7 Kitchen Gadget Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

Have you ever bought a gift that you loved so much you kept it? These stunningly designed, but eminently practical kitchen gadgets by the Italian design house Alessi will be hard to part with, but you will definitely be remembered for your keen eye for practical elegance if you do gift them.

13 Bloody Awesome Gifts For (The Other) Shark Week

angry uterus heating pad gifts and products for your period

Oh bloody hell, it's that time of the month again - Shark Week. No, not that one, the other Shark Week.

Periods suck, period. Make your special lady time a little more tolerable with some of these awesome period gifts that will totally have you bleeding love.

Whimzees Natural Dental Cleaning Treats For Dogs (Product Review)

Whimzees dogMy dog is the poster dog for bad teeth, so naturally I was dubious when I was sent a few packages of Whimzees™ to test on him.  He has chewed on a lot of 'teeth cleaning' treats, and I brush his teeth a few times a week, but he has yet to show me a beautiful smile. Anyway, I thought, what the heck, I'll see if these Whimzees work....

Pink Ribbon Winners:19 Awesome Products For Breast Cancer Awareness 2015

Pink Ribbon WinnersOctober  is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's just around the corner.  Whether you're battling breast cancer, are a survivor, have a loved one who is going through the struggle or survived, want to remember someone special, and/or just want to show your support for this terrible disease, I've rounded up a list of goodies. Here are our picks for Pink Ribbon Winners, some of the really great items available to help support Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Best Hand Mixers For Quality And Affordability

Hand mixers for kitchen use make prep time a breezeHand-held mixers can make cooking and baking a breeze with the added benefit of being lightweight and convenient to use. If it's time to replace your old mixer but you're not sure what to replace it with, we've found two of the very best for all your culinary needs — no matter your budget.

Update Your Kitchen: Top 14 Newest Kitchen Gadgets You Really Should Try

Update Your Kitchen: Top 14 Newest Kitchen Gadgets

Have you had the same old tired kitchen gadgets for years?  Why not revamp your kitchen by updating some of those kitchen essentials?

I've read the reviews, scoured Pinterest and the rest of the internet for new and trending kitchen gadgets, and came up with this fancy list of products that received rave reviews and can make your life better and easier in the kitchen.

18 Fun And Thoughtful Gifts To Give Your Introvert

Soap for introvertsIntroverts unite with this list of 18 fun products that understand our awkward souls.  Need help finding the introvert in your life a gift or wanting a little something for yourself?  Look no further because here is a list of products for introverts written by an introvert.

15 Weird Baby Product Trends That Are Actually Brilliant

Fridet Butt WasherWhen it comes to baby and children's products almost anything goes.  While many of the items in this list might have you shaking your head, they're actually cherished by many parents.  Here are 15 weird yet trendy baby products that are actually brilliant.

Evenflo Has Designed A Car Seat With SensorSafe Technology To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

EvenFlo SensorSafe Car Seat With BabyAlmost 40 children die each year from being left inside of a hot car. Nearly half of these children were forgotten in the car by their parents or care givers. Now accidental heat stroke can be prevented with technology available on Evenflo ADVANCED SensorSafe Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat.