Keep Your iPhone 6/6S Safe with a Peel Case

Peel iPhone 6-6S Case 01

Knowing just how much iPhone 6S costs, it would be a pity to buy one and not protect it using a case as inconspicuous as the one made by Peel.

The iPhone 6 may not have the best build quality ever (remember Bendgate?), but at least it ranks well in the design department. The aircraft-grade aluminum used in the iPhone 6S seems to have done away with that problem, as well, so in this particular model’s case, we’re left to admire the design without having to worry about the device bending in the back pocket. The problem with owning an expensive smartphone is that we’re often confronted with a choice: protect it properly by using a bulky case, or leave it bare, risking to get it damaged? Peel made a case that enables you to thoroughly protect your iPhone 6 or 6S without the added bulge of a massive case. For the next three days, you can find it in our store, Walyou Deals, at a discounted price.

In old mobile phones, the display was really the only part we needed to be careful about, but with modern smartphones that often retail for hundreds of dollars, we have to pay extra attention not to get them scratched, or even worse, drop them on a hard surface. We often trade protection for bulkiness, but that’s no longer the case with Peel’s case, which retains the shape and form of the smartphone, while also keeping it safe from accidental drops.

Measuring only 0.35mm in thickness, the Peel case is designed to be virtually invisible to the naked eye. Knowing as how both the iPhone 6 and the 6S have a protruding camera, you might think that this couldn’t possibly be protected when using such a case, but in fact the Peel case covers it with a subtle lip.

It should be noted that this Peel case is only compatible with the iPhone 6/6S, so if you’re using another model, you might have to look for other options. However, if you decide to buy one, you can choose between two color options: Space Gray and Gold, depending on the color of your iPhone. After all, you wouldn’t want the case to be in stark contrast with the smartphone’s body, now would you?

The Peel iPhone 6/6S case can be purchased from Walyou Deals for $24.99, a $5 discount from the original retail price. Granted, there are cheaper iPhone cases out there, but they won’t offer anything near the grade of protection provided by the Peel one, and that while being almost invisible to the naked eye. The product is shipped for free to addresses from all over the world, but any import taxes are solely your responsibility. If you place an order within the next 3 days, while the deal is still on, you can expect have it delivered between February 13 and 16.

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A new iPhone 6 with improved front camera might be underways

iPhone 6 - 1

After some users found incriminating lines of code in the new iOS 9, outlets around the web are now theorizing a a new iPhone 6 with improved camera might be underways. But that’s not all, as these lines of code also suggest slow-motion and flash incorporated along these new features.

After Twitter user Hamza Sood found a few lines of code that interested him inside of the latest iOS 9 beta, the web started speculating about the possibility of Apple upgrading the iPhone 6’s front camera on a new version coming in the near future. This is likely going to be an eventual iPhone 6s o 6 Plus, where the device’s front camera will be capable of recording at 1080p, or in 720 in slow motion. Also, they might finally add flash, but this is more speculation than cetainty in any case. Regardless, it’s not too out there considering the world is going through a selfie phase which doesn’t look like it will end soon.

When it comes to panoramic selfies, that is something we had already seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S, and it might be useful when trying to take a picture of a big group of friends, or when travelling, if we need a picture of the landscape behind us.

All of these features are already available on the current iPhone 6 models, but reserved to the back camera, as it is more powerful than the front one – yet this all might change in an eventual new version. With the selfies growing in popularity, it would make sense for front cameras to improve and attempt to achieve some parity with the back cameras.

Recent rumors claim the iPhone’s main camera could increase from 8 megapixels to 12 or even 13. This version, that started circulating after Sood’s discovery, gained some traction as it would make sense to improve both cameras instead of just one. Now, keep in mind more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, only more resolution, but a lot of users pay close attention to this as an indicator of quality when it comes to smartphones.

