLED TV that is capable of bending on demand to morph into a curved display. This announcement comes on the back of Corsair showing off its 45-inch bendable gaming monitor at Gamescom just a few days ago.

Dubbed the LG OLED Flex – a.k.a LX3 model – it is touted to be the first bendable OLED TV on the market. The 42-inch display is targeted at gamers and professionals who demand the next level of immersion, and also want the flexibility to have a normal flat screen TV. The transition between the two modes happens seamlessly with remote control.

Designer: LG

Even better the display can be set anywhere between the twenty levels of curvature. That means, the bendable feature is fully customizable to a maximum of 900R curve. I can think of scenarios where the screen bend can be toggled for strategy, FPS or racing games for maximum gaming prowess.

The 4K display comes with a 0.1 millisecond response time, 120Hz refresh rate, Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1, ALLM (auto low latency mode) and support for VRR (variable refresh rate). This display is also G-SYNC compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium certified for a smooth viewing experience. Thus, making it ideal for pairing with the latest gaming consoles like Xbox Series X or PS5.

Another feature that’s very useful is the anti-reflective coating for minimum distraction in a bright environment. The stand on the display is height adjustable – 10 degrees towards or 5 degrees away from the gamer, and tilt adjustable – up and down by 140 millimeters. It also gets dual front-firing speakers for ultra-premium immersive sound output. Therefore, it can be used for other purposes like video editing or binge watching too.

There’s no word on the pricing or availability of this amazing display yet, but it should be positioned competitively to capture the chunk of geeky buyers. As per LG, the Flex bendable display is going to be on display at the IFA 2022 in Germany this week, so better keep an eye!

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This flexible TV folds into a suitcase, is tailormade for amusing camping

As an avid camper, one thing I can take the liberty to identify as what we all miss in the great outdoors is the possibility of being able to relax in front of a TV. It’s a general routine for me to cuddle up on the couch in front of the TV as soon as I get back home after a grilling day at work. Arguably an idiot box for some, a TV set helps me relieve stress, while something interesting on the screen enhances the mood, improving the immune system in a way. Perhaps even for all the goodness on the platter, it’s not possible for me to enjoy the same convenience when I’m camping out in the wilderness.

If you’re a TV addict like me, and have been to a few campsites yourself, you’d relate to what I’m saying. Of course, with the rise in adventurers and campers through, and even before the pandemic, a pandora’s box of camping gear and televisions tailored for campers and RVers has hit the market with much fervor. TVs part of this influx of goodies is frankly designed for the indoors and not so much to be lugged around to the beach or the forest.

Designer: Hyeonseok Kang

This is because “the most crucial necessity of camping products is portability,” and that’s exactly what the larger screen TVs for the outdoors lack. Presenting a definite alternative – which is both portable and trendy – Korean designer Hyeonseok Kang has conceptualized ‘The Suitcase’; a TV in a suitcase, that simple! Not really, it’s not a TV packed into a suitcase, in fact, it is a flexible display that can fold back into a suitcase for carrying in the boot of your car. It is not like the traditional camping TV with a portable stand, The Suitcase is a display with a combined stand and TV.

For user convenience, the flexible display has a two-axis hinge running in the middle, which allows the TV screen to be freely adjusted at any angle and be folded and unfolded easily. The Suitcase can be carried conveniently by holding the leather handle attached to the top. There is also something called the hold button, which allows the display to be locked firmly in either configuration. The TV is packed with a USB Type-C, 3 USB A, and a pair of HDMI ports to ensure unhindered amusement while camping!

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LG UltraGear 48GQ900 UHD 4K OLED display so ready for gaming

48 LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV Specs

LG is a brand that we can always trust when it comes to smart appliances. Forget about smartphones because the company has discontinued that direction. But then, the South Korean tech giant has maintained its lead in the smart TV arena.

LG has plenty of TVs to offer, but one remarkable model is a 4K monitor that is ideal for watching movies and gaming. That is one ultimate entertainment TV as its size alone is enough to make an impression. As part of the LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor Series, the 48-inch OLED model has several features like the Nano IPS with ATW Polarizer Technology and a 260Hz refresh rate.

Designer: LG

48 LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV Dimensions

Most smart TVs could probably be used for gaming, but they can still be improved. So LG wants to make a difference by creating an optimized version for gaming. Specifically, the LG UltraGear 48GQ900 comes with a V-shaped foot, so the screen is elevated.

The LG UltraGear 48GQ900 has built-in 20W stereo speakers, a 3.5mm four-pole headset jack, and a two-port USB 3.0 hub. It comes with a remote control that may be used for gaming. The remote control features a Game Mode toggle and more buttons for power, mute, video inputs, and audio outputs. Expect the standard headset jack, but it is also powerful enough to support DTS Headphone X technology.

48-inch LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED

48-inch LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV Specs

Like most premium gaming monitors in the market today, the LG UltraGear 48GQ900 can show an FPS counter and an on-screen crosshair. In addition, it comes equipped with a host of gaming and connectivity features to satisfy every gamer. The 48GQ900 is the biggest LG UltraGear model. Of course, there are also the 32GQ850 and the 32GQ950 models, but those two come with a 4K Nano IPS display.

The 48-inch gaming display is huge and is the first in the OLED gaming monitor category from LG. Its big form still shows sleek aesthetics with the angular stands. Moreover, LG added a new Hexagon Lighting for better gaming effects. There’s HDMI 2.1 connectivity which means the latest gaming consoles and 4K PC gaming can be supported. We can also expect variable refresh rate (VRR) support and a very quick response time.

48-inch LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV Features

48-inch LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV

The LG UltraGear 48GQ900 features a 48-inch 4K display, making it a gaming powerhouse. It offers a 0.1ms response time and a 120Hz (O/C 138Hz) refresh rate, plus a fully-borderless design. Color accuracy is impeccable, so no wonder it’s been recognized by the Red Dot and iF Design Award. Add to that; the TV offers the brand’s anti-glare low reflection (AGLR) coating. This reduces those visual distractions that may come up during gameplay.

48 LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV Price

LG Electronics Business Solutions’ SVP and head of the IT business unit, Seo Young-jae, said the TV is “ideal for both PC and console gaming.” He added, “the new monitors offer features and capabilities that take the entire gaming experience to the next level. We will continue to solidify the UltraGear brand’s strong reputation with innovative products that put the needs of gamers first.” The new LG UltraGear gaming monitor series will be released in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. Japan will get the products before this month ends.

48 LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV

48-inch LG UltraGear UHD 4K OLED TV Price

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Concept LG Display appears like a scroll, looks great in matte finish

LG Display Scroll Display Sample

Concept displays will continue to be designed and introduced as technology advances. In the past few years, we have seen flexible displays implemented on smartphones. The rise of foldable phones has started years ago, and soon, we may see bigger projects with rollable or flexible screens like a door, cabinet, or a window.

The recent OLEDsGo competition is about to conclude. Several groups have shared their designs, including the Totem Rollable OLED Display. Another project presented by Studio Booboon is the Scroll, but it’s an old design. This one is a transparent OLED television that can fit most homes. It’s not exactly a flexible display but the shelf shows a curved design.

Designer: Studio Booboon

LG Display Scroll Display Sample

LG Display Scroll Display Sample

The Scroll transforms into a shelf when not in use. Once it is turned off, it becomes a shelf that can carry your stuff. The Scroll appears like a scroll with its curved portion at the bottom of the screen. The display device’s shelf is made of weighted metal pipe don’t put anything too heavy on top.

It’s mainly a TV, but it looks nothing like a boring TV. It features an elegant and clean look in different color options: Gray, White, and Pink. It seems more like a furniture item than a gadget. It can match most interiors with its minimalist style.

LG Display Scroll Display Sample

LG Display Scroll Display Design

The project Scroll was awarded first place in the OLEDsGo! Competition 2021. It showed an almost bezel-less curving display. It may remind you of an iMac with its smooth finish and super slim display. It doesn’t have any speakers, unlike the LG Totem with Soundbar. The TV can be placed on the wall or the floor as it can stand on its own.

The name Scroll is obviously after a scroll that curves and scrolls out. The shelf portion is one end of the scroll that offers high-resolution images. It can also work as a digital photo frame or a digital painting. Just share your photos and view them on the TV or simply watch your favorite TV series or movie.

The concept LG Display is expected to also offer an enhanced viewing display experience like the Totem Rollable OLED Display. It could have been better with a soundbar but it’s already a great design on its own. The design team has also previously come up with other interesting designs like the Sombrero Table Light which looks like a hat and functions as either ambient light or focused light.

LG Display Scroll Display Flexible

LG Display Scroll Display Features

LG Display Scroll Display Details

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