Veterans can access their medical info through Apple’s Health Records

Apple is expanding its Health Records feature in iOS to cover one of the larger groups in the US: namely, veterans. The company is partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs to make soldiers' medical info available in one place on their iPho...

IBM extends deal using Watson to support veterans with cancer

IBM is making further use of Watson in the fight against cancer. The tech giant has extended a team-up with the US Department of Veterans Affairs that taps Watson for help treating soldiers with cancer, particularly stage 4 patients who have few oth...

AI will shape health care plans for US veterans

American veterans needing health care are about to get help from an unusual source: artificial intelligence. The Department of Veterans Affairs and Flow Health have forged a 5-year alliance that will see the two build a massive medical knowledge grap...

Mind-operated robot arm helps paralyzed woman have her cup o’ joe (video)


Researchers at the Braingate2 consortium have made a breakthrough that allows people with spinal cord or stroke injuries to control robotic limbs with their minds. The original project allowed subjects with motor cortex-implanted chips to move cursors on a screen with their minds, but they can now command DEKA and DLR mechanical arms to grasp foam balls and sip coffee. Researchers noted that dropped objects and missed drinks were frequent, but improved brain sensors and more practice by subjects should help. To see the power of the mind move perhaps not mountains, but good ol' java, jump to the video below.

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