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Halo Back iPhone 6/6 Plus Screen Protector Adds Invisible Back Button: Secret Exit

In recent years, Apple has started following trends instead of popularizing them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what’s wrong is it’s done nothing to fix the weaknesses of the designs they’re adopting. For instance, like Samsung and other smartphone makers Apple hasn’t come up with a good way to make its large phones easier to use with one hand. Who would have thought that a screen protector could help with the problem? Yet that’s what the Halo Back does.

halo_back_iphone_6_plus_back_button_screen_protector_1zoom in

Halo Back’s contribution is small but could still be useful to a lot of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners. It has a transparent capacitive touch sensor at its lower left corner, just to the left of where the Home button is. That sensor is connected via a thin layer of circuitry to the upper left corner of the iPhone screen, i.e. where the virtual back button is often found in iOS apps. The result is an easy-to-access (and Android-like) back button.

Like other screen protectors, Halo Back does protect your screen from scratches. It appears to be a bit thicker than other screen protectors, though.

Pledge at least $14 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive a Halo Back screen protector as a reward. It’s not the ultimate fix for large smartphones – and what would be? Eye tracking? Slide-in sidebars? Moving all buttons to the bottom? – but I like it more than Apple’s Reachability.

[via TechnologyTell]

Hyperkin Smart Boy Concept Adds Game Boy Cartridge Slot and Controls to the iPhone 6 Plus

Retro console maker Hyperkin pulled a ThinkGeek this past April Fools, using the day as a risk-free consumer survey. The company released a “fake” press statement about a concept called the Smart Boy, an add-on for the iPhone 6 Plus that adds a Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridge slot and physical controls. Unsurprisingly, it was met with lots of approval, so Hyperkin “decided” to make it a real product.

hyperkin_smart_boy_game_boy_iphone_6_plus_concept_1zoom in

Meet the Smart Boy, an upcoming Game Boy-compatible device for the iPhone 6 Plus (with more compatible smartphones to…

Posted by Hyperkin on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A lot of you were speculating that the Smart Boy is an April Fools’ Joke. Well, it sort of was. We “leaked” it with the…

Posted by Hyperkin on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The flip side of this coy ploy is that it’s risky as well. It’s easy for us to say we’ll buy something or that we want a concept product to be real, but actually following through on the hype is another matter. Then there’s the product’s incredibly small niche. As it is, the Smart Boy only with the iPhone 6 Plus and only on Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. The concept looks cool and all, but I think Hyperkin might be better off just making a Raspberry Pi retro console.

[via TechEBlog]

Portable Telescope Adds 80X Optical Zoom to Your iPhone 6

Super Spy Ultra High Power Zoom Telescope with Tripod 01

Ever wanted to get into astrophotography, but couldn’t find the perfect smartphone camera for that? Well, that’s maybe because smartphones aren’t really made for that, at least not without an add-on such as this portable telescope.

In the past few years, smartphone cameras have seen a lot of accessories for macro photography and fish-eye lens effects, but no one has ever considered making a telescope that attaches to iPhones for on-the-go telephoto shots. Brando’s Super Spy telescope lens is an iPhone 6 camera accessory that’ll help people take photos at up to 80x optical zoom.

As its name suggests, this lens is not meant entirely for astrophotography, but rather for spying on neighbors, military bases and such. In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the Super Spy telescope lens works out of the box and is a plug-and-play (of sorts) device, being ready to use right after installation.

The Super Spy telescope lens measures 395mm in length when extended, and 88mm in diameter, at its thickest point, but the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the weight of this camera accessory. It can be used without a stand, but I imagine that it is quite hefty and doing so would make your hands tire after a while, so employing the included tripod might be better.

The kit also includes a black case for the iPhone that enables 360-degree shifting, and a velvet pocket, to make sure that the lens is protected from dust. Not sure how it would withstand physical damage, as a velvet pocket couldn’t possibly protect it against that.

All in all, the telescope lens could prove useful for animal observation and traveling, but I can’t possibly imagine anyone using something like this at a concert. The manufacturer, on the other hand, lists this as one of the possible applications of the telescope lens.

This particular model is compatible with the iPhone 6 exclusively, but Brando also makes other models that play nicely with Samsung’s Galaxy line. The telescope lens is available on the Brando’s website for $220, which is quite a steep price for a camera accessory. The manufacturer seems to have taken advantage from this point of view, as the Super Spy telescope lens currently has no competition.

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Oaxis inkCase E-ink iPhone 6 Case: Black in Back

A couple of years ago we checked out the Popslate, an iPhone 5 case with an E-ink screen. Turns out it can only display images, which while still cool doesn’t make it that useful. The inkCase for the iPhone 6 on the other hand promises to display a variety of information on its E-ink screen.

inkcase_iphone_6_e_ink_case_by_oaxis_1zoom in

The inkCase has a 4.3″ 480×800 E-ink screen. Like the Popslate, you’ll be able to display an image on it, but as you can see it can show much more than that. Maker Oaxis says it will release a companion app that can push various notifications such as email and weather, alongside other widgets such as a clock, a fitness tracker and stocks.

inkcase_iphone_6_e_ink_case_by_oaxis_2zoom in

inkcase_iphone_6_e_ink_case_by_oaxis_3zoom in

Best of all, Oaxis promises that you’ll be able to use the E-ink screen to read text, although the company didn’t say how exactly that will work.

inkcase_iphone_6_e_ink_case_by_oaxis_4zoom in

inkcase_iphone_6_e_ink_case_by_oaxis_5zoom in

The E-ink screen probably won’t have a touch-sensitive layer, but the case will have both a touch-sensitive and a mechanical button, presumably to switch its functions and toggle the screen on and off. The case has a 300mAh battery built-in, but since its companion app will push data to it over Bluetooth your iPhone 6’s battery will still take a small hit to keep the E-ink screen’s content updated.

inkcase_iphone_6_e_ink_case_by_oaxis_6zoom in

Oaxis hasn’t announced the inkCase’s price or when exactly it will be available, just that it will be released this spring. I really hope this works as advertised.

[via OhGizmo!]

Back to the Future DeLorean iPhone 6 Case: It’s About Time

Along with the Tim Burton Batmobile iPhone 6 case, Bandai also added this Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12 to its Crazy Case series. The case has light up headlights and flux bands, and its hood and front tires slide away to expose the iPhone 6’s camera and side buttons.

back_to_the_future_delorean_iphone_6_case_by_bandai_1zoom in

back_to_the_future_delorean_iphone_6_case_by_bandai_2zoom in

back_to_the_future_delorean_iphone_6_case_by_bandai_3zoom in

back_to_the_future_delorean_iphone_6_case_by_bandai_4zoom in

back_to_the_future_delorean_iphone_6_case_by_bandai_5zoom in

back_to_the_future_delorean_iphone_6_case_by_bandai_6zoom in

Get your browser up to 88mph and pre-order the case from Bandai’s online shop for about $50 (USD).

[via /Film]

Batmobile iPhone 6 case is themed after the Tim Burton movies

Batmobile iPhone Case 1

Everything about the iPhone 6 screams “go big or go home”, especially for the Plus version, so the cases have no choice but to follow suit. See what happens once you decide to give your iPhone the Bruce Wayne treatment right below these lines.

What you see in these pictures is the greatest iPhone 6 case in the universe, themed after the Batmobile from the classic Tim Burton movies – it is meant only for those users who have given up on carrying their iPhones in their pockets and would rather protect what they love with the caped crusader’s theme.

Because this is a near perfect replica, it doesn’t come cheap. A batmobile case will set you back some $50 USD, but once you see the amount of detail, the built-in LEDs, and the projector that displays Batman’s logo on any surface, you will understand where your money is going. We’re assuming that the phone will get rather unwieldy with such a massive case, but that’s entirely the point: be as over the top as Batman himself.

See a few more takes and angles of this amazing case in the video below. And, if you like dubstep, you’re in for a treat.

Via Toy-People

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